Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 6

Art Class / Lost & Found

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Art class:
The art teacher is teaching them about abstract art. Tips: artists always get messy, so always go smart (use smocks and hats), if painting is not your talent, ask your teacher about something else (not a painter? Ask about other art projects)... For that last tip Moze gets to do photography. Another tip: Make art homemade gift That's what Cookie does. Ned paints an abstract art, "nobody knows what it is, and who cares?" but everybody thinks it's a naked lady. Then when Ned is going to get rid of the painting he knows that the art is going to be cancelled unless they get twenty thousand dollars in one day. Mr. Wright tells Ned to put the painting away. Moze gets there and takes a photo of Ned and one of Cookie. Cookie explains that he used art to make his gifts, and he could never do all gifts he needed in one day, so when he sees the 6th grade students walking by, he gets an idea... The art teacher and Ned, in order to save the art try to sell the "Orange Naked Lady", everyone loves the painting, but when they see that it was not a great artist who did this nobody wants to buy the painting... Then Ned has the idea of making an art sale, Moze goes to show her project to the teacher, who liked the photos, until he sees Cookies one, then he tells her she has to do something real. Then Moze starts to take photos of embarrassing situations of people. While that Cookie teaches the 6th grade students how to do his gifts, promising to get them into 8th grades parties. Ned's painting disappears from his locker and appears in the trophy case, and soon all the story goes to the news. When the art sales starts, Moze shows people her photos, and get angry at her, so they just run after her. She hides in a room, where she sees that Cookie made 6th grade students make his gifts, "but they are 6th grade boys, they enjoy cartoon violence and scratching and breaking stuff", then Cookie lets something falls, when they hear that noise they all start breaking everything. When Ned tells Mr. Wright he didn't put the painting in the trophy case Mr. Wright tells Ned he did it. When they get to the Art sales, a woman buys the painting for 20 thousand dollars, since it goes to the art Then Mr. Wright tells Ned that art could use some publicity and Ned could use some fame. So, Principal Wright proofed to be a heck of an artist himself, his masterpiece: preserving Art Cookie went back to his factory of one and realized it is not a gift from your heart unless you make it yourself and Moze decided to photograph fruits, 'cause fruit doesn't get angry. And Ned learned that art is more important then he thought, it's all around us and without it life in school would be pretty boring.
Lost & Found:
Moze is looking for her puppy bear she lost 2 years ago (when she was in the 6th grade), and Cookie is looking for his MP3 player which he left on his desk in Science class, but none of them are in the Lost & Found box. Then Ned finds a pair of "Super Cool Awesome Signed Carmelo Anthony Sneakers", and then when Vice Principal Crubbs asks if they are Ned's he answers they are. Of course Moze tells Vice Principal Crubbs they aren't Ned's, the Vice Principal tells Ned that if he wanted the sneakers he would have to wait until 3PM. While that Gordy tries to get the "Friendship bracelet" electronically guided Titanium made Xavier gave him out of his arm, then he runs away being followed by Xavier. Then Cookie sees an MP3 Player on the Science table and when he is almost getting it, Loomer gets first and tells him that "Finders keepers, losers weepers, emphasis on loser" , but he doesn't know how to use it. Then Ned gets in the Lost & Found box as a "Lost & found Helper" so that nobody gets the sneakers. Then Moze decides she will not let what happened to her special lost puppy bear happen to the owner of those sneakers. Then she starts to put papers all over the school telling people that those sneakers were in the Lost & Found box. Cookie tries to get the MP3 player from Loomer's locker before he figures out how to use it "it's a matter of life or death", why? 'Cause it had the Cowboy Cookie song he recorded himself. Cookie tells Ned to get the sneakers all he has to do is to find Moze's puppy bear. So he goes to the WEB and buys a new puppy bear, but as it looked too new he makes it a little more dirty and gives it to Moze, but she realizes it's not her puppy bear, then she just gets angrier at Ned. Then Cookie opens Loomers locker and gets the MP3 player, but Loomer sees him and gives it to Crony, who let's people listen to Cookie's song, but luckily it wasn't Cookie's MP3 Player. Ned locks Moze inside a room, but he got locked in too. But, all of a sudden, a door opens and they find a secret lair, they also find Cookie's MP3 player and Moze's puppy bear. Then Ned kicks the wall and another door opens, in Mr. Crubbs's room. Then they figure out it was Crubbs's secret lair. Crubb starts arguing with Cookie, saying it was his MP3 player, but when they turn it on they see it really was Cookie's. Just one little problem, Crubbs was pressing the speaker button, so everyone hears Cookie's song. Then Ned realizes it is 3 o'clock, so he runs to the Lost and Found box and the sneakers were still there. Then Seth comes in saying he had lost the sneakers, but as he didn't claim it until 3 o'clock they were Ned's now. But Ned gives them back. As a prize Crubbs lets Ned take all which is inside the Lost and Found box (a mustache, sunglasses and a cafeteria uniform) , so they use it to disguise Cookie, since everyone listened to Cowboy Cookie.
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