Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 24

The End? (1)

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 01, 1996 on FOX
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The End? (1)
After yet another bad date, Stacey complains about the paucity of good men available for someone like her. Ned scoffs at this, saying she's the problem and that he could easily find a better man for her than she ever could herself. Stacey takes the challenge and tells Ned she can find him a better woman for him than he can find for her (a man, that is. Got it?) Stacey's blind date with Ned's friend Alex turns out to be very enjoyable; in fact, she thinks he's just about the perfect man. Ned's date Frances, however, turns out to be a neurotic, psychotic wreck. Three weeks later Stacey and Alex are still a hot item, but Ned is getting resentful. Stacey has been spending so much time with Alex that she's been neglecting her "official" wife duties. After she misses an important affair with a big client, Ned is particularly angry with her. She promises to be back from her ski trip with Alex in time to meet the client and his wife at the apartment. When Stacey and Alex arrive home from the ski trip, they fall into bed and forget about the time. Ned brings home his boss Patrick Kirkland along with the president of the Family Goodness food company and the men's wives to meet Stacey. As they enter they find Stacey and Alex emerging naked from the bedroom. The embarrassed guests beat a hasty retreat. Ned begins throwing Stacey's clothes out in the living room and screaming at her to get out. Unprepared for this outburst, Stacey says she won't go. Ned says he'll let her out of their agreement a year early and pushes her out the door carrying her clothes. The two play elevator tag for awhile, finally coming face to face. After a pause, Ned grabs Stacey and passionately kisses her. They he yells at her to get out and sends her down the elevator. The season ends with him sitting alone in his apartment.moreless

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      • Stacey: Whatsa' matter? Scaaared? (sings and does a little dance) You little scaredy man, you know you ahh-har! You little scaredy boy, ha-ha-ha-ha-hahaah!
        Ned: And you can't find a good man.

      • Stacey: There are millions of wonderful single women, like me, but no men at all.
        Ned: Stacey, I could throw a loaded bong at a mosh pit and hit a better guy than you pick out.

      • Ned: Oh, don't you even attempt to parry and thrust with me about the women I choose to socialize with. Now, understandably they may not have Stacey Dorsey's (making 'quote mark' gestures with his hands) 'college education.' They may not 'read'...'write.' But at least they..."
        Stacey (using same gesture): 'Put out?'
        Ned: Dammit, no! (pause) Dammit, yes!

      • Stacey: Thanks for nothing, Ned!
        Ned: Well, there's plenty more where that came from.

    • NOTES (2)

      • While watching television with Eric and Amanda, Ned exclaims, "Wings is a zany show!" Of course, Thomas Haden Church, who plays Ned, previously played Lowell Mather, the slow-witted mechanic on Wings.

      • End credit sequence: A repeat of the scene with Ned carrying Mrs. Porter up the stairs while chasing Stacey who is on the elevator. Only this time, he drops Mrs. Porter on the supposedly freshly waxed stairs. A rather phony-looking dummy supposed to be Mrs. Porter comes falling to the foot of the stairs, followed by Ned jauntily remarking that she looks like she could use a new hip--"I'm buyin'!"

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