Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 22

Field Trips / Permission Slips / Signs / Weasels

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 08, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Cookie finally got a date with Lisa Zimo.

    • Daniel Lee's older brother, Nathaniel, has a cameo.

    • Goof: When Ned is trying to figure out whether he should be with Suzie or Moze, the Rose Garden sign is on the left and the Parking Lot sign is on the right. When the guards find Ned, there is a shot of the signs behind him and the Rose Garden sign is on the right.

    • Alternate Ending

      As a joke, Nickelodeon produced a purposely low-quality alternate ending. It starts when Ned meets Moze in the rose garden. After they kiss, instead of Cookie showing up, a UFO does. An alien then appears, threatens them, and then gets chased by most of the movie's cast.

  • Quotes

    • (Cookie see the bad guys leaving)
      Mask: At the first sight of any trouble the Steel Eagle will be there.

    • (last lines of the series)
      Ned: So, looks like Gordy's done chasin' weasels.
      Cookie: I get my pizza date with Lisa, and I'm goin' to meet her now!
      Moze: And now that Ned and I are goin' out, we'll join ya.
      Ned: And we all live happily ever after.
      (the three friends walk happily out of the school with pride)

    • (Everyone sees the weasel has babies)
      Gordy: Looks like we have some new school pets... and some new school repairs.
      Principal Wright: Right, and Gordy will be sticking around to make them, and is not fired.
      Crubbs: No, of course.
      Gordy: Well, I'll get started right away. (the bell rings) I'll let the night guy get it.

    • Gordy: Who's the man to fear most, Mr. Weasel? Ha ha! The man who has nothing to lose. (chuckles) And also, has an army authorized net launcher!
      (sees the weasel nibbling at a can)
      Gordy: Freeze, Weasel!
      (the weasel runs away and Mr. Chopsaw steps where she was; Gordy fires the net at him by mistake)
      Chopsaw: Gordon! What are you doing?
      Gordy: It's that weasel! He's on a rampage!
      Chopsaw: I know! Look what he did to my oak! (holds up a thin, porous piece of wood: Rose the Lunch Lady walks up)
      Rose: And he ate up all my creamed spinach! (holds up empty cans; Coach Dirga walks up)
      Dirga: And it ate my dodgeballs! (holds up deflated red balls)
      Gordy: Well then, while the kids are on a field trip, we are going on a hunting trip! GET THAT WEASEL!

    • Cookie: I have to get on that bus.
      Moze: Why?
      Cookie: I can't tell you. It'll jeopardize my secret identity.
      Moze: Oh, tell me your not the freak in the bird suit I heard about.

    • Ned: (to himself) "I should be with Suzie, right? Right!"
      Cookie: "You have to help ME!" (waves permission slip)

    • Moze: Maybe the fact that Ned and I keep running into each other is a sign that we should be together. But Suzie's my friend... And as her friend, maybe I should warn her: Ned's crazy.

    • Moze: What does Suzie have that I don't have?
      Cookie: Ned.

    • Ned: (in the closet) Are you NUTS?!
      Moze: Well, that's all they had at the gift shop! (Ned emerges wearing the Wild Boy skirt and t-shirt)

    • (Gordy and a group of teachers fall through the roof of the principal's office)
      Principal Right: Unbelievable! I am wrinting next year's handbook by hand and I can't afford any distractions.
      Gordy:(pointing behind Principal Right) Weasel.
      Principal Right: It can't be that hard to catch a rodent. You four are taking this way too personally, and it's driving you all mad.
      The Teachers and Gordy: WEASEL!!!
      (Principal Right looks to where the weasel was)
      Principal Right: He took my handbook, and it's the only copy I've got! FIND THAT WEASEL!

    • Croney: Mosely looks crazy man! Abort the mission! I repeat, abort the mission!
      Moze: Come on, we're going to the Rose Garden!
      Loomer: (whimpers) I think I'll stay and eat cheese.

    • Moze: Uh...Suzie, you know Ned's a booger eater right?
      Ned: What?! I am not!
      Moze: Oh, does your girlfriend know you're a liar too?
      Ned: Okay, yeah, when I was three.
      Loomer: Once a booger eater, always a booger eater.
      Ned: Please stay out of this. Are you through?
      Moze: Does Suzie know you pee yourself?
      Ned: When I was four!
      Moze: Six!
      Ned: Five and I don't do it anymore.

    • Moze: (Answers phone) What?
      Ned: I need you to get me some clothes.
      Moze: What?
      Ned: I'm naked, and I need you to get me some clothes.
      Moze: What? Why don't you get your girlfriend to do it?
      Ned: Because I'm NAKED!
      Moze: I'm next in line to see the Wildboy.
      Ned: I repeat, I'M NAKED!

    • (Ned gives Coconut Head his clothes, then Coconut Head exits the electrical closet)
      Crubbs: BIGBY! HAHA! BUSTED...Coconut Head? That was you running from me?
      Coconut Head: You were shouting BIGBY, and I figured if you wanted me you would've shouted COCONUT HEAD. And I had to go to the bathroom real bad (points to electrical room).
      Crubbs: In the electrical closet? Okay, I'll buy that, for now...but my Bigby senses are still tingling.

    • Ned: I'm supposed to meet Suzie for lunch. What am I gonna tell her? I saw the Wildboy skirt and I just had to have it??
      (change scene, Suzie repulsed)
      Ned: Then I saw the Wildboy skirt and I said 'I just have to have it!

  • Notes

    • The Weasel turns out to be a girl Weasel.

    • Devon Werkheiser, Daniel Curtis Lee and Lindsay Shaw are the only three original cast members to appear in all three seasons and every episode of the series. Daran Norris is also an original cast member who has appeared in all three seasons.

    • In the end of this episode they finally do what they do in the opening. Where they walk with each other holding on to on another.

    • Psycho returns, last seen in both segments of "Shyness/Nicknames."

    • This is the fourth time flashbacks from the show are shown. The first time was in "Lunch", when they were talking about if the lunch lady's predictions come true, the second time was in "Dodgeball", when Cookie was remembering the good times he and Ned had, and the third time was in "Spring Fever", when Moze was remembering the times she kissed Ned.

    • Ned and Moze would be going out by this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Crubbs: ...but my Bigby senses are still tingling.

      This alludes to Spider-Man when he senses something about to happen, Spider-Man states "My spidey senses are tingling."

    • The song playing in Ned's flashback about Moze:"Big Brown Eyes" is from the album Wreck Your Life by the Old 97's.

    • Cookie's superhero costume: Similar to Blue Falcon. The Mask was similar to the one used by Spider-Man. Spider-Man was mentioned in the episode when Cookie is talking about women (Mary Jane) who love superheroes (Spider-Man).

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