Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 4 Episode 3

Guide To: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs, And Weasels

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Guide To: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs, And Weasels

Ned and the school students all go on a field trip to a garden. Ned is torn between Moze and Suzie, while Cookie becomes the superhero: the Steel Eagle. Soon the field trip goes wrong when art thieves arrive to steal a painting. Meanwhile the teachers at the school are tearing it apart looking for the weasel.

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  • All's Well that Ends Well

    This hour long final episode of Ned's got it all right. Being the finale to a popular series is a tall task, but this episode delivered and is probably the best of Ned's.

    Though humorous and entertaining throughout, it is probably not the level of laughs that some of the fantastic episodes leading up to this were. However, those were in 12 minute segments where this is an hour long show that has to accomplish a lot more.

    A great thing is that they kept the same formula- Ned, Moze and Cookie all have separate plot threads that frequently intwine and then totally come together at the end. A conflicted Ned wants a romantic interlude with Suzie, Moze wants to see a famous painting while being pursued hilariously by Loomer, and Cookie thinks being a superhero will win him a date with Lisa.

    Other than Moze showing some jealousy, the Ned-Moze connection that this season has been working towards is put on the back burner throughout most the first half of the show, which is a little unfortunate. I mean, Ned still thinking he wants to date Suzie? Forget that. The episode might have spent a little too much time on Cookie's subplot as well. That all being said, the last 20 minutes are great, highlighted by the flashback montage that takes us through the entire series and many great memories between Ned and Moze, and then of course, the ending we all wanted.

    The saddest thing about this series was that it was its best at the very end, and then it ended. Bummer.

    Love the show though and GREAT FINALE.moreless
  • Best Episode!!!

    They need to make more episodes:( I LOVE this show!!!!!!!!!<3
  • "And We All Lived Happily Ever After."

    ned, cookie, and moze are excited about the 8th grade field trip, but due to a mishap are forbidden to go. But they sneak anyways, and while there, Ned tries to spend time with Susie (who has moved back), Moze needs to know her feelings for ned, and Cookie pretends to be a superhero so Lisa will finally like him and they go out. Even more astounding, they need to save a famous painting from being stolen. Will they save the day?

    Good episode, I am not a fan of shows where the main characters start dating in the final episode, because it always makes me wonder how long they date... but it was handled well here, the episode gets an A+moreless
  • What? It's over! Already?

    Yes, that's right folks. This is the final episode to Ned's Declassified and what a great finale it was! All questions are answered, all wishes come true, and best of all, Ned and Moze are finally a couple! After waiting 3 seasons, everything the characters wanted happened. Cookie is going on a date with Lisa, Gordy finally catches the weasel, and Ned has chosen which girl he loves. I loved this episode and is probably one of the best series finale to a show ever! I laughed when Gordy attacked Crubs and he was all like, "Hey! You're not space aliens!" Oh, that cracked me up! I also liked it when Ned held Suzie's hand when they arrived. That was kinda funny. And then, when they started to get attacked by the guards, that was funny too. I also loved it when Ned was asking for clothes because he was naked. And when he explained to Suzie why he had to wear the skirt, that was funny too. This was a great way to end the series. Ned and Moze kissed, for real, at last and they became a couple! I can't believe the weasel turned out to be a girl. There's a shock. The baby weasels were cute too. But Gordy was hillarious in this episode. But when the final words came, "And we all lived happily ever after" it brought tears to my eyes that this series has actually ended. But I loved this series finale!

    Here's the Score:

    Plot: 10.0

    Comedy: 10.0

    Writing: 10.0.moreless
  • I'm sad it's over, but this was a great way to end it!

    Ned and everyone at school go on a field trip. Moze really wants to see the Wild Boy. Ned has to try to decide between Suzie and Moze. Cookie becomes the Steel Eagle to try to stop the art thieves. Gordy stays at school and decides to catch the weasel once and for all. Ned, Moze, and Cookie all did something to get in trouble and are trying not to get caught. I loved it when Ned didn't have any clothes and he called Moze. I thought it was funny when he was wearing the Wild Boy outfit. He said sarcastically I have to meet Suzie for lunch what am I supposed to tell her I saw the Wild Boy skort and just had to have it. Then they showed him telling Suzie then I saw the Wild Boy skort and just had to have it. That was my favorite part of the whole movie. It still makes me laugh. Then at the end I was really happy that Ned and Moze got together, but I really wanted like a season of them dating or something. Oh well.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Gordy: Who's the man to fear most, Mr. Weasel? Ha ha! The man who has nothing to lose. (chuckles And also, has an army authorized net launcher!
      (sees the weasel nibbling at a can.)
      Gordy: Freeze, Weasel!
      (the weasel runs away and Mr. Chopsaw steps where she was; Gordy fires the net at him by mistake)
      Chopsaw: Gordon! What are you doing?
      Gordy: It's that weasel! He's on a rampage!
      Chopsaw: I know! Look what he did to my oak! (holds up a thin, porous piece of wood: Rose the Lunch Lady walks up)
      Rose: And he ate up all my creamed spinach! (holds up empty cans; Coach Dirga walks up)
      Dirga: And it ate my dodgeballs! (holds up deflated red balls)
      Gordy: Well then, while the kids are on a field trip, we are going on a hunting trip! GET THAT WEASEL!

    • Ned: (hiding) Ahem. (Moze turns around to see him) You said you wanted to see the Wild Boy, right?
      Moze: It didn't happen.
      (Ned comes out and wears nothing but that grass skirt. Moze sees him and laughs, but then covers her mouth.)
      Ned: I don't think things are working out for me and Suzie.
      Moze: And Loomer's not my type. (Ned moves closer to Moze)
      Ned: Well, what is your type?
      Moze: You know me... I like the wild boys.
      Ned: (moves closer) So maybe, we should go out. You know, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, more than friends. (walks closer so that facing he)
      Moze: Hand holding, talking all night, heart-shaped candy on Valentine's Day? (Holds on to Ned's hands)
      Ned: I'm ready if you are.
      Moze: Bring it on. (Both lean in, and kiss)
      (After coming apart)
      Both: Best field trip ever.

    • Ned: So Gordy's done chasing weasels.
      Cookie: I got my pizza date with Lisa, and I'm going to meet her now.
      Moze: And since Ned and I are going out now, we'll join you.
      Ned: And we all lived happily ever after.

    • Gordy: (to the weasel) You ate my couch, you mauled my mid-morning snack, and you cost me my job! Okay, the job thing was my fault, but if this is my last day at Polk, IT WILL ALSO BE YOURS!!! (laughs maniacally, goes into his closet, comes out wearing an exterminator's suit, holding a net launcher) Because I have saved the best for last!

  • NOTES (3)

    • When Gordy and the rest of the teachers destroyed the school to try to catch the weasel, it was also a way to finish off the end of the show. They destroyed it because they know they won't use it anymore.

    • The commercial for the movie with Ned and Moze's history for being friends and maybe something more was actually part of the movie when Ned asked for a sign of who he should be with and he got a flashback of every moment he shared with Moze.

    • Suzie and Loomer start going out again.