Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 17

Class Clown / Music Class

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 06, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Music Class This episode is about music class. James K. Polk has two music classes: Music Instruction, which Ned and Cookie are in, and Music Appreciation, which Moze is taking. Cookie has trouble finding an instrument he can play since the Music Instruction teacher, Mr. Gibson (played by Art Alexakis), says that he can't use a computer. He tries virtually everything easy to learn (including a recorder and a bass drum) before settling on the triangle.

Meanwhile in Music Appreciation class, Mr. Combover hands out a unique assignment: listen to the classical music on the given CD until you memorize each song. Moze soon gets the symphonies of Mozart stuck in her head and ends up letting her team down in a volleyball game because she can't focus thanks to a far-too-gentle work. She complains to Mr. Combover about the side effects of the assignment, who explains that each piece of music can accompany a specific mood. Moze then looks for her "volleyball song" during her next game and ends up blowing away the competition.

Ned wants to learn to play the guitar but is tired of playing the basic scales on an acoustic guitar. Feeling he won't ever be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a rock star, Ned wants to transfer into Music Appreciation. Mr. Gibson reveals that he was once a rock musician and decides that he has to do this for one day to prevent Ned from transferring out. Everclear appears in this one, playing the song "Rockstar." (Incidentally, Ned also lists Everclear as one of the rock bands he wants to follow in the footsteps of.) Mr. Gibson explains that to make his way to greatness, Ned must first learn the basics.

Class Clown When Todd Rideg, the old class clown moves to Cleveland, things begin to get depressing at Polk. It makes the students sad because of Todd leaving, but makes most of the staff and faculty, including Mr. Sweeney and Vice Principal Crubbs happy, because while the school is Class Clown-less, the school is plunged into darkness by storm clouds and the teachers are given the opportunity to hand out more quizzes, not to mention making the students participate in ridiculous grade-point-docking games! Ned, Cookie, Moze and Gordy have to find a new class clown to take Todd's place, otherwise school will be extended to 12 months! In the end, Morris Adams (played by Lil' JJ), a straight A student but funny guy, takes up the mantle of class clown when he sees the effect it's having on the students and the school is returned to normal.
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