Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 5

Model Husband

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 09, 1995 on FOX
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Model Husband
Ned and Stacey are having dinner at the Moyer's house. Ned has tickets to see the Knicks, but Amanda tells Eric he can't go, that he has to watch their son Howard that night. Ned argues with Amanda but she's adamant, making it seem like Eric is just a little bit henpecked. At work the next day, Ned is going over a storyboard with supermodel Alexa Miroslav, who he has hired to appear in a commercial the agency is doing for a client's sport truck. Eric comes into the office and nervoulsy meets Alexa. While alone with her for a time, his fumbling manner charms her. In the limo on the way to the client's party, Stacey is talking on the phone, eating caviar, and generally acting like a rube. Ned makes a stop to pick up Eric, who is still being nagged by Amanda. In the few minutes Ned is inside, Stacey strikes up a conversation with Alexa, who has very simple lines in the commercial: "Hey, stranger. What took you so long?" But Stacey, veteran of two acting classes in college, fills Alexa full of talk about method acting, motivation and subtext. The result is that when Ned comes out to the car, he now has a supermodel who delivers her lines in a wildly overemotional fashion. After the party at which Alexa has made a drunken spectacle of herself, Ned, Eric and Stacey bring the model back to her hotel room. Her confidence is totally shot, for which Ned rightfully blames Stacey. Alexa wants Eric to spend the night with her for support, and Ned implores him to to it. Eric calls Amanda to tell her the plan. She can hardly believe what she hears and orders Eric home. Eric gets indignant, and tells his wife he will be home "when work permits." By the next morning Eric has not returned home, something which Amanda blames on Ned's influence. At the commercial shoot, director Ned is harried--he's done over 80 takes with his overwrought supermodel, none of them even close to good. Frantic, Ned wants Eric to talk to Alexa. Amanda arrives onset to find her husband with the model. The husband and wife talk out their frustrations and reconcile. Ned suggests Alexa say her lines as if talking to Eic, who stands just off-camera. She does, and the take is a good one. Ned is ecstatic, and plants a big kiss--on Eric! which prompts Amanda to tells her husband, "You are really gonna have to spend less time with him."moreless

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  • My most memorable episodes of this show.

    This may not be the best of the best of the show. But this episode is the one that I always remember when people start talking about Ned & Stacey.

    I think there is something in this ep. that gets all the characters to click the right way. They are all working with a goal - the supermodel/actress and what they think she should be. Ned and Eric see her as just the little quiet say your one line beautiful gal, while Stacey pumps her up with acting ideas and Amanda is all set to tear them all apart. It all works.

    The scene of them doing the take after take after take of the commercial is hysterical and they all play off of each other so well. They have it down pat.

    And when Ned kisses Eric in sheer happiness - thats it! I was on the floor! It all clicked.moreless
Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova

Alexa Miroslav (uncredited)

Guest Star

Gregg Daniel

Gregg Daniel


Guest Star

Andrew Arons

Andrew Arons

Howard Moyer

Recurring Role

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    • Ned: It's all very bad, but she likes you Eric. So can you talk to her… or kill her for the insurance money?
      Eric: I'll talk to her.

    • Ned: What I need for you to do is to focus and say these seven tiny little words in a way that doesn't make me want to kill puppies!

    • Eric: From what I understand, modeling is very hard work.
      Alexa: Yes it is! You know people don't realize how hard it is. You got to get up really, really early and then you have to travel all over the world and sometimes it's January and it's freezing and you're in a little bikini pretending like its summer. You know people don't know that. They just say "stupid models--they have it so easy."
      Eric: I'll like to smash in the faces of those peoples!

    • Ned: I don't believe this. I left you alone with her for two minutes!
      Stacey: She asked my advice. What was I suppose to say?
      Ned: You were supposed to say "Hi, my name is Stacey. I bring ruin and damnation to all I meet" and then go away.

    • Alexa: Very nice to meet you.
      Eric: It's very nice of you to meet me.

    • Eric: Amanda, Amanda what do you want?
      Amanda: Uh…oh… hey! Cotton balls!
      Ned: You talking to him or me?

    • Eric: You know you take a really nice picture.
      Alexa: You really think so?
      Eric: Well, I'm just one guy but, yeah.
      Alexa: You should have seen my when I was in high school because I was just like gangly, geeky, stony string-bean thing
      Eric: That's funny because I was suave and charming...six inches taller.

    • Stacey: Um, Ned?
      Ned: Huh?
      Stacey: Um, that phone in the limo. No one has to pay for those calls, do they?

    • Eric: Why is it every time I want to do some simple thing, like spend the night with a supermodel, you act like I'm being unreasonable?

    • Amanda (after Eric tells her he needs to spend the night with Alexa): Eric, if Allen Funt doesn't show up in a minute, we have a problem!

    • Alexa: I'm hungry. I want two crackers!

    • Ned: Ah, come on warden, give the guy a pardon.
      Amanda: Oh, were you invited into this conversation and I just missed it?
      Stacey: Yeah, really Ned, this does not concern you.
      Ned: Gosh, did I step on the estrogen button?

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