Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 4 Episode 0

End of Series

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Unknown on Nickelodeon

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  • Relata sobre o dia-a-dia estudantil dos alunos na escola James K. Polk Middle School.

    Relata sobre o dia-a-dia estudantil dos alunos na escola James K. Polk Middle School. A história é centralizada em Ned Bigby que com suas experiências escreve um manual dando dicas para sobreviver na escola. Ele também conta com a ajuda de seus dois melhores amigos Simon Nelson Cook e Jennifer Ann Mosely.

    Esta série é feita para adolescentes em fase escolar, para que, com este manual, tenham dicas valiosas para sobreviver na escola (porém essas dicas são mais para alunos americanos). ultimo episódio da da série é um filme cujo o nome é "Excursões, Autorizações, Sinais e Fuinhas". Esse capitulo foi feito em meados de 2007.
  • In da start Ned got suspnded in joining da field 3p bec of cook hu 4got 2 make his permit & askd moze hu also got suspended they were able to join the fieldtrip and suzie and ned were able to date but she got turned off and in the end it was NED & MOZE!!!

    the ending was amazing because ned and moze were able to be together and they are now going out... in the link Devon and Lindsey are really going out and i was so happy to find put that they are really dating..

    anyway i gave 9.9 because why did they decide to go out in the last episode???!!!??? such a bummer...

    but atleast they end up together!!!

    so the weazle(sp?) wad a girl i didn't know... i expected that it was a boy... i really liked the final episode but shouldn't they make more episodes of ned's declassified...!!!i love this show a lot
  • Very funny

    I love this episode. I like it cause it has characters doing stuff they would never do. Like Ned became a nerd and he actually wore clothes like nerds and he changed his name to Den Ybgib. And also Gordy became Cupid and he was actually wearing a diaper it was hilarious. Also it lead to what would soon be Ned going out with Moze. Of course Suzie Crabgrass comes back. I was kinda glad that Faymen left cause to me he is too annoying. What I think was stupid was that Moze tested Ned during when he was a nerd she should have tested him when he wasn't.
    Overall great episode
  • Ned finally deals with his feelings for Moze. Moze must decide to let Faymen go or let him stay with her.

    Not a bad episode. Truly deals with things that teenagers (pre-teens) deal with. Ned finally deals with his feelings for Moze, after finding her "Boyfriend Test" in the hallway. Faymen gets the offer to play Soccer and must choose to stay or move to Brazil. He leaves the option up to Jennifer. When Gordy sends a sign to Moze, letting her know that Ned likes her, she tells Faymen to leave and goes to find Ned. As Ned and Moze, make their journey to meet up and express their feelings a surprise return thwarts their plans. Who returned... Suzie Crabgrass. Oh yeah. Good episode, well written.
  • Nad and the gang go on a field trip and everything that can possibly go wrong, does. Everything except the idea to stop a robbery and a kiss.

    THANK GOODNESS Ned and Moze are FINALLY going out. I was a little worried that Ned would pick Suzie over Moze, but after seeing the commercial for this episode, my worry was demolished. Everything leading up to that moment was a little bit boring, though(that's why I gave this episode a 9.9). The weasel ending was really unexpected to me. I laughed when they showed it was a girl weasel. Cookie's facial expressions were hilarious! I watched it a second time and paid a little more attention to him. I was holding my sides I was laughing so hard. I'm just so relieved that Ned and Moze are together there are no words to describe how happy I am. I wonder what the next episode is giong to be like now that a major feat was accomplished........
  • Ned, Moze, and Cookie are almost ready to graduate 8th grade and everyone is psyched about the big field trip! People will be pushed to their limits and everyone has their own little tests going on!

    So exciting! Absolutely now my favorite episode! The way it ends is sorta predictable but not at the same time! The commercial breaks really killed me! Editors and directors really have a way with keeping you on the ends of your seats! This episode is full of love, adventure, and leaves me wondering...are they stopping Ned's or will they continue on into high school? Things like this are why I watch this series and what's gonna keep me wondering if they are going to continue with the series! I really hope that they continue on because if they don't, it'll be very upsetting considering some of the endings! I love this episode! It kept me guessing and it's most definetly, in my opinion, one of the best ones yet, if not the best!
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