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  • Ned and grace

    Sometimes I feel so sad when I think of the fast paced industry we call television networking. They set a goal, and if not reached: Down with the axe!. N&S was a fantastic show. The chemistry between Debra and Thomas could’ve been spotted in the pilot. Especially Thomas achieved masterful in creating a character one could love, hate and respect at the same time. Admittedly the base story wore a bit thin; everyone predicted the show had to end sooner or later. I Guess Will and Grace proved them all wrong. Rumours are the public could not be bothered with Hayden Church, so lose the marriage and the love of her life. Ad a pinch of gayness and there you have it! Will and Grace became the new and improved Ned and Stacey. I recommend this show to anyone, it’s the best show I’ve ever seen. And I know what I’ll be watching in 2014, when I have children and we sit next to the Christmas tree!
  • It wasn\'t the best show but was interesting

    I really didn\'t watch it until it was in re-runs on another channel, but it was a good show. It was an interesting show a very differnt plot for the show wich was pretty cool. I probably lasted as long as it should have because there is only so much you can do in show about a fake marriage. It was funny even the side characters that played their friends were pretty good. I would watch it if it were on re-runs and nothing else was on that\'s for sure, I like it that much, but not enough to buy a DVD if they had one.
  • One of the best comedies EVER!

    One of the best comedies EVER! Mainly thanks to the excellent job done by the show's writers and the superb comedic timing of Thomas Haden Church (this man is a comedy genius).

    A lot of people who nowadays watch Ned & Stacey are Will & Grace fans who are curious to see Debra Messing (Stacey/Grace) act in a pretty similar role.
    Not only is the role Debra Messing plays in Will & Grace a lot like the role she played on Ned & Stacey, but the show’s premises are pretty similar as well.

    Unfortunately, Ned & Stacey never became a big Nielsen hit like Will & Grace, even though IMHO Ned & Stacey is the better (or at least, funnier) comedy of the two. I religiously watched every episode of Ned & Stacey during the repeats while taping it as well. Even though I still have these tapes and watch them regularly, I’ll definitely buy the DVD set because this is one set that belongs in my collection.

    And in the meantime I’m hoping Thomas Haden Church will star in another comedy series. It was cool seeing him in star in Sideways, but I much rather see him in another tv-show like Ned & Stacey.
  • Funny but flawed.

    A pre-Will and Grace Debra Messing and a post-Wings Thomas Haden Church starred in this sitcom that was hilarious at times but on the whole just didn't click. That's probably why it only lasted two seasons on Fox before getting the axe. The plot was basically a re-working of the 1960's sitcom Occasional Wife about an upwardly mobile executive who marries a woman in order to impress his superiors in his company. The woman, of course, needs something as well. In Occasional Wife it was money for schooling. In Ned and Stacey it was an apartment away from her parents and a jump start to her career.

    Messing was fine in her role as Stacey Colbert. Her performance led to an even bigger role on the NBC hit sitcom Will and Grace. Supporting players Greg Germann and Nadia Dajani were hilarious as well and quite often stole the show. The main flaw with Will and Grace lay with the show's other lead, Thomas Haden Church. His character was so unlikeable and his performances were so uneven that it was hard to care one itoa about Ned Dorsey or his relationship with Stacey. Church was a great supporting player on Wings who couldn't quite cut it as a leading man. Which should have been obvious to any casting director who saw him in Wings. Oh well. Live and learn. Mark down Ned and Stacey in the almost category. It was almost a good show but came up short.
  • Sooooo underrated.

    Thomas Hayden Church was undeniably hysterical with the dry wit. Debra Messing plays an obnoxious jerkface superbly. The wit of this show is so sarcastic and dry it hits you with a line and you get it two minutes later.

    Excellent show...much better than was led to believe because of FOX and their tendency to jump ship and shark waaaay before they need to.