Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 11

Sleepless in Manhattan

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 04, 1995 on FOX
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Sleepless in Manhattan
Stacey somehow convinces Ned to come shopping with her for a new bed, a task that takes them all over the city with no purchase in sight. Finally Stacey sees the perfect bed--but the store manager tells her it's already been sold. Eager to end the shopping trip, Ned bribes the manager into selling it to her. Back home, Stacey is ecstatic with her new purchase, but Eric lets it slip how Ned made the deal. Stacey spends a sleepless night worrying about the poor soul who may have been cheated out of this wonderful bed. When they try to return it the next day, the manager tells them all sales are final--until Ned bribes him again. When Stacey hears about this arrangement, she won't accept it, provoking a frenzied outburst from Ned and a huge fight in the middle of the department store.moreless

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      • Stacey: Um, Ned?
        Ned: Huh.
        Stacey: Why don't you go bed shopping with me?
        Ned: Probably for the same reason I don't swallow glass.

      • Stacey: Someone else played by the rules and now their bed-less because of me.
        Ned: No. Their bed-less because of me, that was my hundred bucks' missy. And I'll accept a 'thank you' anytime you're ready.
        Stacey: (shocked) Thank you?
        Ned: You're welcome! Haha I win. The end.

      • Stacey: Oh, my god. This is it! This is the exact bed I've been looking for! Ned, this is my bed!
        Ned: Well, good. Now I don't have to string you up like a piñata and beat you till your entrails burst.

      • Howard (playing with book): Open, close, open, close...
        Ned: He's got a 'Rain Main' thing going on, don't he?

      • Howard Moyer: Mommy, lets go!
        Amanda: Oh, honey, we'll leave in a few minutes. (to Stacey and Ned) We try to get to the movie a few minutes late, the dancing candy scares him.
        Eric: Oh, it doesn't scare me, it just brings up some issues, that's all.

      • Amanda: Stacey, I am so sorry, I can't go bed shopping with you.
        Stacey: What! Why?
        Amanda: Ahh, that was David from the office. He was supposed to show ten floors of space on West 57th and his wife's water just broke!
        Stacey: Now? But we've been planning to go shopping all week!
        Amanda: Stacey! The woman's in labor!
        Stacey: So? There are drugs to slow it down, aren't there?
        Amanda: Yeah, and maybe you should take a handful.

      • Amanda (to Ned): Freak.
        Ned: Realtor.

      • Ned: You know why you can't sleep? Because you're insane!
        Stacey: No, I'm not! It's just, I can't sleep on that bed, Ned! I dread that bed! It's bad! I'm mad! I wish that bed I never had! Oh my God, I can't stop talking like Dr. Seuss, I am insane!

      • Eric: I know it may seem like nothing bothers him [Ned], but...underneath he's just a big, gentle bear. I mean, haven't you ever watched him sleep?
        Amanda: No! Have you?

    • NOTES (1)

      • The end credits are shown over stills from this episode. When Ned and Stacey is shown in production order, as it usually is in syndication, this is the first episode to use the new opening sequence ("Why Stacey?" "Why Ned?...") As it was originally broadcast, though, "Here's to You, Mrs. Binder" was the first one to use the new opener.

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