Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 2

Bathrooms / Project Partners

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2004 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Bathrooms: To pee or not to pee? That is the question. Ned learns from Moze that there is a hottie board in the girls' bathroom. A hottie board is a blog in the girls' bathroom stall where girls talk about good looking boys. Ned questions if he's one of them. Then Ned tells Moze to add his name to the hottie board. As for Cookie, he never uses the bathrooms in school because other people use them. He always uses the stall before school begins. But the next day, Cookie forgets to go! Moze tells Ned that his only replies were excuses of him being short. However, Ned's name was also kissed three times! So Ned starts to investigate every girl in school to find the bathroom wall kisser. With Cookie, he just can't hold the urine any longer and races directly to the men's room. Or is it the men's room? No it is not!!! He instantly tells Moze that he went into the wrong room. With Ned, he believes the one who kissed his name was no other than Suzie Crabgrass. He would meet her after school. Then Ned, Moze, and Gordy all help Cookie sneak out of the girl's room by faking a toilet clog. At the end of school, Ned realizes that the one who kissed his name was actually the three huge tough girls who LOVE him!

Project Partners: Moze needs a project partner for Social Studies. In between three choices of Martin Qwerly, Clair Sawyer, and Seth Powers, she chooses the charming Seth Powers. Ned and Cookie have a baby investigation in Life Science until Loomer drops in and takes their baby! Moze is studying ancient Egypt with Seth, but the hot basketball star isn't even doing anything! He wants to a project on ancient Egyptian basketball, even though basketball wasn't invented until 2000 years later. Ned and Cookie soon realize that Loomer wants Moze as his project partner and would give the baby back piece by piece until Moze is Loomer's project partner. That Friday, the only piece Ned and Cookie need left is the head and then Mr. Monroe tells them that the baby inspection is today! So Ned and Cookie trade Moze for the baby head, and Martin is Seth's new project partner. But Ned and Cookie fail anyway since there were teethmarks on the baby's arm.