Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 20

Double Dating / The Last Day

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 03, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Double Dating: For the final dance of the school year, Ned and Suzie double date with Moze and hunk Jock Bitterman. Cookie meanwhile is asked by Lisa and says yes. Soon after Vanessa says yes, so Cookie must take Lisa and Vanessa to the dance and keep them separated.

The Last Day: Ned and Moze try to figure the best way to tell Suzie about “the kiss”. Determined to catch the weasel before the summer, Gordy lets Cookies Battle Bot free in the halls, where it unleashes havoc.moreless
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  • Another standout episode...

    Ned's wanted to go out with Suzie since the beginning, but when that finally comes, he ends up kissing Moze instead of Suzie and that leads to some trouble for the two of them. Later, Ned and Moze try to find a way to explain to Suzie who, to their surprise, already knows about their kiss.

    This is another of the few episodes I actually remember watching from this show and I rememer thinking it was pretty funny. Everyone can relate to the last day of school and how it seems to drag on forever as they wait for that bell to freedom to ring.moreless
  • totally awesome.

    Ned went with Suzie to the dance. but Ned accidentally ate chilli and got a really bad tummy ache. the last prt where he comes back from the toilet, he immedaitely kissed Suzie. But because of the red dress, same hair curly colour, Ned couldnt differentiate, so in the end he kissed MOZE!

    Finally, my Ned+Moze dream came true. i so loved that moment. it is so awesome. the funniest prt was when Ned showed his face expression when he kissed Moze and Moze was pointing awkwardly saying that Suzie was over there. Hilarious!

    Last day of school follows up. i loved the 'song' that they sang during the strt of the episode. where Ned and Moze wanted to admit to Suzie that they kissed. At the ending, Moze and Ned kissed again 'cos they didnt feel anything. And Cookie interupted. In all, GREAT episode!moreless
  • Ned gets into gastric problems at a dance, but his problems are just beginning...

    Ned asks Suzie out on a double date and she finally accepts, but now he has to find Moze a date. This leads to an unexpected surprise Ned and Moze have to hide from Suzie. One of the best episodes of the series.

    ~~~Double Dating~~~

    Ned wants to ask Suzie to a school dance, but is afraid of being rejected again. Moze suggests a double date to alleviate some of the pressure. Ned thinks it's a great idea, and Suzie agrees to the date, but there's one problem: Ned now has to find a date for Moze.

    Cookie wants to ask Vanessa to the dance, so there's only one offer: Jock Goldman. Ned, Moze, and Cookie don't like Jock, but Jock says he is truly sorry for what he did before (in "Upperclassmen") and will do anything to prove it. So the three of them strap Jock to a lie detector. He passes, so the double date is on.

    Vanessa says "no" to Cookie. Lisa asks Cookie to the dance, complete with a formal petition from Claire, and Cookie accepts. However, Vanessa changes her mind and also says "yes" to a date. Ned and Moze happen to see what went on and remind Cookie he can't date Lisa and Vanessa at the same time. They leave Cookie to bail himself out of his mess.

    At the dance, Ned and Moze are already there when Suzie and Jock arrive. Coincidently, and very importantly, Suzie is dressed just like Moze. The dance has an international theme, and they head inside to the China room for food. Meanwhile, Vanessa is outside waiting for Cookie, but Cookie is inside with Lisa. He seats Lisa by a window and runs off to meet Vanessa. (Yes, Cookie's plan is doomed to fail.) Finally, the scene ends with Suzie telling Moze she might let Ned kiss her, which causes Moze to spit out her drink.

    While Cookie is taking Vanessa to the Paris room, Ned is about to head into disaster of his own. Moze had already warned Ned to avoid spicy foods, but that is exactly what the four of them are eating. The effect is immediate, and when Suzie suggests that they go to the Brazil room to dance, Ned is forced to go to the washroom instead.

    Cookie runs back to the China room for Lisa, and rummages some leftovers. He gives Lisa the food pretending he had to line up forever for it, then pretends to go get soya sauce. Instead, he runs back to the Paris room.

    In the Brazil room, Suzie and Jock are dancing, when Ned throws a grape at Moze. Moze finds Ned in a plant and Ned explains his upset stomach problem. Moze tells Ned Suzie wants a kiss tonight. Ned tries, but is forced to run to the washroom again. He runs past Cookie, who is in trouble now that both Lisa and Vanessa want to go to the Brazil room to dance.

    Jock and Suzie are discussing how their respective dates are nowhere to be found, and how Ned and Moze accidentally became "class couple". Cookie intentionally spills fruit punch on himself upon arriving at the Brazil room and runs off, trying to avoid being caught with two dates. Cookie runs into Moze, who gives him some tips and sends him back to the dance floor. Meanwhile Ned's stomach is proving to be a real problem, so Moze decides to call in Nurse Hunsucker.

    Cookie tries Moze's tips, but gets caught anyway and ends up dateless. However, he eventually wins Lisa back and they dance. Meanwhile, Nurse Hunsucker arrives with a glass of Pepto-Bitsmol (or similar), and barges into the boys' room. Ned feels a lot better after drinking the mixture, and charges back to the dance floor to kiss Suzie.

    However, in Ned's rush to kiss Suzie, he spins Moze around and kisses her instead. Jock sees this and thinks Moze was using him to get to Ned, like he once used her to get to Amy, and leaves the dance. Suzie, however, doesn't, and simply asks them if everything is okay. They're not, and before long Ned finds himself running to the washroom again.


    ~~~The Last Day~~~

    The Last Day of school is here, and everyone is celebrating. Even the bullies are being nice today. But despite all the song and dance (a Grease parody), one kid at Polk is not having a great time: Ned. How will last night (the dance) affect him, Suzie, and Moze? Ned spots Suzie and Moze walking toward him and flees.

    Ned manages to hide long enough to give his last day tips, and get his yearbook signed by Loomer (who defaces the "class couple" page). However, Suzie and Moze close in on him again, and he gets Cookie to get Moze somewhere else. Suzie tells Ned she knows about... Ned getting the runs last night. He is relieved, at least for now, but Suzie's facial expression as he walks away seem to suggest something.

    Ned runs into Gordy, who is in a state of weasel-induced insanity and runs off. He then meets Cookie again, who also knows about last night's kiss. Ned tells Cookie he has a plan.

    However, the plan turns out to be a terrible one, as Moze points out. Moze tells Ned that since it was a complete accident, he should be honest with Suzie and tell her the truth. Ned says the same thing, but in the end they both decide to say nothing and remain calm. However, this proves difficult, as they both freak out and run away when Suzie runs into them.

    Cookie gives Gordy his Tunnel-Bot to help him catch the Weasel, but it malfunctions right away. Gordy decides to catch the weasel himself, but immediately hurts himself trying. He also ignores the fact the the Tunnel-Bot is now terrorizing the school. It has now stolen Crubbs' hat and is now in the cafeteria.

    Ned and Moze are having lunch when Suzie stops by with chocolate kisses. She offers Ned some, but Ned accidentally takes one from Moze instead. When Suzie tells him, he assumes she is talking about last night and Ned and Moze both start freaking out until Suzie tells them to calm down over the chocolate and they both realize they misinterpreted what Suzie said. Meanwhile, Cookie is still chasing the Tunnel-Bot when he hears Crubbs yelling for help. He runs to the office to find Crubbs on his desk with the Tunnel-Bot buzzing around him.

    Moze returns to her locker to find Mr. Chopsaw, who is taking pictures of her wooden locker door. Moze tells Chopsaw of her problem (using analogies to wood), and Chopsaw tells her that she should tell Suzie before she finds out from someone else. Ned seeks his own adviser on the issue, Gordy, who is in the middle of one of his crazy plans, which for some reason involved a chipmunk costume. Gordy effectively tells Ned the same thing as Chopsaw tells Moze.

    So both now wanting to tell Suzie the truth, Ned and Moze fight the entire way, trying to stop the other from blabbing first. However, it turns out Suzie already knew. She tells them she was testing their trustworthiness, and they both pass.

    So with the crisis over, Ned and Moze are finally ready to enjoy the last day of school, but they soon run into the Tunnel-Bot, which starts chasing them. The Tunnel-Bot finds its way into the path of the Weasel, which Gordy has finally caught, but Gordy is forced to free the Weasel and ends up getting mauled himself. However, the Tunnel-Bot finally grinds to a halt. Gordy is alright, but immediately gets injured again when the bell rings and he gets caught in the stampede for the buses.

    As Ned and Moze board the bus, they start talking about how they let the kiss ruin their entire last day. They claim that they didn't feel a thing, and Ned says they wouldn't even if they did it again. Which... they do. Apparently they did feel something, because when Cookie comes and sits between them, they just stare ahead with stunned looks on their faces.

    While it's not apparent yet, this marks the turning point of the series. Ned will eventually have to choose between Suzie and Moze, and this episode sets up everything that leads to this future dilemma. It is thus the most important episode of the series.moreless
  • I'm a big Ned/Suzie fan, but . .

    . . I did enjoy this episode very much. The plot was so very good. Ned finally gets a date with my, sorry, I mean, HIS dream girl, Suzie Cra . . *drool* Crabgrass. It was so awesome. Though, sadly, he didn't really kiss Suzie at the dance when he really was this close - wait, you can't see my fingers, so you don't know how close I'm talking about, but his lips were like, an inch away from Suzie's and he blew it because he ate too spicy food, and had the runs, which ruined his whole date with Suzie. Then, when he felt much better, he kissed MOZE instead of SUZIE!! Ugh! That was painful to watch! Boo, hoo! That was sad. But it was nice how Suzie was understanding in The Last Day and from there, Ned and Suzie's relationship began to go uphill from there. This episode was so awesome.moreless
  • ned and moze kissed

    this episode is so awesome ned finaly asks out suzie and tell her that it is a double date with mize and jock and cookie has 2 dates that night and is thinking of excuses so that his two dates won,t find out. ned gets the runs and moze calls the school nurse and gives him a drink. and ned and moze kissed who he thought was suzie. moze and ned try to tell suzie but thought it would ruin there relationship with her but find out that she already knows. at the end of the episode they kiss again.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • This is one of the only episodes that follow in the same timeline,because they were talking about the dance from ''Double Dates'',the other 15-minute episode that goes along with''The Last Day''.

    • In "The Last Day" Gordy is wearing a chipmunk costume while trying to catch the weasel, but refers to himself as a squirrel.

    • Nurse Hunsucker goes into the boy's bathroom in 'Double Dating'.

    • When day turns to night in "Double Dating", there is a crescent moon. Later on, when Ned goes to the toilet the first time, it's a full moon.

    • Foreshadowing: In, "Double Dating," when Ned runs to the bathroom for the first time, you can see a tall kid walk by looking at Ned as he runs to the girl's bathroom. This kid looks a lot like (or is) Faymen Phortune, a main character in season 3. He also walks by a Brazil sign, Faymen's former country he lived in before moving.

    • In "The Last Day," Susie tests Ned to see if he is boyfriend material. He passes.

    • In "Double Dating," Moze and Susie show up wearing the exact same dress.

    • In "Guide To: Failing and Tutors," the lunch lady tells Ned when she reads the corn that he'll kiss his true love at a dance. In this episode, Ned kisses Moze at a dance.

    • Ned and Moze kissed 3 times: Double Dating, The Last Day, and the blooper reels.

    • When the toilet explodes the first time the smoke is on left. But when it happens The 2nd time, the smoke is on the right.

    • On the "Last Day" episode, you see Ned and Moze kiss again at the back of the school bus to prove to each other and to themselves that the accidental kiss shared at the school dance previous night meant nothing. But you can see that it meant something.

    • Jennifer Moze and Ned Bigby accidentally kiss each other at the school dance.

    • Aired in Canada on Family's "Schooled" marathon May 23rd 2006.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ned: I feel great!!! (throws glass behind him and the glass breaks)

    • Vanessa: Paris is so romantic!
      Cookie: And cold!

    • Moze: So let me get this straight: you're Ted Bigby: Ned's evil twin from Iceland. And it was you at the dance last night, not Ned?
      Ned: (with Icelandic accent) Brilliant, no?

    • Cookie: Ned, Ned, Ned. You finally get a date with the girl of your dreams and you kiss Moze?
      Ned: I know. If Suzie finds out she'll never talk to me again!
      Cookie: But you have a plan?
      Ned: (picks up a hammer) Oh yeah! (he then starts to pound the hammer against his hand over and over again while Cookie's looking nervous) But first I gotta return this (the hammer) to Chopsaw!

    • Susie: You took a kiss from Moze, not me.
      Ned: I'm so sorry. It was a total accident. I didn't want her kisses! I wanted yours!
      Moze: Hey! My kisses are just as good as her kisses!
      (Ned and Moze begin arguing)
      Suzie: Guys...
      (Ned and Moze stop arguing and turn to Suzie)
      Suzie: It's a piece of chocolate.
      (Ned and Moze both begin stuffing their mouths with chocolate and laughing nervously.)

    • Ned: The last day of school. It's the day everyone looks forward to. Except if you accidently kiss your best friend the night before instead of your dream girl and you're afraid the last day of school may be the last day of your entire life!

    • Ned: (In the bathroom) Wheres Suzie?
      Moze: (outside of the bathroom) Shes with Jock.
      Ned: No she's suppose to be with me to kiss!
      (Ned's groaning can be heard)
      Moze: That's it! I'm calling for help!

    • Suzie: This double date is kind of fun.
      Moze: Yeah, until Ned tries to kiss you again.
      (Moze drinks a beverage)
      Suzie: Tonight I might actually let him.
      (Moze spits out the beverage)

    • Ned: (to Cookie) Just so you know, a double date doesn't mean you have two dates.

    • Ned: Hey suzie moze has a date around the world and didn't want to go alone and we thought it would be fun to make a double date you know less pressure.
      Suzie: Sounds like fun. I'm in.
      (walks away)
      Moze: There's only problem I don't have a date for the double date.
      Ned: Right.

    • Ned: I have have a bad Problem!
      Moze: Is it "I Don't Wanna Kiss Suzie Bad" Or "Doo-Doos in the Pants Bad?"
      Ned: It's more like Doo-Doos. (Stomach Gurgles loudly) Actually it is Doo-Doos!

    • Ned: Suzie!
      (He then turns Moze around and kisses her thinking she's Suzie)
      Moze: Suzie's on the dance floor!

    • Ned: I can't believe we let some crazy kiss ruin our last day.
      Moze: I know! And I didn't feel a thing.
      Ned: Me too! It was like kissing a wall!
      Moze: Yea, a wall that couldn't kiss!
      Ned: If we kissed again, it wouldn't mean a thing.
      Moze: I couldn't agree with you more!
      (They kiss again)
      Ned: See nothing.
      Moze: Yep, not a thing.
      (They act all nervous like it really did mean something)

  • NOTES (17)


    • Jock Goldman: "...And I had to leave the school wearing only a pink elephant" (Or something like that)

      This is referring to the episode "Upperclassman" when a 5th grader steals Jocks clothes and he has to exit the school with "Mr. Pinky" the elephant.

    • Moze tells Ned that cheese pants were his worst idea. This is a reference to the Fairly Oddparents episode where Timmy wishes for cheese pants.

    • The "opening number" in "The Last Day" is a reference to the musical Grease. On the students' last day of school they sing "We Go Together" with such scat phrases as "AWOPBOPALOOBOP-AWOPBAMBOO!"

    • When Cookie is dancing next to Lisa in the classroom he says stuff like "I bet you're a great dancer" this is exactly what Lisa did to Cookie in Survival Guide to Crushes & Dances.