Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 9

Computer Lab / Backpacks

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 02, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, we finally hear Backpack Boy speak.

    • On shots of the sign-in sheet, the names, "Lindsey Shaw" and "Daniel Lee" are visible.

    • Cookie is in a velcro suit. When Loomer and his friends throw the things stuck to him on the school banner they stick. Then they throw Cookie and he also sticks. On Velcro you can only have one of each side stick, so either the items or Cookie wouldn't have been able to stick.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Kwest: Lisa, what have you... wait a minute, you're not Lisa.
      Moze: Yes I am ... Yes I am. (uses the inhaler) Aww.

    • Lisa: It's corn. You like corn.
      (Cookie's head falls in the corn)
      Ned: Is he okay?
      Lisa: He just forgot he liked corn.

    • Narrator: In a world where you are banned from computer lab. Two heroes will rise above the rest. Jennifer Mosely is Lisa Zemo and Ned Bigby is Coconut Head. In sneak back into computer lab because Mr. Kwest kicked you out and you need to finish your graph project.

    • Moze: You need a new backpack.
      Ned: I can't get rid of Earl!
      Moze: I can't believe you named your backpack.
      (Cookie walks in wearing a Velcro body suit)
      Cookie: I can't believe you're still using backpacks.

    • Cookie: But I've never stopped to smell the roses. (Ned hands him a rose and Cookie smells it) Okay done that.

    • (Shows a backpack with a disco ball)
      Backpack Boy: Don't go to a party, be the party.
      Ned: Isn't it a little loud
      (They go over to a backpack covered in candy)
      Backpack Boy: The gummy pack. Totally edible.
      (Ned takes a gummy off and eats it)
      Ned: Chewy
      (Backpack Boy puts a backpack on Ned that inflates into a boat)
      Backpack Boy: This one is great for school and the pool

    • Mr. Kwest: (mystical voice) No rowdiness in my class. (normal voice) Get out all of you.

  • Notes

    • Stages in losing a bag

      1: Denial
      2: Anger
      3: Hopelessness
      4: Acceptance/ More Anger

    • Tip# 682-CB
      Empty backpack before throwing it out.

      Tip# 694-A
      Put your name and phone number on it.

      Tip# 649-SP
      Pack sharpened pencils.

      Tip #649-KX
      Pack tissue.

      Tip# 646-S
      Pack an extra shirt.

      Tip# 607.22
      Ask your teacher for help.

      Tip# 325.89
      Go during "off peak" hours to avoid the rush.

      Sign up ahead of time.

      Tip# 115.51
      Use your computer time wisely.

    • This episode can be seen on Teenick Picks Vol. 1 DVD, which is available now.

    • Steven Markarian who says "I'm hot" played Boogie in the original Ned's pilot episode.

  • Allusions

    • Moze: Come on, R2 Moze tells Cookie it's time to sneak into the Computer Lab by saying, "Come on, R2" the same way C3PO urges R2D2 to sneak onto the Millennium Falcon at the Death Star in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.