Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 12

Asking Someone Out / Recycling

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Asking Someone Out
In this episode, Ned describes ways to ask someone out. He even tries to practice what he preached by asking Susie out. She broke up with Loomer at the beginning after Ned gives the tip "Don't ask someone out if they already are going out". Afterward, Ned runs and jumps around the school in joy, thinking that he is guaranteed a date with Susie. He gets Cookie to be an ambassador, but he falls in love with Susie's cell phone, and he fails. Next, he gets Martin Qwerly to be him, and he, like all other Qwerly's, won't stop talking, so Susie gets a cutout of herself in her locker and puts it out. Then, he tries Lisa. It goes well at first, but it is discovered that Susie had a ear piece as a gift from Cookie. After that, he asks Moze. She won't be his ambassador, but she asks Ned to be an ambassador instead to ask Seth out. Seth ends up being completely sarcastic. First, they went outside, while Seth considered this "Going Out", then Ned said, "Moze would like a date", and Seth ends up offering the fruit kind of date. Then, Seth thinks that Ned asked him out, but Seth said yes, but only as friends. Moze ends the sarcasm by being really specific, but Seth still ends up taking Ned with them. Finally, Suzy is led to the room where Xavier tried to ask Gordy out. Ned asks to go to the movies, and Susie says no because she just broke up with Loomer, and she doesn't want a boyfriend at that time.

Polk is having a recycling awareness contest. The winner got a really cool bike. Ned, Moze, and Cookie have trouble admitting that they want the bike, but it's too hard to keep in. They all want the bike. When they bring in the recyclables, people get in a line, and Loomer yells "RECYCLES!". Meanwhile, Ned accidentally drops the school survival guide in one of his recycling bags, but before he can get it out, the line takes the bags! Near the same time, Cookie learns putting his recyclables together can make large amounts of money. Moze, desperate to win the bike and tired of the line stealing her recyclables, forms a disguise and heads into the teachers lounge. Ned, now using a tracker from Cookie to find the guide, crawls through the ventilation system with Gordy and finds the guide within a large amount of recyclables belonging to the weasel. Cookie then presents his sculpture of empty milk bottles to a art critic and gets offered $10,000 for a pile of bottles, but just then, the line shows up and takes all but one, and Cookie gets only 10 cents. Mr. Sweeney, now measuring everyones recyclables, tells people to put their recyclables in a box and it weighs them. Loomer and his gang give him the recyclables they stole, only to be beaten by a even larger amount of soda cans from Moze! Back in the vent, Gordy sees the weasel and lunges at him, breaking the vent and letting the recyclables, him, Ned, and the weasel into Sweeny's box, which weighing all the recyclables from the weasel, makes him the winner! Moze says, "What can a weasel do with a bicycle anyway?". The weasel ends up on postcards when he is on the bike.

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