Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 13

Cellphones / Woodshop

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Cellphones: Suzie and Ned try to keep their long-distance relationship, by talking in between classes. Moze gets a new phone she has no clue how to use. Cookie wears a jacket covered in 33 cellphones in attempt to win a Mustang Convertible from a local radio station.

Woodshop: Ned and Cookie blow up the art room, and have to switch to woodshop. Moze is entering a woodshop competition. Ned keeps overhearing Moze and thinks she is talking about her feelings for him. Cookie is on the run from a killer saw named "Christine".

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  • Lol. It was a great episode.

    Lol. It was a great episode. I enjoyed both segments of the episode. In the cellphones segment, I felt bad for Ned because he just couldn't seem to catch a break when he tried to call Suzie. And Moze couldn't figure out how her phone worked. :P Lol. Then Cookie got his phone-covered jacket taken up. (Why would you wear a jacket with phones all over it to class? Wouldn't it be easier to keep the phones in your locker until it was time for you to call in? But why would you call in trying to win a car when participants usually have to be at least 16 or 18? Lol. Cookie's crazy.) The woodshop part of the episode was funny too. Ned thinks that Moze has a crush on him. Moze is trying to finish her rocking chair for the judging. And Cookie releases a defective saw that destroys Moze's chair. Lol. This such a hilarious episode.moreless
  • Cellphones:Moze gets a new phone she has no clue how to use. Ned accidently keeps hanging up with Suzie. Cookie tries to win a car. Woodshop:Ned thinks he may like Moze. Cookie runs from a killer saw. Moze works on a secret project for someone.moreless

    I thought that this episode was very good. Cellphones was funny how Ned kept calling Suzie but he either hung up on her or was saying things that made Suzie annoyed at him. Moze's cellphone thingy was great. I loved how when she was in class she didn't know how to turn off the ringer and all these different noises were coming from her cellphone then the teacher came over and just gave her the look that teachers give you when they want you to stop doing something. When Faymen got jeolous because Moze had Ned first on her speed dial was awesome and how she let Ned call Suzie with her 3 last minutes was so nice of her, even though Ned hung up on Suzie because Moze's battery died. The whole Cookie trying to win the convertable was priceless. The best part of the Cookie thing was how he was making Ned and Moze help him by telling them that he would give them all these free rides to high school. (in three in a half years of course) When Ned started beating up Cookie to get one of his 32 cellphones made me laugh so hard especially how they ended up in Sweeny's room. (what a big coincidence) The ending was great how Sweeny ended up winning the mustang convertable. I also loved the episode Woodshop. The weird kitty thing that Ned was making for Suzie kinda scared me a little bit. I enjoyed how Ned started to like Moze because he thought that Moze was talking about how she really feels about him. Cookie getting chased by the killer saw Christine was very entertaining. The ending was probably the best out of the entire episode, how Ned gave Moze flowers because he started to like her but she didn't like him so he said the flowers were to cheer her up but then the judge that was looking at her rocking chair but it broke due to the fact that Cookie used it to block Christine. Then Moze thought that Ned lost control of a power tool and desrtoyed her chair and thought that flowers would make up for it. Finally Moze starts to chase Ned down the halls and Gordy sees and says young love, but Moze is beating Ned up. So overall the episode was really funny and entertaining.moreless
  • [insert snazzy summary here.]

    Cell Phones;

    This was great. Moze's was good, because I've used my dad's blackberry, and those multi-functional phones are hard to figure out! And once, I actually did make a call for over an hour on my cell phone. I used up all my minutes too. But, I disagreed with Ned being number one. No matter what, your voice mail is always number one. It comes with the phone! But I did like the idea; I mean, come on, Ned is her best friend.

    The Ned and Suzie thing was good, because it made me happy that they did break up. This is another episode revealing Suzie's shallow side. (Hey, she was even WORSE in the first season. She was just plain rude back then. That's why I don't like her.)

    Cookie's was a little bleh. Nothing more to say.


    Ah, I loved this ep. I had to admit, Girls did feel a little forced when it came to Ned/Moze, but this felt natural. Even if you're not a Ned/Moze fan, this episode was well-acted and witty. (Just like I like some Suzie/Ned episodes, ignoring the fact that it is a Ned/Suzie-shipping episode.)

    Daniel Curtis Lee must have just acted well in this episode, because you'd think his plot was dumb. But, it was actually really funny. I love that psychiatrist, so it was nice to see him there.

    And the whole Ned/Moze was an extremely orginal plot. (Minus the whole over-hearing and drawing to conclusions bit.) It was nice to see Gordy and Chopsaw, probably Ned/Moze shippers themselves (haha), put a say in. Gordy was just so hilarious, and I love Ned's spaz-attacks. He was just freaking out so much in this episode, and it was hilarious. Also, it was great how they indirectly mentioned that Ned was getting a crush on Moze. It was so unexpected; because in the beginning of the season (before Faymen), you'd think it was Moze who was going to get a crush on Ned, not vice-versa. (As a note, I loved Gordy's whole, "And if you break up, you'll just never speak again." I'm glad the writer's were indirectly putting in the dangers of going out with your best friend.)

    Altogether, both mini-eps were great.moreless
  • I love ''nose'' or ''med''. either or , their #1 watch this show!!!!!!!!!!!!. I cant beleive their finaly going to get together!!!!!!!!

    Love it, and this is why I watch this show getting to see some ned/moze action. I loved it when ned was just about to give moze flowers and ask her out. It made me gasp for air I was so excited to FINALY see that .Bit then they made us wait for the REAL moment. but I was glad to FINALY see ned, at least try to ask moze out after practicaly Forever!

    It's the BEST episoid by a long shot so far! I can't wait to finaly see the 1 hour long show at the end of the season. I HILEY recomend it.moreless
  • Cellphones- Ned/Suzie breakup because of miscommunication over the phone. Woodshop- Ned gets wrong about what he hears Moze say. Cookie battles a possessed buzzsaw.

    Easily the worst mini-eps of the entire series. It was unoriginal(Ned/Moze) going through the motions of "does she/doesn't he". Its cliched and its been done before. It reeks of fan pleasing and makes the characters act out of place. Speaking of which, you'll notice how Moze has lost her edge. She is so touchy feely that its just strange and not her.

    Cookie was the only person to remain in character and was the only funny person during the 2 mini-eps. So, they gave him 2 dumb stories for all that effort? BTW, where was rest of the casts? No Evelyn, no Loomer, no Coconuthead, and the rest?


    I guess this the breakup ep of Ned/Suzie. It was utterly contrived and very forced. We have scenes after scenes of Ned thinking about Moze. We have Moze having Ned as #1 on her phone and we have Ned in the end, quickly dismissing Suzie as well as Suzie dismissing him. The characters acted so unlike themselves. Not one moment did you even feel Ned/Suzie was at one time a couple. This ep may have provided the quickest, most easiest, the most contrived breakup in tv history. I'm serious, go back to the start of S3 and ponder how easily they split this couple up and you'll shake your head.


    We had a woodshop ep in S1 and this one was merely a cover for more Ned/Moze. We have Ned overhearing what it sounds like a love thing and of course its a fakeout. Because tv has traught us nothing that when one person overhears someone mention their names the other characters will end up together. Its is again cliche and contrived and we know Ned/Moze is gonna hookup because even the Woodshop teacher calls Ned, Moze boyfriend. This is the show way of telling us Ned/Moze is gonna hookup...if by this 2nd ep you haven't already guess. Oh, there another lame plot about Cookie and a buzzsaw to distract the Ned/Moze stuff. Cookie act liked a fool for no reason and it was just embarrassing. Why was Cookie in either of these mini-eps? I felt embarassed for Daniel.

    Anyways, if you like the ideas of Ned/Moze, then will probably like these 2 mini-eps and the upcoming eps til the end of the series. I apparently must be watching the wrong show as now its seems like the Ned/Moze show and not Ned Declassified. Its gonna be interesting to see how this is gonna turn out but I can already guess.

    Disappointing eps tonite and prehaps more is in store for the remainder of the season.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Mr. Chopsaw gets a new shirt from his closet, all the shirts in his closet are exactly the same.

    • Cookie must be 12 1/2 because he said that he'd have his driver's license in 3 1/2 years. That is way to young to be in the 8th grade. In 8th grade the common age limit is 13-14.

    • If Cookie went to the bathroom at the same time Martin was unlocking Moze's phone, how could Moze's phone have been on video call for 197 minutes (almost 3 1/2 hours), if Cookie had only been waiting in the bathroom for 2 1/2 hours? And also, how can a video call last that long during a school day unless they are in the halls for 7 hours? In the episode it was shown that teachers dont allow cell phones in class.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (While running from Christine, the bad saw, Cookie closes a random classroom door and locks it, trapping out Christine, but Christine saws through the door.)
      Cookie: What do you want from me?!
      (Cookie runs away)

    • Ned: Moze likes me. She's going to give me some heart shaped gift. I don't know what to do.
      : What? You're crazy. Christine the saw is trying to kill me. But I've got to stop her before she tries to stop me.

  • NOTES (3)