Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 12

Asking Someone Out / Recycling

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • it's hard asking someone out but recying is easy to do but how it's help with school survival

    In this episode it abou ned trying to ask Suzie out since she broke up with Loomer. Ned sents people to Suzie so he would be a good boyfriend but i don't think still would help kids in grades preschool-5th grade or will it? Then Ned asks Suzie and she turns him down because he dump Loomer and she needs a break. It's sucks when you get turn down it happen to me a few times. The in Recycing Ned loses the Guide, Cookie makes a art work that will get him 10,000 big ones, and Moze tries to win a bike.
  • "Asking Someone Out" was perfect, and "Recycling" wasn't bad either. In the first, Ned tries to ask Suzie out. In the second, the Guide is in danger.

    ~~~Asking Someone Out~~~

    We start with Croony trying to ask Missy out, but Croony is sweating so much, Missy rejects him. As Ned goes through his tips, another boy freezes, another gets hit by a basketball, and most importantly, Suzie and Loomer break up. Ned notices and emerges from the gym celebrating.

    Ned asks Cookie to help him ask Suzie if she will go to the movies with him, but Cookie, being the techogeek he is, gets distracted by Suzie's phone. Ned turns to Moze, but before he even says anything, Moze says no. Moze is trying to ask someone out herself, namely Seth Powers, the basketball star.

    Seth is hot, but a total idiot. When Moze asks him out, he takes her literally to the school's courtyard. ("And here we are: out.") Moze tries to explain she meant "out" as in on a date, but the bell rings.

    Dr. Xavier wants Cookie to get her a date with Gordy. Meanwhile, Ned picks Martin as his next ambassador, but he fares no better as his rapid-fire rambling bores Suzie, who leaves Martin talking to a cut-out. Cookie asks Gordy what he looks for in a date. Gordy is playing hallway golf, which means the conversation is cut short when the two of them are forced to run from Sweeny. Cookie runs into Xavier and relays Gordy's criteria to her.

    Ned's third ambassador is Lisa, and while it seems to work this time, Suzie was actually talking on the phone. Ned decides to do away with the ambassador approach and ask her out himself, but promptly freezes. When Ned finally comes to, the bell rings. Ned leaves class still dateless, and walks past Martin who is still talking to the cut-out.

    Moze asks Ned to be her ambassador, who reluctantly accepts. Seth just happens to be eating dates, and being the idiot he is, offers her one. Ned tries again, but Seth thinks it's Ned who wants to go to the movies with him, not Moze. Meanwhile, Xavier gets a date with Gordy, but is an absolute horror. Luckily for Gordy, Xavier trips and falls out a window.

    Moze finally gives up and tells Seth they're through, but Seth says they can't be through if they never went out together. Moze is a quick thinker and sees this as finally an opportunity to go out with Seth. They agree to go out to the movies.

    Cookie has transformed a classroom into a French bistro for Xavier to date Gordy in, but Ned and Gordy are already there playing cards. Gordy finds out about the plan and agrees to go out with Xavier, and Ned comments, "Who wouldn't say yes to a date in here?" This gives Ned a plan of his own.

    Ned hires a whole string of people to lure Suzie into the classroom. Suzie guesses correctly that Ned is up to something. Ned finally asks Suzie to the movies, and starts celebrating until he realizes Suzie said no. Suzie explains that she only recently broke up with Loomer and didn't want another boyfriend so quickly.

    So Ned ends up going to the movies with Seth, and Moze finally gets Seth to go out with her.



    Ned, Moze and Cookie all need new bikes, which happens to be the prize in a recycling competition. While they all claim that recycling is about helping the environment, it becomes clear they all want to win the bike. So does the rest of the school, who steal the recyclables right out of the trio's hands! Ned and Gordy raid the administration office, but when looking for the guide, the masses come along and steal his recyclables, and possibly the Guide.

    Cookie's mountain of milk bottles is mistaken as a work of art. He takes Mr. Wright's advice to sell the bottles as a masterpiece rather than as a pile of recyclables. The next day, Cookie arrives with "A Pile of Bottles", when Ned tells him about the guide. Cookie is too obsessed with his "art" to care and simply tells Ned to follow the GPS tracker in the guide.

    Moze tells Ned the Guide is not in the girls' room where he claims it is, but Ned simply has to look for himself and dresses up as a girl. However, the Guide is on the move and Ned follows it to Gordy's closet. Ned and Gordy eventually trace the guide to the ducts, where they find the Guide in the Weasel's nest of trash. Meanwhile, Moze decides to get a disguise herself, so that she can raid the Teachers' Lounge for recyclables. Cookie finds a potential buyer of his "art", but it gets recycled and he is left with nothing.

    Cookie ends up with zero pounds, the trash thieves have 17, and Moze has 29. However, Ned and Gordy cause the ducts to collaspe, and the Weasel wins the bike with 60 pounds of recyclables.
  • Funny

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    In this episode we find Ned ,Cookie, Moze all trying to win a mountain bike. Each time they get enough somebody or something takes the objects.Neds guide gets stolen and is found with the weasel. The air system falls down and the weasel wins the mountain bike.
  • Liked it

    Cookie tries to get Xavier to go on a date with Gordy. Ned tries to ask out Suzie. It is really funny. Also, Moze dresses up as a teacher to get recyclables. Ned dresses up as a girl to get the guide from the girls' bathroom before it ends up moving. Cookie's recyclable's are mistaken for art and is about to get $10,000 but the insane recycle possi takes it away.
  • I liked it alot!

    I liked the \\\"asking someone out\\\" when the 8th graqde math teacher wants to get a date with Gordy, and when the teacher tries to impress him with singing and stuff LOLOL!! I also liked \\\"recycling\\\" it is funny when Moze was trieng to find garbage and each time it was taken away and Cookies creation got destroyed. And also when the weasel instead of Moze when she was just about to win the bike the weasel won the bike wall falling through the roof poor weasel he\\\'s cute. I don\\\'t get why Godry can never catch him, but that is what makes it funny.
  • Another Hilarious Episode!

    I thought that is ep had to be one of the funnyest episodes for this series. The fact that Ned asks people to see if Suzzy will go out with him is kind of funny for that the people he asks to do it have to be the worst choices. He picks (forget his name) the kid that rants like crazy, Hilarious!! In the recyculing one, the grade is competing for a biycicle. When ever there is something that can be recycled the bully kid (sorry I suck at names) hollors "RECYCLE" and they line up in 2's and charge at the recyclables. I woun't spoil the hilarious ending, but trust me you have to see this episode.