Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 8

Dares / Bad Habits

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great episode!

    We start out with the Dares episode where the main thing is that Ned is dared to go out with Missy. Dared? You shouldn't even be have to think about being dared to ask someone out who is as hot as Missy. There are a ton of hot blondes out there in the world, but Carlie Casey as Missy Meany just stands out from the rest. So Ned blew it with one of the hottest girls in school, Missy Meany. At least Ned admitted he kinda liked the date, but again, who wouldn't enjoy a date with someone as really hot as Missy Meany, huh? Anyways, lets move onto Bad Habits. Pretty good episode, until it shows Albert Wormenheimer picking his noe and that long, slimy booger starts pooring out. Other than that, the episode was funny. Did you see how much gum Cookie was chewing? Five packs, I think he said! That's amazing, isn't it?
  • But still a good episode.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, I didn't like the dares part. Ned and Missey Moze in a gress cookie trying to be the king of dares.Next: Ned is having problems of saying yes to everybody. Because of that that he cannot remain loyal to everybody. In the end he can say no but gets a little carried away.
  • Ah dares... an episode some of us have been waiting for... and bad habits.... hilarious!!!

    This episode was funny. Just plain funny. In the Dares episode, Ned gets dared to ask Missy out, which turned out not to be so bad. Moze got dared to wear a dress, and boy she looks weird. Cookie verses Lumur for the King of Dares title. I would never imagine Cookie like that though lol. In the Bad Habits episode Ned keeps saying yes to everyone. Moze is always trash talking in her sport, volleyball(I can't blame her.) And Cookie is trying to avoid his packrat habit by chewing on things(gross.) So this was funny(and a little gross). It was all good.
  • DARES : Ned gets dared to ask Missy out, Moze is dared to wear a ridiculous dress, and Cookie wants to become the King of Dares. BAD HABITS : Ned, Moze, and Cookie try to overcome their bad habits.

    I liked this episode very much, because it showed a little Missy here and there. And right below Suzie, I think whoever plays Missy is right down gorgeous. And it was cute how Ned actually took the dare and asked Missy out. It is so cute when Ned asks some girl out. Then, there was 'Bad Habits'. Ned who says 'yes' to everyone is just a little bit about my little problem. Every time a person asks me to do something, I stammer and try the best I can to move on to another subject without saying yes, or without saying no. My problem is nowhere near Moze's problem, but I do spend a lot of time on the computer.
  • Just hilarious!!!!

    I totally loved this episode. It was so funny and both episodes went together very nicely.

    Dares: ALl the kids seem to be really into daring all of a sudden. Dares are flying all over the place. Ned gets dared to ask a girl out, he does and she accepts. I would have never of thought a girl like that would have said yes. Cookie wants to become king of dares and goes head to head with Loomar. Moze gets the most hilarious dare,she has to wear a dress. Ned doesnt want to date the girl but feels sorry because she never gets out. He is basically guilt ridden into going on the date. I dont know why he just didnt willingly go? I know he has the hots for the Crab but come on , a date is a date. Cookie gets dared to jump over a shark and Moze falls into the "Stepford Club". THose girls were seriously freaky and did a terrific job acting like robots. I was seriously shocked that the girl had a twitch and wasnt a robot. I still think they should watch out, they might kidnap Moze. Ned talsk about the dare a bit too loudly and the girl over hears it. Loomar rides his bike straight into an ambulance, that part made me crack up.

    BAd Habits: A great follow up episode. IT was really funny. Poor Ned cant so no to anything. I use to have that problem but I got rid of it quickly. People can be such a bother. Cookie is a rat packer, no duh. And Moze has a potty mouth, way to go girl. THe cursing, if you can call it that, is elementary at best. WHat was funny were those scenes with her cursing. THey were directed really well and you could feel the hate but you couldnt help but laugh. Ned tries to say no but damn those kids eyes. THat crazy math teacher is back. I love her so much, I really do. SHe is just so crazy and wild and I love her accent. SHe tries to help Ned but she fails. It was fun having you on screen for any amount of time, math teacher. Cookie tries to forget about his habits but ultimately takes baby steps and throws away a mouse. Moze decides to cover up her mouth with tape so she can curse and not be heard.

    OVerall a great half hour. BOth episodes prove to be fantastic and they hold their own.