Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 1

First Day / Lockers

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • This is the beginning of what is know as Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. This episode was great.

    This first episode began the feud between Moze and Suzie, we find out that Cookie is half man/half computer, and we find out that Mr. Chopsaw's right hand is a fake. The first day was all about Ned and Cookie trying to get in the same elective as Moze. But in the endm they got stuck in Life Science...with a baby doll! In lockers, Moze and Suzie battle it out for the coolest locker in teh school. They go back and forth as the lockers get better and better. In the end, Moze makes a wooden locker from Woodshop and finds a couple other girls who laso like wood.
  • A classic episode introducing us to one of the best shows ever!

    The episode that started the whole Ned craze. This episode played such an important role in getting Ned's Declassified off the ground. Now I will admit it is a little overplayed but it is a classic. When this first aired I had no idea what it would turn out to be and how much I would enjoy the show in years to come. Cookies coat and heat stroke, Moze drilling into Mr. Chopsaw's hand, Ned and Cookie getting paired up in Life Science it's all so great. Also the locker battle between Moze and her rival/soon to be friends Suzie Crabgrass. Also you gotta love Coach Dirga's first Star Wars reference involving Hoth.
  • In First Day, Ned and Cookie want to have the same class, but Moze wants a different class. In Locker, Ned wants a different locale, Moze wants to used her locker to make friends, and Cookie wants a locker closer to his class.

    First Day was a good start to the series because we see the first time the trio of Ned, Moze, and Cookie.
    Cookie has decide to wear a fluffy coat to impress the ladies and Moze want to take a different class.

    Its funny seeing how 2 things have shape how the season will go; Moze taking woodshop and Ned/Cookie taking Life Science.

    In Lockers, Ned hates his locker location because it next to a kid who farts, Moze wants to outdo Suzie locker, and Cookie locker is so far away that he always late to class.

    Its interesting that Moze went from wanting to make friends with her locker to challenging Suzie. Rest assure, they will continue to compete with each other for awhile.

    Cookie has his REAL first encountered with Lisa Zemo wh thinks he a hottie and willing to switch lockers with Ned, to get a date with Cookie. We are never shown or told if that date actually happened.

    BTW, we see Claire the lawyer-in-training and she seemed to be VERY knowledgeable in law and stuff. We get to see more of her abilities throughout the season.

    Very good episodes, imo.
  • A great way to begin such an epic series.

    First Day: This episode was very well put together and the acting was great. It stayed true to it's purpose and was extremely hilarious. Ned and Cookie were doing all they could to get in a class with Moze. I didn't really see the big deal of why she didn't want them in the same class. But overall this was a great series premiere.

    Lockers: This is my favorite of the two. It had so many great moments. The infamous weasel is in this episode and Moze and Suzie's Locker War. The newscasters are in this episode too. Van Earl Wright and Willie Gault are hilarious. Allergy Liza was hilarious and Claire Sawyer was great. Cookie and his trying to get to class on time was great also. I like how the show takes normal situations and make them so off the wall.
  • The first day of the seventh grade, and LOCKERS!

    The first day of the seventh grade and lets not forget, the day where you get LOCKERS! The day where you meet the bullies, the jocks, the nerds, the geeks, and the gang of seventh grade. The day where you step in middle school.

    This episode was great for a pilot, and I noticed it didn't use the word "Pilot" as the "Pilot". Anyway, I hope this showk keeps up the good work, and makes wonderful episodes and seasons. Thanks for reading my review for the series premiere (pilot) of Neds Declasified School Survival Guide (N - D - S - S - G)
  • Well because of the show itself but to tell you first days are nothing and besides no one really knows you!!! And now I get it why Moze has a different locker than everyone else!!!

    Well because of the show itself but to tell you first days are nothing and besides no one really knows you!!! And now I get it why Moze has a different locker than everyone else!!! Besides Cook is nuts and such an airheaded loser no offense!! Like wearing a coat because it's something that girls might love F.Y.I. they laughed at you because you are such a huge, FASHION VICTIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really have to make it like that so he would realize it!!!
  • First episode of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

    This was the first episode for Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. The actors were a little stiff and weren't completely into their characters, but it was actually a great episode considering it was the first episode of the series. We were introduced to the characters that we would come to love over the show's 3 year span. Although the actors and actresses were a little stiff, they did a good job of portraying their character, so we were able to get to know the cast in the first episode, which is unusual for most shows. This episode was also pretty funny. So I'd say this episode was a great way to kick off the Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide series.
  • A great show starter

    This was a good episode. its funny how sweeney has a speed thingy that tells you how fast you go and cookie trying to get to gym in a cart and ned trying to get away from Timmy toot toot. This was a good episode and very well written....and silly
  • A good way to start the show.

    In First Day it's the first day of school, Ned and Cookie discover Moze has taken a different class instead of the one they all wanted to take so she could separate herself from the guys. Ned and Cookie decide to try to get into the same elective as Moze with out her noticing. However Cookie accidentally takes Moze out of Life Science to make room for them and puts Moze into Woodshop. In Lockers Ned's new locker neighbor gives him a bad rep he searches for a new locker and gets one from Lisa. Moze tries to use her locker to make new friends that are girls, but ends up competing with Suzie. So she makes a locker out of wood. Cookie has a locker too far away form his classes and if he misses gym one more time he will be in big trouble with Ms. Dirga. Fortunately for Cookie he makes it in time only to be hit with dodge balls.
  • The first episode.

    I liked this epsiode alot. It was about Cookie, Ned, and Moze on their the first day of school.Ned and Cookie try to keep Moze together with them through all their classes. She took cooking this time. The other part was about Ned looking for a new locker and Moe competing with Suzie with their lockers. I thought this was a great frst episode. Most first episodes are not good at all. Ned was something new for Nick, but it was also something good. I give this episode 9/10 because it was funny and good. I would recomened this to whoever is a fan of the show.
  • Ahh the first day of school that mean summers over no and lockers

    the first episode of the show and its SURVIVAL of the first day of freakin' school which I hate but I had to go. Ned and cookie try to get in a class with Moze but she wants to spend less time with then. And Cookie wears a coat and refuses to take it off then Ned and Cookie end up in life science and Moze in Wood shop.
    Then in lockers Ned get stuck next to the smellest locker than Lisa help out. Cookie gets late to P.E and breaks her locker and is the reason she has that wood door locker.
  • The beginning...

    When I first heard Ned and Cookie's voice, I couldn't compare it to anything because it was the first episode, but now since the show is over, and we listen to Ned and Cookie's voice from the second and third seasons, we learn Ned and Cookie talked kinda awkward for their age in the seventh grade, and some how when the semesters changed, everything was okay. Ned was also short - who talks that awkwardly and is like a head shorter than everybody in the seventh grade? Its so sad, I want to cry. But oh well. I wish Moze has never shown Ned and Cookie her schedule. To me it doesn't matter if they don't have many classes together. But oh well. But I still can't believe Ned and Cookie would put themselves in LiFe ScIeNcE just to be with Moze!! I'd rather be in cooking, or art, or woodshop. And lockers was great too, so I guess thats it. Great start for a great show.
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    In this episode we meet three kids named{nickname mostley} Ned Moze and cookie. We learn they all want to be in the same classes. So Ned and Cookie go to all odds to get into Mozes classes. Next: Cookie is always late to gym because his locker is so far away. So ned creates a devise that will strangley help him.
  • Average pilot episode.

    It was an okay beginning episode. The show would get better as it went along. Really I kind of thought Ned was kinda geeky and short for a bit. But at that point, I had no idea he would change. So I can't compare his characteristics from then and at the end of the show at that time, if you know what I mean.

    So the first episode, we meet Ned, Moze and Cookie as they begin the first day of seventh grade. We find out they all promised to take the same electives with each other but Ned and Cookie find out Moze takes another elective instead. So then Ned and Cookie find out which class Moze chose, and put themselves in that class. In the end, there is only about 10 seconds left to confirm a spot in a class, and Ned and Cookie put themselves in a full class. The solution? They take one out and put them in. But the one they take out happens to be Moze. Uh oh. All that work for nothing. Ned and Cookie end up in Life Science - ugh. Moze ends up in Woodshop, which sounds cool. I'd like to be in woodshop, or at least try.

    Lockers is okay. Ned gets the nickname "Fart Boy" when he locker neighbor is Timmy Toot Toot, the ferocious farter. Cookie gets in a jam when he is given one more chance to make it to gym class on time, dispite having a locker VERY far away. And Moze and Suzie compete for the best lockers to attract new friends that are girls. In the end, Moze builds her own wooden locker. Very creative.
  • First episode... ya!

    This was a great first episode. I loved how they did some things. They didn't make the characters look completely normal, but hint that would change for no reason. But they also didn't just throw 3 characters in there and assume we knew them. They let them be who they would be in later episodes, but they also took it slow enough that we could figure out who Ned Moze and Cookie are. The episode was also really funny. Some things, like Cookie's jacket, weren't as funny. But other things, like Mr. Chopsaw and his injuries, were. This was a very good premiere episode, no doubt!