Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 19

The Gay Caballeros

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 19, 1996 on FOX
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The Gay Caballeros
Ned enjoys a good relationship with his client, gay fashion designer Brent Barrow, who invites the Dorseys and the Moyers to his restaurant and takes Stacey and Amanda shopping at his warehouse. While helping Stacey put away her new clothes, he notices that she and Ned sleep in separate bedrooms. Stacey tells them that they have an arrangement. Brent says he understands but wrongly assumes she means Ned is gay. Later Eric and Ned arrive at Brent's Mardi Gras party before their wives and notice that only men are in attendance. Ned is eager to correct any misunderstanding with Brent and he tells him that he's straight. Brent assumes Ned is in denial about his sexuality and is ready to quit doing business with him, so Ned now tries to tell him that he is gay after all and in love with Eric. By the time Stacey and Amanda arrive at the party, Ned and Eric have done such a bad job of acting gay that Brent is sure that Ned is truly straight.moreless

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      • Stacey: Why can't straight men be, I don't know, more gay?
        Ned: Well, darlin', if they knew you, they would be.

      • Amanda: (to Brent) What planet are these waiters from, Brent? God, every one is just this big, chiseled hunk of gorgeousness. My God, there goes another one.
        Eric: Ah, honey. I'll be over here when you're done honey.
        Amanda: I know.
        Brent: Uh, don't worry Eric. Most of these fellows play on my team.
        Eric: Oh, oh, so you-- You got a soft ball team, huh? I've been told I'm a pretty good catcher.
        Amanda: Honey, I-I think Brent was referring to another team.
        Eric: Oh, oh, so you-- You bowl?
        Ned: Rico, Rico, Rico. Easy, babe. Brent is a ho-mo-sex-u-al.
        Eric: Oh, oh, well, that's-- That's, uh-Tha-that's great. Uh good--Good luck with that.

      • Eric: Now, come on Amanda, Ned's not gay. And I should know I've showered with him.
        (Stacey and Amanda stare at Eric curiously)
        Eric: Oh, come on at the gym! And then that one time in the Hamptons.
        (Stacey and Amanda turn and stare at Ned curiously)
        Ned: Oh, come on. We were playing volleyball, got sandy and sweaty, covered with tanning butter--Just drop it!

      • Ned: This is a bad time to make a good point, sister.

      • Brent: You're living up to your reputation Mr. Dorsey.
        Ned: Hey, I sued Hard Copy and I won.

      • Ned (to Brent): Well, the thing is, Im not gay. Nah, nah, Stacey, the scatterbrained wife, probably left you with that impression, but the truth of the matter is, I'm as heterosexual as the day is long. In the summer. At the North Pole. Bad choice of words.

      • Stacey: Alright, Ned. If you're really dead-set against 'being gay,' I will talk to Brent and explain everything, OK?
        Ned: Oh, that's what I want. You on damage control.

      • Brent: Separate bedrooms! How Noel Coward!
        Stacey: Umm...we do that because one of us snores.
        Brent: Which one?
        Stacey: Actually, I don't know, we're both asleep when it happens.
        Amanda: Oh, that's a good save.

      • Stacey: Do you think I could get...runway work?
        Amanda: Yeah, at the airport.

      • Brent: Alright with you if I borrow the wife, Ned?
        Ned: Hell, for ten bucks you can own her outright!

      • Stacey: Oh, Brent! Ned showed me pictures of your new line, it's fantastic!
        Brent: Oh, well, thank you, thank you!
        Stacey: Can you like, get people discounts on stuff?
        Ned: Why don't you just ask the man for some spare change?

      • Eric: Oh, the mens' room is amazing, there's gold urinals, there's a fountain!.... Pass me the water, I wanna go again before we leave.

      • Brent Barrow: Listen Ned, uh, I've just become a part owner in a little bistro in TriBeCa; I'd love it if you and the missus would drop by, have dinner tonight, on me.
        Ned: On you? Can I bring my church group?
        Brent: Sure! I love 'hymns.'
        Ned: Ha-ha-ha! Ohhhh, that's funny stuff. Funny, good gay-oriented humor.

    • NOTES (2)

      • End credit sequence: Ned and Eric sing "Endless Love" while slow-dancing cheek-to-cheek. Ned spins Eric around and accidentally impails him on one of the decorations! Ned nonchalantly finds another guy to dance with.

      • In the opening scene where Ned is folding his laundry, the music he's listening to is the "March of the Toreadors" from Georges Bizet's famous opera Carmen. Later "It's Raining Men" by the Weather Girls is heard at Brent's party.

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