Ned and Stacey

Season 2 Episode 1

The Other End (2)

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 17, 1996 on FOX
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The Other End (2)
After a recap of the previous season-ending episode, a shell-shocked Stacey arrives at the Moyers telling them how Ned kissed her then threw her out. She finally decides to go to Alex's to stay. At work Ned exaggerates his sorrow at the breakup with his supposedly beloved wife to gain sympathy from the boss, but Eric is sure Ned has unspoken and unresolved feelings for Stacey and encourages him to tell her about them. Pat Kirkland tells Ned to straighten out his life. Stacey returns to the apartment with Amanda to get her things. She's worried about how they will react when they see each other, but Ned tries to give the impression that he's never been happier, disappointing her. Stacey overloads Alex's apartment with her belongings. Back at work, Ned's confused state of mind is illustrated when he shows a wildly inappropriate commercial to the head of the Family Goodness food company. Kirkland threatens to fire Ned. Eric takes Ned out to a family gathering at Alex's parents where he wants Ned to tell Stacey his true feelings. When Ned gets to the door and sees Stacey in the bosom of Alex's family, he's too tongue-tied to speak coherently.moreless

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Cameron Watson

Cameron Watson

Alex Palmer

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Arthur Malet

Arthur Malet


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Fred Sanders

Fred Sanders

Ken Barnette

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James Karen

James Karen

Patrick Kirkland

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Pat Kirkland: So ah, where do things stand with you two?
      Ned: Oh Pat, it's over. It's over! The more I pleaded with her, the more she taunted me with tales of her and other men having hot, animal sex.
      Pat: My G...
      Ned: Oh, ski instructors, real estate salesmen, notary publics, circus freaks, Menudo! Even the guys that had been kicked out!

    • Amanda: Stacey, what are you doing here?
      Stacey: Ned kicked me out!
      Eric (in an accusatory tone): Why? What did you do?
      Stacey: Why do you assume I did something?
      Amanda: Oh, Stacey come on, take it easy. What did you do?

    • Stacey: God, it's just so bizarre! I just wish I knew what to do! I mean, on the one hand what Eric said before made a lotta sense. What was it you said?
      Eric: For God sake, let us go to sleep?

    • Eric: Ned, if you don't do this [tell Stacey his feelings], for the rest of your life, you--you'll, you'll be haunted, tormented by the thought, if only I had, had expressed what I felt, if only I hadn't been so timid, so contemptibly afraid I know I could have scored with Mary Ann Briscoe after the homecoming dance! (pause) I mean Stacey, you'll regret what you didn't say to Stacey.

    • Stacey: You gonna finish that?
      Eric: Uh, no, no help, help yourself.
      Stacey: Great, 'cause I really need to eat when I'm upset.
      Amanda: What are you upset about? God, you are finally out of this stupid fake marriage! You should shower and get on with your life.

  • NOTES (3)

    • For the second season, there is a new title sequence opening. It still uses the same "Why Stacey?" "Why Ned?" voiceovers, but it features new scenes from second-season episodes.

    • Ned uses the phrase "Good luck on future projects!" when saying goodbye to Stacey at one point. The last episode will be named "Best of Luck on Future Projects."

    • For the end credit sequence, a 1950's-era black-and-white educational film of a dairy farm is shown, with narration about how the comedy for Ned and Stacey is developed and processed.