Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 17

Promotional Rescue

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 22, 1996 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Promotional Rescue
When a department head's job becomes open at the ad agency, Amanda encourages Eric to pursue it aggressively, but Eric has his usual laissez-faire attitude. Amanda asks Ned to put in a good word for Eric with their boss Kirkland. Eric gets the promotion, but at the first big budget meeting he attends on he won't sign off on Ned's extravagant presentation for a major account. This causes hard feelings between Ned and Eric, and during an argument Ned lets it slip that Eric only got the promotion through his intercession. Eric is angered by this, but feeling helpless he agrees to back up Ned's budget proposal. Ned presents a horrible bloody "morphing" commercial to the client, who promptly walks out. Eric's career as a department head also ends swiftly.moreless

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John O'Hurley

John O'Hurley

Kyle Roberts

Guest Star

Fort Atkinson

Fort Atkinson

Jack Slattery

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James Karen

James Karen

Patrick Kirkland

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Eric: Look, Ned, if you're mad at me why don't you just say so and stop acting like a baby?
      Ned: Oh I'm acting like a baby, am I?
      (Ned takes a bite of meat)
      Ned: Can a baby eat this and live?

    • Stacey: So Eric. Why don't you guys come over Friday, and we'll celebrate?
      Eric: That sounds great.
      Amanda: Yeah, let's do something special.
      Ned: Do you guys swing?

    • Ned (to Eric): Listen, just between you and me, maybe I massaged the numbers a little bit, huh? Oh hell, massaged! I wined 'em, dined 'em, bent 'em over the hood of my car!

    • Ned: Look, it's just not the sort of thing I do, alright?
      Amanda: You mean help people?
      Ned: Exactly!

    • Ned: I told you I didn't wanna do this.
      Amanda: Well, I wouldn't have asked you if I knew you were gonna try to exploit him [Eric]!
      Ned: That's...what...I...DO!! You don't expect a shark not to attack a child floating on a raft!

    • Stacey: You know, 'anger' is just 'danger' without the 'd.'

    • Stacey: I now realize that the only reason I can't cook is because I believe I can't cook. And you want to know what makes me believe that?
      Eric: The arrival of paramedics?

    • Eric: So how's your job goin', Stace?
      Stacey: Oh God, I think writing for an airline magazine's gonna drive me insane. Everything has to be so fluffy. I just wish they'd let me write something more provocative.
      Ned: How about, 'Oh My God We're Gonna Crash!' by Stacey Colbert.

  • NOTES (3)

    • End credit sequence: The bloody morphing Orion commercial is repeated. The client again says "Goodbye," and walks out. Kirkland looks at Ned and Eric, but Ned is a skeleton (just like in the commercial) who says, "Well, I liked it! Ha ha! Ha ha!"

    • Amanda asks Ned to talk to Kirkland or Haywood, "whichever one isn't dead." This is a reference to Ned's boss Spencer Haywood, played by Alan Oppenheimer. He was featured in the opening sequence credits of the first episode, then never heard from again. James Karen took over as Pat Kirkland, Ned's boss. Haywood still remained part of the company name.

    • Does John O'Hurley actually guest star on this episode? His character is only in one brief scene, and he's shot from behind sitting at a desk so that his face is not visible. We can certainly assume that it is his real voice being used, but it's questionable whether or not that's O'Hurley or a stand-in who is actually seen onscreen. The storyline involving him and his character appears to have been cut to a bare minimum, suggesting to us that O'Hurley may have dropped out of the episode at the last minute.