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FOX (ended 1997)


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  • One of the best comedies EVER!

    One of the best comedies EVER! Mainly thanks to the excellent job done by the show's writers and the superb comedic timing of Thomas Haden Church (this man is a comedy genius).

    A lot of people who nowadays watch Ned & Stacey are Will & Grace fans who are curious to see Debra Messing (Stacey/Grace) act in a pretty similar role.
    Not only is the role Debra Messing plays in Will & Grace a lot like the role she played on Ned & Stacey, but the show’s premises are pretty similar as well.

    Unfortunately, Ned & Stacey never became a big Nielsen hit like Will & Grace, even though IMHO Ned & Stacey is the better (or at least, funnier) comedy of the two. I religiously watched every episode of Ned & Stacey during the repeats while taping it as well. Even though I still have these tapes and watch them regularly, I’ll definitely buy the DVD set because this is one set that belongs in my collection.

    And in the meantime I’m hoping Thomas Haden Church will star in another comedy series. It was cool seeing him in star in Sideways, but I much rather see him in another tv-show like Ned & Stacey.