Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 20

Double Dating / The Last Day

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 03, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Double Dating: It's the second-to-last day of the school year at James K. Polk Middle School, and Ned is desperate to ask Suzie to "Around the World Night," which begins in just a few hours. To ease the tension of asking her out himself, Ned gets Moze to tag along, telling Suzie that he and Moze are double dating at the event, and asks if she would like to be his date. Suzie agrees, but then there is the little matter of finding a date for Moze. Soon, Jock Goldman, a high school-bound 8th grader who had broken Moze's heart earlier in the season when he pretended to like her in order to get back at an ex-girlfriend, asks Moze to be his date for "Around the World Night," saying that he was truly sorry for hurting Moze and that he really did have an interest in her. Ned, Cookie, Moze, and Gordy, the school janitor, subject Jock to a lie detector test, which he passes, so Moze agrees to go with him. Meanwhile, Cookie manages to gets two dates for the event, one with Lisa Zemo, though that was a "no-obligation" date, and Vanessa, the 8th grader Cookie had been pursuing throughout the season.

That night, Moze and Ned wait for Suzie and Jock outside the school's main entrance. The two show up, and it's immediately apparent that Moze and Suzie are wearing the same outfit and have the same hairstyle. The four venture into "The China Room" to eat, and are at first having a good conversation, until Ned gets a bad stomach ache, and runs to the bathroom, where he has diarrhea.

Meanwhile, Cookie runs back and forth between dates, but gets caught in "The Brazil Room," which serves as the event's dance hall. Cookie attempts to dance with both Lisa and Vanessa at the same time while keeping them separated, but soon gets caught by Vanessa. Vanessa leaves and Lisa walks to another part of the room. Eventually, Lisa forgives Cookie.

Ned soon joins his group in "The Brazil Room," where Suzie tries to kiss him, but he has to go to the bathroom again. Moze calls in help from Nurse Hunsucker, who shows up in her pajamas and has rollers in her hair. She brings a Pepto Bismol-like mixture in a large glass for Ned to take. He begins to feel positive effects right away, and leaps back into "The Brazil Room" for his kiss, only to plant a big kiss on Moze by mistake. Jock sees this, and leaves, telling Moze that he deserved it. The short ends with Ned running back to the bathroom.

The Last Day: The short begins with a group of students celebrating the last day by dancing and singing in the halls in a parody of the last scene from the 1978 film, Grease, where the gang there sings "We Go Together." Meanwhile, Ned is still feeling the effects of the kiss from the night before, and, upon first sight, runs away from both Moze and Suzie.

Ned and Moze soon begin wondering how to tell Suzie about the kiss. At first, Ned plans to say that it was not he at "Around the World Night," but rather, his evil twin brother, Ted, from Iceland, even dressing up in dark clothing and wearing a monocle. Moze tells him the plan is ridiculous, and they then opt not to tell Suzie at all.

Meanwhile, Gordy is more determined than ever to catch the weasel that has been hounding him all year. He soon discovers one of Cookie's science projects, a tunnelbot, which got him an "A." Gordy breaks the controller, though, causing the now-uncontrollable bot to run down the hallway, sending students running for safety. The bot eventually invades Vice Principal Crubbs' office, causing him to sit on top of his desk in fear. The bot steals Crubbs' hard hat with a red strobe light on top. Cookie vows to catch his bot and get the hat back.

Moze and Ned's dilemma continues to tear away at them. They soon seek advice from two trusted adults, Ned from Gordy, and Moze from her woodshop teacher, Mr. Chopsaw. They tell the two the same thing: that Suzie hearing about the kiss from someone else and not Ned and Moze would have dire consequences. Ned and Moze then confront Suzie together to confess, but she tells them that Jock had already told her about the kiss. Suzie tells the two that she was testing whether or not Ned and Moze could confess so that she could trust them, and that they passed. Suzie finally calls Ned her boyfriend, telling him that she would call him that night.

Gordy soon catches the weasel by trapping it in a net hanging on the ceiling, baiting it with weasel nuggets, and wearing a chipmunk costume. Gordy is joyous at first, until the tunnelbot shows up. Not wanting the defenseless weasel to get hurt, Gordy lets the weasel out of the net, telling it to "run free." Gordy lays down in the bot's path. The bot tears part of Gordy's costume, but breaks down, ending the terror, and allowing Crubbs to get his prized hat back. Soon, the final bell rings, and everyone, teachers included, run out the doors. Ned and Moze sit in the back of the bus, laughing off the kiss, saying they felt nothing, but while smiling at each other, they both quickly and impulsively kiss each other for about 10 seconds. Realizing what they just did, they pass it off as a test to make sure that they didn't feel anything. A happy Cookie sits in-between the two, and happily notes that they are now 8th graders. Ned and Moze, though, can only look at each other with anxiety, each realizing that their lifelong friendship was about to endure its longest summer ever.With nervous looks on their faces,they think to themselves,"Am I falling for my best friend?"