Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 13

Emergency Drills / Late Bus

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Unknown on Nickelodeon

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  • Ned misses a date with Suzie Crabgrass *drool* after he gets stuck in locker; season finale;

    Okay, the kids at Polk couldn't be any stupider. How do they fall for a trick that a real bear is roaming around the school when the bear is obviously a bear costume?? Bears really don't look like that! Come on! Just because they weren't paying attention in class about what to do in case of an emergency, doesn't mean they're stupid enough to believe a fake bear digging in the garbage is a bear! Oh well, the storyline was great, though Ned missed up another chance with the one and only, Suzie Crabgrass (Christian Serratos) *drooling again* Whoops, sorry, I'm getting drool on my keyboard, I better stop talking about her. Anyway, I loved this episode. All the eppys at the end of the season are great. Bravo!
  • Average.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    in this episode we find drills coming out of no where Most drills they did were not really needed for that part of the world. But better safe then sorry. Next: we see all of the kids trying to get onto the late bus but its not working late so they are delayed to go home.
  • A grand season finale!!!

    This show was so nerve-wracking. I thought Ned might actually have a chance for Suzie. But no! The teachers just had to give the kids a lesson by dressing as a bear and scaring the students, causing Ned, Moze and Cookie to run in Gordy's 'emergency locker'. Ned finally had a date with Suzie to a big party. But because of that, Suzie thought Ned stood her up and we now have to wait to Season 2. But it was a good episode. But still, Ned worked so hard to get Loomer to look nice in front of Moze, but ended up going to the mall with Suzie. Ugh!! Oh, well.
  • Now this is what I call an "Episode."

    Now this is what I call an "Episode." It showed flare we saw another sides of them like Loomer and it basically showed a reflection of some of us, or our school like some people won't listen to their teachers and when the time that it actually happens they'll start panicing and asking questions that were answered during the discussion!
  • Emergency drills and waiting for the bus can be annoying. ANd so can this episode!

    I just recently saw this episode and I was completely shocked at how lame this one was. I was even more shocked that this was the season finale.

    Emergency Drills: THis had more of a crazy humor but still doesnt rank close to other episodes that were "crazy". THe teachers have gone insane with shoving drills down the kids throats. SOme drills I have heard of but a bear drill, come on. That was just stupid. Anyway these drills keep interupting Neds attempts to ask Suzie out. Cookie wants a safe and easy way to get out of the school in case of an emergency. I found his part in the episode to be the best. Well actually anyone with GOrdy is certain to rank higher in my eye. GOrdy decides to hammer through walls and jackhammer the floors, all while the drills are going on. I feel Cookies concern. My school moves like they have concrete blocks on their feet instead actually trying to pretend something real is happening. I would like an easy escape route. All of Neds attempts fail, big shock there. All three of them get locked in the emergency closet and Ned misses his chance with SUzie at the party. THis event carries over.

    THe Late Bus: WOw what happened with this episode. HAd so much potential but this episode was so bad it pulled the other episode down into the flames. THe school bus has broken down and they have to wait for the replacement. YOu would think fun hijinx would occur but no. We get a lame tour headed by Cookie, which includes a trip to see the teachers rapping. OK that was funny and this proves that Romeo cant act. Glad I never watched his show, could he try to put some effort into what he was given. Anyway Ned wants to get SUzie to go on a date with him and Lumar wants Moze. Ned strikes a deal with Lumar to get Moze and in trade Lumar wont bully him. We all knew what was going to happen. Ned trains Lumar in how to be a nice guy. He does look good all spiffy but Lumar gets a date with SUzie. NEd is furious and Moze is impressed with Lumar. THe replacement bus breaks down and they have to wait longer.

    Yeah very disappointed with this episode. I hardly laughed, not even a chuckle. SOemthing must have happened to the writers because this didnt seem like them at all.
  • My personal favourite episode!

    This episode is definately my favourite of the series!
    Watch out in Late Bus for a very funny gag \'\'Don\'t sit around doing this (speech bubble comes out saying \'\'Duh...\'\')\'\' Classic!
    I must admit Emergency drills is alright but not as good as Late Bus it is very funny classic cookie and the teachers rap club another great gag in Cookies tour after hours!