Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 9

Reality Check

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 13, 1995 on FOX
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Reality Check
At a birthday dinner for Amanda at the gang's regular restaurant, Stacey's credit cards are all overdrawn when she tries to pay. Eric offers to pick up the check, but Stacey says no, it's my treat--and tells Ned to pay. Back at the apartment she writes Ned a check for the dinner, a check he knows will bounce. Ned soon gets the story out of her--she's in deep financial trouble. In fact when Eric comes over to figure out her situation, he finds she's $28,000 in debt! Amanda suggests she start cutting her losses by moving out on Ned, but he will not hear of losing his trophy wife. The next morning Ned and Stacey visit the bank to try to straighten things out and are told they best term they can offer her is a partial payment of $5600 due immediately. Ned writes a check but a proud (and unrealistic) Stacey tears it up, still insisting their finances are separate and she can pay off the money herself. Stacey is rolling up coins, taking hack writing jobs, doing anything she can to make money--including waitressing three nights a week at the restaurant, where she is proving to be terribly incompetent. Ned doesn't know she's working there until he brings in Olivia Newton-John for a schmooze session. To his horror, Stacey is his waitress. The combination of her constant pestering and awful service turns Ms. Newton-John's sunny dispsition sour and she stalks out on Ned. At closing time Ned returns to the restaurant to find Stacey has been fired. Once again he gives her a $5600 check, but this time he says it's a proper loan. She accepts.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Stacey played Sandy in her high school production of Greese

      • We learn that Eric is allergic to shellfish in this episode

      • During the scene at the apartment where Stacey (Debra Messing) tells Ned she's accepting any hack work available in order to pay her bills, she goes to the refrigerator, opens it up and looks inside. But the bottle she's apparently looking for is already sitting on the kitchen counter. She then quietly says "There it is," picks up the bottle and pours some of the its contents into a glass. If this was a mistake, Messing covered it up so smoothly that it isn't noticeable to most viewers and the scene didn't need to be reshot.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Stacey: I even told my therapist that I couldn't see him anymore.
        Ned: NO! No. No. No. No, No. No. No…No. No I got that one, that's my treat.

      • Ned: You know I sat in that restaurant this evening and saw then turned down every card including your organ donor card... and she looked like she needed a liver!

      • Ned: Okay, how bad?
        Stacey: Bad.
        Ned: How bad?
        Stacey: Bad, bad. I got a letter from the credit card company on Monday.
        Ned: And...?
        Stacey: I haven't opened it yet but... it's red.
        Ned: Well it could be good news... for Satin!

      • Ned (to Amanda): You see what's happening now? She's [Stacey] confused. She can only be browbeaten by one person at a time!

      • Ned(to Stacey): Any chance a huge anvil will now come down and crush you?

      • Ned: See, tomorrow morning we get up bright and early, go down to the bank, just have a little set-to with those bankin' folks. That doesn't work--we'll rob 'em!

    • NOTES (2)

      • Olivia Newton John guest stars in this episode and is famous for playing Sandy in Greese. Debra Messing happened to also play Sandy in her high school play. Debra Messing's character Stacey is said in this episode to have played Sandy in high school as well.

      • The end credits are shown over stills from this episode.

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