Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 3

Take My Wife, Please

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 25, 1995 on FOX



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    • (Stacey's on the phone talking to Nigel who has disguised himself as Mr. Drysdale)
      Ned: (closes door loudly, and starts talking loudly) Honey, let me speak to Mr. Drysdale before you hang up!
      (Ned takes the phone away from Stacey)
      Ned: Hello, Mr. Drysdale. This is Mr. Dorsey. Listen I know my wife's account is small potatoes to a big banker like you, and I'll just like to take this opportunity to thank you for servicing her personally....Bye now!
      (Ned hangs up the phone)
      Ned: (to Stacey) I think he fainted.

    • Ned (answering phone): Hello? Hang on a second. (to Stacey) It's a Mr. Drysdale from the bank regarding your checking account.
      Stacey (giggles): That's Nigel.
      Ned: Really! Is nothing as it seems?

    • Nigel: We can make this work, I know we can! We'll have our own special secret places--an out-of-the-way cafe, an old bookstore where we can meet among the musty volumes of Balzac and Proust! I know an English hotel by the river; it's the very soul of discretion, with rooms that can transport you to another time, where no one but us can exist and passion is unending!
      Stacey: Umm...sounds like a plan!

    • Nigel (in bed with Stacey): That was staggering.
      Stacey: Yeahh!
      Nigel: It's been a little while for you, huh?
      Stacey: Why, what makes you say that?
      Nigel: Oh, I don't know, a few things when you said 'Don't stop or I'll kill you!'

  • Notes

    • For the first time a special filmed segment, or blackout, is used while the end credits roll. In this episode, Ned, Stacey and Nigel are re-enacting the balcony scene. Ned feigns anger at Nigel, who calmly pushes him over the side.

  • Allusions

    • Episode title: Take My Wife, Please!

      Refers to the old comedians' line (especially by Henny Youngman) and is inspired by the movie Take My Daughters, Please.