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Ned and Stacey

Season 2 Episode 10

Saved by the Belvedere

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 20, 1997 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Saved by the Belvedere
Stacey brings home the final divorce papers and finds Ned in front of the TV giving Eric and Amanda a tutorial on the virtues of Mr. Belvedere. Ned is excited that he's going to meet the former star of the show and perhaps sign him to endorse a client's product, "Cappuccino in a Can." When Ned visits him, he finds the man with much the same personality but living in a cheap apartment full of what appear to be stolen goods. "Belvedere" thanks Ned for his interest but doesn't believe the public cares about his character anymore. Ned plays his trump card as he's fixing to leave--he says the commercial will go to Tony Danza instead. Mr. Belvedere digs out his old clothes from the show and agrees to film the commercial. On the set, Belvedere messes up his lines and causes $75,000 worth of delays. At home that night, Amanda is surprised to find Mr. Belvedere in the bathroom. Eric is keeping him overnight, and Belvedere dispenses his patented sitcom wisdom to Eric, who takes on the role of Wesley, the child in the family. On the set the next day he's giving advice to a crew member about expressing his love--for Ned. Ned throws Stacey off the set for fawning over Belvedere, then starts the shoot again. When the results are as bad as the day before, Ned realizes he has a former TV star on his hands who has only a passing acquaintance with reality. Back at the Moyer's home, the pet hamster has died. Their son Howard takes it OK, but Eric needs to have the facts of life and death explained to him by Belvedere. Amanda is sick of Belvedere's homespun homilies and blows her top. On the set Ned asks Stacey why she missed their court date and she answers him in "Belve-speak." Ned is getting frantic as Belvedere now refuses to drink the product. He calms down and reminds Belvedere about legally binding contracts and illegal fencing operations. As the episode ends, Ned and Stacey are watching the commercial on TV--done by Tony Danza.moreless

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    Christopher Hewett

    Christopher Hewett

    Himself--'Mr. Belvedere'

    Guest Star

    Doug Ballard

    Doug Ballard

    Warren Andrews

    Guest Star

    Andrew Craig

    Andrew Craig


    Guest Star

    Andrew Arons

    Andrew Arons

    Howard Moyer

    Recurring Role

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    • QUOTES (2)

      • Mr. Belvedere: ..I don't really feel that anybody cares for Mr. Belvedere anymore.
        Ned: Oh no, no no! No, my whole generation cares, believe me! When you caught Wesley in a lie, well, you caught us in a lie. When you helped Heather with her boy problems, by jukie, you helped us with our boy problems!

      • Amanda: What the hell is going on here?
        Eric: Ah, well, um, Scooter [the hamster] died, but I'm OK now. Mr. Belvedere was explaining to me what happens when we die.
        Amanda: Um, Eric, you're 34 years old, ah, your uncle is dead and your father is dead and you've killed men in combat. YOU DON'T NEED MR. BELVEDERE TO EXPLAIN DEATH TO YOU!
        Eric: That's fine but you, you don't have to embarrass me in front of him. (tearing up) I hate you! (runs off)
        Amanda: Wha, ah, Eric!
        Mr. Belvedere: You know Amanda, sometimes when we lash out at others--
        Amanda: Back off, Hazel!

    • NOTES (3)

      • The end credits are displayed over a scene where Ned listens to several stalker-ish phone messages left by Jody, the crewman who is in love with him. In the last message, Jody says he's in Ned's bedroom "wearing a thong," prompting Ned to pull a gun. This questionable bit of humor gets no laughs from the studio audience or the crew.

      • A brief clip from the original Mr. Belvedere TV show is shown here, featuring Christopher Hewett as Mr. Belvedere and Brice Beckham as Wesley.

      • Even though he is playing himself, guest star Christopher Hewett is only referred to as "Mr. Belvedere" in this episode.

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