Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 6

Art Class / Lost & Found

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Art Class: Art class is in debt, and so the course is going to be canceled. To save it, they have an art show to raise money. Ned makes a Orange Naked Lady painting by mistake. Cookie hires a bunch of 6th Graders to make pots for him for Christmas presents. Moze takes pictures of people without them knowing and exposes many disturbing facts.
Lost & Found: Ned discovers a pair of shoes in the lost and found box, and attempts to make sure no one claims them before the end of the day, so they will become his. Moze tries to stop him, and so he needs to figure out a way to make her quit. Cookie loses an MP3 player with a very embarrassing file on it, and needs to get it back before the entire school hears it.moreless

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  • Ned accidentally draws a naked lady; Ned wants to claim sneakers that aren't his.

    Art Class: Well this episode did seem a bit unrealistic, also a bit inappropriate for young children, how can you accidentally draw a naked lady!? That's just bonkers! A new side of the principal I haven't seen before, we know that Loomer is a pervert when he keeps checking out the painting. Moze's part was a bit vague, her taking embarrassing pictures then getting chased in the end, I felt like it could of used a bit more plot development. Cookie's part was pointless, which was also unrealistic, turning sixth graders in to elves, get real. Lost And Found: This episode, although had some okay tips was a great plot! And pretty funny too. Centered mostly around losing stuff. Mose's obsession about the bear was a bit creepy, Cookie losing his Mp3 player was stupid as expected, but other plots were great! I like how Moze & Ned get trapped in that room, funny stuff. Overall an okay episode.moreless
  • TO me, the best Ned's Declassified school survival guide EVER!!!

    Arts and Crafts: Everyone thinks ned is painting a "Naked Lady". But Ned says it's a bunch of squiggly lines! I belive Ned!!!

    Lost and found: My most favorite part of this episode is PUPPY BEAR!!!! I love this whole entire episode!!

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  • Ok not great.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,

    Wasn't to found about what happened in art class. Ned creates a picture the prinaple doesnt like it just in the end to sell the painting for 20,000 dollars. In lost and found Moze searches for her lost stuff dog. Just to find it will of the other secret lost and found.
  • I loved this episode so much, I put it on my iPod!

    I loved this episode so much, I put it on my iPod! Caution: Some Spoilers Ahead!!! It was funny because Cookie was trying to make 40 key bowls in two days, which he couldn't do without the help of a couple of sixth graders. He made them elf costumes, and practically turned himself into Santa Clause!!! I tell you that this is a must watch episode! This episode should be on tv more often, because this could possibly attract viewers... Anyways, Ned finds some autographed shoes that he wants, but Moze won't let him have them until she finds her puppy bear doll that she lost two years ago.moreless
  • In Art class, ned finds himself apparently drawing a naked lady, whom people laugh and mock at. Ned however, says its just a bunch of Squiggly lines. IN Lost and found, Ned finds a pair of cool sneakers that he really wants, but Moze findsmoreless

    This episode was really good. Espacially in Lost and found when Moze and Ned fight over the Saneakers, Moze trying to find the owner, and Ned trying to keep them for himself. I liked it because it sort of showed how Ned and Moze's friendship is unbreakable. And they both even say that they thing they're friendship could go through anything. Yeah, and Cowboy cookie in Lost and Found was just plain hillarious. Cookie has to be one of the funniest characters on the show! The whole show is just wonderful, to me. And Moze, Ned and Cookie together is just plain funny!moreless
Hamilton Mitchell

Hamilton Mitchell

Vice Principal Crubbs

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Carmelo Anthony


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Carlie Casey

Missy Meanie

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Meshach Taylor

Principal Wright

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Ned is ordering a replacement PuppyBear from ACME Express on the computer screen it says "FuzzyBear", instead of PuppyBear.

    • Palmer Noid was a 5th grader last season.

    • Cookie said Palmer Noid was in 6th grade, but he was in 6th grade last season when he was introduced. Since Ned and the gang were in 7th grade then and are in 8th grade now, Palmer should be in 7th grade now.
      Response: Palmer was not in 6th grade last season. He said he was in 5th grade and was about to go INTO 6th grade.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (Evelyn slaps Ned)
      Ned: See! I told you it was a naked lady!
      Evelyn: No! It's just the worst fire-truck I've ever seen!

    • Cookie: Loomer stole my MP3 player and I'm stealing it back. I got to get it back before he finds out how to work it. It's only a matter of life or death.
      : How is it a matter of life or death?
      Cookie: (weakly) I kinda recorded some song on it.
      Ned: But your hip-hop songs aren't that bad.
      Cookie: (weakly) It's not a hip-hop song.
      Ned: (thinks, then looks alarmed and gasps) Tell me it wasn't Cowboy Cookie. (Cowboy Cookie song starts playing)
      Cowboy Cookie: Cowboy Cookie, the ladies really love him. Cowboy Cookie, the best you ever saw. Cowboy Cookie, the bullies don't scare him. Cowboy Cookie, yippee yippee yeehaw.
      Ned: You realize if the whole school does hear that song, I can't be your friend anymore?
      : I understand. (Cookie starts banging his head against Loomer's locker.)

    • (Seth is upset that Ned has officially claimed his autographed Carmelo Anthony sneakers)
      Carmelo: Ned, do the right thing.
      Ned: Sorry, Seth. Finders keepers.
      (Seth is still not happy)
      Carmelo: That's not what I meant.
      (Ned frowns a bit and turns to Seth)
      Ned: Here. They're yours.
      (he gives Seth back his sneakers; Seth is overjoyed)
      (Carmelo smiles in Ned's mind)

    • Seth: Oh, I'm sad.

    • Moze: (seeing Missy picking her nose) That's real, real gross but real!

    • Loomer: Hands off Cook! I found it and founders keepers, loosers weepers. (laughs loudly)... Now can you show me how to use it?

    • Ned: (Evelyn slaps him) See! I told you it is a naked lady!
      Evelyn: No, it's just the worst fire truck i've ever seen!

    • Ned: I call it red naked lady.
      Moze: It's a fire truck.

    • Mr. Wright: Ned, I've heard about you "painting" and I cannot let the students expose to your kind of art...
      Ned: I'm not an artist...
      Mr. Wright: This is obviously a reaction to me cancelling art class...
      Ned: It's not a reaction...

    • Ned: Hey, what do you think about my "abstract" art. Who knows what it is but who cares.
      Moze: That's a naked lady...

    • Ned: I'm the lost and found helper! If your looking for some sneakers, their not here!

    • Ned: Are these super cool signed Carmelo Anthony shoes? Am I dreaming?
      Carmelo Anthony: No Ned, you're not dreaming.

    • News Reporter: When asked about his painting, Ned Bigby said "I'm not an artist. I didn't make a naked lady. It's just a bunch of squiggly lines. Please do not put this on the news."

  • NOTES (11)


    • Acme Express:

      When Ned orders a Puppy Bear online, it gets delivered by ACME Express. This is an allusion to the ACME company in the Looney Tunes/Roadrunner cartoons.

    • The art teacher seems to resemble Andy Warhol.

    • 6th grade kid: I wanted to be a dentist.

      It's a spoof of the Christmas special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer which has a elf who wanted to be a dentist.

    • Cookie: I made you smocks and protective headgear. The smocks and headgear Cookie makes for the 6th graders making his presents are spoofs of what Santa's Elfs are traditionally shown to wear.