Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 10

Thanksgiving Day Massacre

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 20, 1995 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Thanksgiving Day Massacre
For once, things seem to be going well during a Colbert holiday gathering. Ned is cooking Thanksgiving dinner and is determined to have everything just perfect. But it all begins to fall apart soon enough. When Ned sends Stacey and Eric out in search of cranberry sauce, a series of events ensue that sees Eric and Stacey stuck in Manhattan unable to get back to her parents' house, Saul and Ellen going to see her long-estranged sister to attempt a reconciliation, and Ned and Amanda stuck in his car in the snow, where they almost have a "moment." Back at the Colbert's house, only Aunt Ceil remains with the Moyers' son Howard, who is stuck listening to her old show-biz stories.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Stacey's boyfriend counter: #5 Jack Stacey (the one she dated in college but broke up with because his last name is the same as her first name and she didn't want her name to turn out to be 'Stacey Stacey')

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Helen: Neddy, before you go back to the kitchen, come on. I wanna take a picture of you and Stacey.
      Stacey: Oh, no, no, no, no. Ned's very busy. He has to crush the grapes for the wine.
      Ned: Done. Already done it. Already stomped their little grape guts right on out.

    • Ned: You know I had a dream the other night that I married myself… Boy! I love me a lot.

    • Ned (still stuck in the snow with Amanda): Look, instead of waiting until I get hungry, I'm just gonna start eating you now.

    • Amanda (in car stuck in snow): Doesn't it help if you put something under the back tires?
      Ned: Are you volunteering?

    • Eric: Hey, did ya hear that Stop & Shop and A&P merged, it's now known as Stop & P!

    • Amanda (to Eric, driving): Slow the hell down! I think my uterus just fell out!
      Ned: (looking at Howard) Well...maybe that's for the best.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Aunt Ceil: (alone talking to Howard over Thanksgiving dinner) And it was at my birthday party where Mickey first met Judy Garland. None of the other kids wanted to sit next to Judy because she was...chunky. Okay? So I said to Mickey, I said: "Mickey, you sit next to her because I sense a special je ne sais quoi…"

      Aunt Ceil is talking about Mickey Deans, the fifth and final husband of legendary screen actress Judy Garland. They were married only three months before Judy Garland died of an overdose.

    • Aunt Ceil: Amanda, you remember when your parents took you to see me in My Fair Lady?
      Amanda: Um…no.
      Aunt Ceil: Second week of rehearsal, I said to Rex Harrison, I said:"Darling, don't sing, talk the lyric." True Story.

      This is referring to Rex Harrison's My Fair Lady character Henry Higgins whose songs in the musical are famously more of syncopated talking then actual singing.

    • Episode Title: Thanksgiving Day Massacre

      A pun on the 1967 movie The St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

    • Aunt Ceil: Marvelous! It reminds me of Thanksgiving I spent with Irving Berlin. A very troubled man, but a genius.

      Irving Berlin was a famous American composer and song writer. He is probably best known for writing White Christmas.