Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 2

Bathrooms / Project Partners

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Bathrooms: Moze puts Ned's name on a bathroom stall, and someone puts kissy lips next to it. Cookie tries to hold using the bathroom but gets stuck in the girls' room.

Project Partners: Ned and Cookie's baby is kidnapped. Moze must choose a partner for Social Studies.


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  • Bathrooms, Hottie List and Partners!

    Careful and trust who you pick as your project partner, I might as not pick Seth since he'll just morange til he's orange. And the cilent girl, I don't think either. I'll have to sign be her partner. Ned, Cookie and Moze would be the best project partners ever! And Ill be cool in school, or school in cool (as I should say). Yes I want three lip kisses on the hottie list, and yes I mean the (HOTTIE aka H- O - T - T - I - E) List. And I have to go P! Yes that was funny.moreless
  • The first appearance of the Hottie List!!

    We start out in Guide to: Bathrooms where thanks to Loomer, Ned has to go through thinking about the whole "going into the girls bathroom at five years old" thing again. It doesn't last for long when Moze mentions the "Hottie List". The whatty list? The Hottie List. Its one of the walls in the girls bathroom stall where a girl lists a guy's name and other girls comment.

    So one day, Moze adds Ned's name to the list.

    The comments were: "Hottie!" (by Moze in different color marker) "Short", "Way Short" "Uses the girls restroom" and "Ask me in five years when he's taller" Thats not it though. Someone, or as we find out later, Some people kiss Ned's name three times. Or one time each. :P

    In Project Partners, Moze, goes with the dumb, lazy, irresponsible partner. (Seth) She ends up having Loomer as a project partner and they do well together. Cookie loses their (Ned and Cookie's) baby doll for Life Science. Loomer gives it to them piece by piece until Moze agrees to be his partner. Great ep, in my opinion.moreless
  • The second episode of the great hit series known as "Ned's Declassified" They battle bathrooms and project partners!

    In this episode, we find out that Ned and Cookie never use the bathrooms at school. They go before they leave home, and wait until they get home. We also learn something about "The Hottie list" in the girls bathroom. Ned wants his name on the bathroom stall to see if girls like him. And Cookie gets stuck in the girls bathrrom. In the end, Ned finds out the a girl kissed his name on the stall three times and it wa the Huge Crew. And Cookie gets saved thanks to Moze and Gordy. In project Partners, Moze chooses Seth and doesn't do any of the work. But she eventually works it out.moreless
  • I liked this episode. It is funny not so funny but fun.

    I liked this episode. I like Moze because she has this attitude that makes her funny. Ned is always with his dream of dating Suzie and Cookie with his technology (I especially like when he prints things with his butt printer). I always like shows that make very funny unrealistic things but with real people. What is also funny about Ned's is the special effects. They do not try to hide that they are fake and sillyness of them makes them funny. I can not comment a lot about these episode because I have not seen it in a long time but I do remember the bathroom episode and it was really funny.moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the series. This is also the first episode that I ever saw. I thought it was funny how Ned accidentally went into the girls bathroom and now everyone makes fun of him for it, like Loomer and his gang putting a sign on the door saying 'Girls bathroom...and Ned' I also liked how Ned kept trying to prove his innocence. I liked the Project Partners episode better. I couldn't stop laughing when Cookie was having flashbacks about him and Ned taking care of the baby. I also liked the part where Loomer sent Ned and Cookie the note saying he would send the baby back in pieces if they didn't make Moze his project partner.moreless
Kelii Miyata

Kelii Miyata

Timmy Toot-toot

Guest Star

Mary Bogue

Mary Bogue

Nurse Hunsucker

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • At the beginning of "Project Partners" when everyone is finding a partner, you can hear the song "Roll Out" by Ludacris.

    • Near the beginning of the episode, when Moze and Martin Qwerley are at the bridal arch, the song playing is Johann Pachelbel's "Canon in D."

    • Cookie had to pee when he went to the bathroom, and when he's doing it, he is sitting on the toilet. Boys don't sit down when they pee. Therefore, he should have noticed he was in the wrong bathroom right away when there were no urinals.

    • On the stall door, you can see the "hottie list". But when Moze opens the door, if you look closely, you can see the hottie list is gone. Then, it is back again.

    • When Moze is going into the stall with the hottie list to write down Ned's name she has 2 fine tip markers but when she writes on the stall, she has 2 chisel markers in her hand.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Moze leaves the stall as Suzie Crabgrass enters)
      Moze: Crabgrass.
      Suzie: Mosley.

    • Crony: Whoa! Mummy!!! Protect the women!
      (He and Buzz grab sticks and whack the "mummy")
      Loomer: I'm Loomer! I'm a mummy!
      Moze: (to Ned and Cookie, about Loomer) Don't worry; he's well padded.

    • Ned: (to Moze) You picked Seth Powers! You're gonna do all the work!
      Moze: Wrong. Plus he's a hottie.
      Ned: If you wanted a hottie, why not pick Doug Secksay?
      (a crowd of people walk by surrounding a boy)
      Student: What's up, Doug?
      Moze: Too hot; can't get near him.

    • Ned: To pee or not to pee; that is the question, because in middle school, you never know what's behind that bathroom door. Whether it's bullies...
      (shows a screaming Coconut Head being grabbed by Loomer)...the occasional haunting...(shows Martin Qwerly being sucked into the bathroom, from which dim light and smoke are coming)...or the fact that it's impossible to get any privacy...
      (shows Timmy Toot-Toot going into the restroom)
      Timmy: Toot-toot.
      (an explosion comes from the bathroom, followed by students running out, covering their noses)
      Ned:...unless, of course, you're Timmy Toot-Toot. It's enough to make you do something totally dumb that you'll regret for the rest of your life.
      (Loomer, Crony, and Buzz come up behind Ned)
      Loomer: Hey Bigby! Been in the girl's bathroom lately? (laughs) "I'm Ned Bigby and I like to use the girl's room!" (laughs and walks away with Crony and Buzz following)
      Ned: I was five! It was kindergarden!

    • Ned: (to Moze) Always pick the reliable friend partner, like me and Cookie in Life Science. He's reliable and great with the baby.
      Cookie: (runs up, panting) I lost the baby!
      Ned: What do you mean you lost the baby?!
      Cookie: One minute baby baby, baby gone!

      (They start pretending to cry)
      Moze: You know crying doesn't work on me.
      (They immediately stop crying)
      Ned: Oh yeah I forgot.

    • Cookie: I think some just leaked.

    • Ned: Are you crying?
      Cookie: I was just thinking...(dries up tear) about the baby!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Tips to Project Partners
      Get to know the three types of partners: Squirrely Kid, Reliable Friend, and Total Hottie.
      It's all about teamwork.

    • Martin Qwerly is introduced in this episode, with his name being based off of the title Ned gives him as the type of project partner he is: Smart and Squirelly.

    • TIPS: Bathrooms

      There is always a super clean bathroom in the nurse's office.
      Go to the bathroom during class.
      Be last to leave the locker room.


    • Ned: To pee, or not to pee; that is the question.

      It's an allusion to Shakespeare's famous line: "To be, or not to be; that is the question."