Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 6

Saul and Ellen and Ned and Stacey

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 16, 1995 on FOX
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Saul and Ellen and Ned and Stacey
The Dorseys and the Colberts are on their way to see Stacey and Amanda's parents, something the women are not looking forward to. They wonder just who arranged this outing anyway, and it turns out to be Ned. At the Colbert house Ned fawns shamelessly over Ellen and Saul. Back at home, Stacey tells Ned he shouldn't get too close to her parents, since once their sham marriage is over and she's involved in a real one, she won't want him in her life anymore. Ned says he enjoys the parental attention he never got as a kid, but Stacey lays down the law: no more seeing her parents unless she OK's it.

A few days later Stacey is going out on a date with new acquaintance Neil, who is informed about the "fake marriage" arrangement, but before the couple leaves she catches Ned talking on the phone to her mother. In fact, her parents are dropping by before going to the theatre, which means Stacey will have to stay home until they arrive and depart. Later, Stacey and Neil are out while Ned has his latest conquest, Veronica, in bed. Unexpectedly, Saul and Ellen show back up at the apartment--their car is blocked in. Ned almost succeeds in sneaking his date out but Stacey and her date show up just as he's opening the door. Ned pretends Stacey is coming back from the store and that Veronica and Neil are married friends. Neil and Veronica, playing along with the cover story, begin to hit it off. Stacey calls Amanda for help in getting out of this situation, but when she and Eric arrive, the impromptu get-together turns into something of a party. Neil and Veronica beg off and leave together. The Colbert's car is finally unblocked, but it's too late for them to drive home, so they stay over--forcing Ned and Stacey to spend the night together in the same bed.moreless

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      • Stacey: I guess its time for another talk about inappropriate behavior.
        Ned: (dejectedly) Already?

      • (Ned acting awkwardly and trying to hide a bag)
        Stacey: Let me see that bag, please.
        (Ned shows Stacey the bag which is from Loehmann's)
        Stacey: Oh, Loehmann's. Now who might you have gone to Loehmann's with? Perhaps… my mother?
        Ned: (nodding) Yeah, yeah….Actually, your mother and Estelle Tischler.
        Stacey: (surprised) Estelle Tischler?
        Ned: You just don't like anyone, do ya?

      • Stacey: Ahh, my head is going to explode. All this stuff about babies and babies… I'm not going to have any babies am I?
        Amanda: Oh calm down, OK? You'll have a baby, you just got to serve out your two years with Ned, meet some new guys and date for a while, pick the right one… wait, how old are you?

      • Ellen: So Stacey darling, do you think you'll take some time off from work soon? You know maybe--make a little cousin for Howie.
        Ned: I'm free now! Let's get the coats off the bed, darling.

      • Stacey: Look, if you think my butt looks big in these jeans, just say so.
        Ned: I think we both know I have bigger things on my mind than your butt.

      • Stacey: They're [her parents] falling in love with you.
        Ned: Really? Did they...say something?

      • Stacey (to Ned): You are not cute when you pout.

      • Stacey (in bed with Ned): You know, when I married you I never thought we'd end up like this.

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