Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 1

First Day / Lockers

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

First Day: The episode begins with Ned walking into school, explaining how the key to the first day is being ready. His example of "Not Ready" is Backpack Boy, who has overstuffed his backpack. He then explains about haircuts, and his example of "Not Ready" is Coconut Head, who is chased off by Loomer. Next, Ned meets up with Cookie - who is yet another example of "Not Ready". Cookie has worn a fluffy coat, to protect himself from the cold; even though it's still early September. Next, Moze arrives, as Ned and Cookie are comparing their schedules. To Ned and Cookie's shock, Moze did not take Art as planned; she took Cooking! She explains that she wanted to get away from the guys a little bit, and get a new best friend who's a girl. After Moze leaves, Cookie uses his technology to transfer himself and Ned into Cooking. Later, at lunch, Cookie slips and reveals to Moze that they switched. Moze is angered, and leaves. Later, Ned and Cookie see Moze coming out of the Woodshop sign-ups. They get into Woodshop. Then, it goes to 2:14, a minute before the elective sign-ups are over, and Cookie is having heat stroke inside his jacket. Moze appears, and Ned mocks her, saying they've gotten into Woodshop with her. Moze chuckles, and says that she went into Woodshop to trick them. She really signed up for a different class, and she won't tell them what it is. So Cookie uses his technology, but is going too slow because of his heat stroke. So, Ned splashes water on him, and he goes faster, and switches them into Life Science. Cut to Life Science with Mr. Monroe. Ned is furious when he finds out Cookie accidentally switched Moze out of the class to get them in! Moze is now taking Woodshop, and enjoying it, but she accidentally drills a hole in Mr. Chopsaw's hand! So, Cookie and Mr. Chopsaw are taken to the hospital as Ned and Moze look on; Cookie for heat stroke and Chopsaw for his hand.

Lockers: Ned describes lockers, only to find his new lockermate is Timmy Toot-Toot! When Timmy lets go near Ned, then leaves, Loomer and his crew accuse Ned of being the one who "toot-tooted", giving him the nickname Fart Boy. Meanwhile, Moze has dressed up her locker to make friends, only to soon find herself in a locker vs. locker competition with Suzie Crabgrass! Ned thinks he has a solution. He puts air freshners on Timmy's belt. However, Timmy's cannon is strong enough to blast them right back in Ned's face; so Ned's only choice is to find a new locker. Moze has now chosen the fuzzy little animals look for her locker, but, once again, Suzie outdoes her. Next, Moze has made her locker "heaven", as defined by one girl, by putting a bright light inside. Gordy, in his chase for the weasel, accidentally breaks Moze's locker and rips her door off. Gordy gives Ned a locker, only to find that the treacherous weasel has made it's home in it! Gordy tosses Ned out of the room so he can fight the weasel. Introducing Claire Sawyer, future lawyer, and her client, Lisa Zemo. They arrive and give Ned a contract for a locker switch. Later, at lunch, Ned and Cookie negotiate using the legal representation of Gordy. Lisa wants to hang out with Ned, Cookie, and Moze, as well as go on a date with Cookie. Ned accepts, much to Cookie's dismay, and gets a new locker. Meanwhile, Moze has set herself on a basic locker and made a new door in Woodshop. As the episode closes, Moze meets some girls who apparently like wood and lockers, too, and Ned finds out his new locker neighbor is...Loomer!

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