Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 3

Take My Wife, Please

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 25, 1995 on FOX
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Take My Wife, Please
Amanda and Eric enter their regular restaurant, folowed by Ned and Stacey, arguing as usual. Stacey bumps into an Englishman and is charmed by him immediately. At the table, Ned encourages Stacey to approach the man, and the others agree that a new relationship might help Stacey's disposition out. She introduces herself to the guy, Nigel Davies, and makes a date with him. Later, before their date, Stacey is almost too nervous to go, but Ned re-dresses and re-accessorizes her and sends her on her way. The date goes well, we surmise, because the next thing we see is Stacey and Nigel in bed. Stacey tells him she's married, but before she can explain about her and Ned's true relationship, he tells her it's all right, they can manage, and in fact he makes a clandestine love affair sound so romantic that she doesn't tell him the truth about her "fake marriage." Two weeks later, as Ned and Stacey are about to leave for her parents' home, she is still walking on air. When they get there, Saul and Ellen notice how "relaxed" their daughter is. Stacey tells Amanda that Nigel may be "the one," but she still hasn't admitted the truth to him. Later Stacey has Nigel over to the apartment for the weekend while Ned's out of town. But while they're in the sack one night, Ned comes home early. Nigel is frantic, wanting to escape, but Stacey tries to play down the situation. Ned "catches" the couple on the balcony. After a fumbling, preposterous explanation by Nigel, Ned seems unconcerned. Nigel senses something isn't right about the situation, and leaves confused, after which he breaks it off with Stacey.moreless

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  • QUOTES (4)

    • (Stacey's on the phone talking to Nigel who has disguised himself as Mr. Drysdale)
      Ned: (closes door loudly, and starts talking loudly) Honey, let me speak to Mr. Drysdale before you hang up!
      (Ned takes the phone away from Stacey)
      Ned: Hello, Mr. Drysdale. This is Mr. Dorsey. Listen I know my wife's account is small potatoes to a big banker like you, and I'll just like to take this opportunity to thank you for servicing her personally....Bye now!
      (Ned hangs up the phone)
      Ned: (to Stacey) I think he fainted.

    • Ned (answering phone): Hello? Hang on a second. (to Stacey) It's a Mr. Drysdale from the bank regarding your checking account.
      Stacey (giggles): That's Nigel.
      Ned: Really! Is nothing as it seems?

    • Nigel: We can make this work, I know we can! We'll have our own special secret places--an out-of-the-way cafe, an old bookstore where we can meet among the musty volumes of Balzac and Proust! I know an English hotel by the river; it's the very soul of discretion, with rooms that can transport you to another time, where no one but us can exist and passion is unending!
      Stacey: Umm...sounds like a plan!

    • Nigel (in bed with Stacey): That was staggering.
      Stacey: Yeahh!
      Nigel: It's been a little while for you, huh?
      Stacey: Why, what makes you say that?
      Nigel: Oh, I don't know, a few things when you said 'Don't stop or I'll kill you!'

  • NOTES (1)

    • For the first time a special filmed segment, or blackout, is used while the end credits roll. In this episode, Ned, Stacey and Nigel are re-enacting the balcony scene. Ned feigns anger at Nigel, who calmly pushes him over the side.


    • Episode title: Take My Wife, Please!

      Refers to the old comedians' line (especially by Henny Youngman) and is inspired by the movie Take My Daughters, Please.