Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

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Nickelodeon's Ned's Defied School Survival Guide chronicles the wacky adventures of Ned Bigby and his best pals Jennifer "Moze" Mosely and Simon "Cookie" Nelson-Cook at James K. Polk Middle School, as "every-kid" Ned shatters the fourth wall to share tips and tricks on navigating middle school or junior high hurdles.

Ned's not super cool, and he has no superpowers. He is, however, witty, well-groomed, upbeat and self-aware. Moreover, with more than a little help from his two best friends, he's equipped to conquer middle school minefields. From crushing bullies to crushes, from off- the-wall, mean and cool teachers to pop quizzes, elections and detentions, Ned knows that nothing, including the seventh grade, is as bad as it seems, and friendship matters most.


Ned Bigby is pretty much your average 13-year-old. He hangs with anyone who he thinks is funny and cool, like his two best buds Moze and Cookie. Ned's not exactly popular, but he does have a couple of things going for him: He's smart and observant. Ned knows what's up. Which is probably why Ned's basically an optimistic guy. He realizes that nothing, including 7th grade, can be as bad as it seems. Of course, a few survival tips definitely come in handy now and then.

Moze is a smart, funny and totally insecure seventh grader. She's never really been "one of the girls," since she spends most of her time with her best friend and next door neighbor, Ned. But these days Moze is actually starting to get into some typically girlie stuff-like fashion and, you know, boys-and she's decided she's in need of some actual female friends. Makes sense, right? Try telling that to Ned...

Cookie is Ned's OTHER best friend-probably because their last names have been alphabetically linked since second grade. Cookie comes from a super-rich family, but doesn't want anyone to know it. He actually has a limo drop him off at Ned's house so he can ride the bus with everyone else. Cookie's a major brain who's, well...kinda weird. He suffers from chronic bed-head, his fashion sense is non-existent and despite his super-smarts, he can be pretty clueless. Oh yeah, and he's wired to the web 24/7, which comes in handy since he seems to wind up in wacky situations 24/7 too. Did we mention he was kinda weird?

Gordy School janitor who doesn't clean, Ned's adviser. Often heard saying "I'll let the night guy do it." He is simple minded, like his Weasel catching attempts, yet very complex, like in his book. A good hearted man, he just wants to help the kids, though it's the kids that usually help him.

Mr. Chopsaw Wood shop teacher, Moze's adviser. In episodes he's in, he often helps her with problems (i.e. Clothes). Has a prosthetic hand... rumor is he's made of wood. Tough and gritty, then good spirited.

Mr. Monroe Life Science teacher, full of life! He's another good person. Although a little girly, he wants to help the kids. Ned calls him "a great teacher" probably in part because he doesn't punish Ned like all the others.

Mr. Wright History teacher. In episodes without Mr. Chopsaw, Moze often goes to him for advice. He's a good teacher, and always knows what to say. Kind of a usual nice TV show teacher, kind yet not always very observant. The good guy.

Ms. Dirga Stern P.E. teacher. Tough, athletic, yet caring. She wishes to help the kids get through Middle School, but she's still a teacher and is not going to let the road be easy.

Mr. Sweeney Evil Science teacher. He's very into science, and just wants everyone else to be as well. As we see in "Notebooks" he wants everyone to do well, but when given the chance will be evil. Has a good evil laugh.

Lisa Zemo Allergy sufferer, adores Cookie.

Billy "Bully" Loomer Polk school bully, adores Moze.

Claire Sawyer Future lawyer, helpful in a pinch.
Suzie Crabgrass Moze's rival, object of Ned's desire.

Coconut Head Bad haircut, good heart.
Seth Powers Hottie basketball player. Moze has, or at least had, a crush on him. He always wears the same green and yellow warm up suit and has a basketball spinning on his finger. Not very interested in school.
Martin Qwerly Talkative smart kid. A friend of the gang's. Not very popular either. A little on the weird side. Has a twin sister seen in "Tutors." Student Council V.P.
Crony Loomer's henchman. Doesn't talk to much, and follows Loomer around. He is very dependent, seen in "New Semester" when Loomer doesn't want him anymore, he runs off to find someone else to copy... twice. He is also the best cross stitcher at Polk
Nurse Hunsucker Polk nurse. Though it may not seem it at the beginning of the show, she is caring and really goes out of her way to make sure the kids are okay. In the episode "Double Dating" she comes to the school at night to help Ned with an upset stomach.
Ms. Enstile Beautiful Spanish teacher, scene in "Teachers." Due to not being able to focus on anything but her, Cookie transfers out of her
The huge crew VERY into make-up, and the girl bullies of the school. They adore Ned beyond belief.


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