Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 4 Episode 3

Guide To: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs, And Weasels

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • All's Well that Ends Well

    This hour long final episode of Ned's got it all right. Being the finale to a popular series is a tall task, but this episode delivered and is probably the best of Ned's.

    Though humorous and entertaining throughout, it is probably not the level of laughs that some of the fantastic episodes leading up to this were. However, those were in 12 minute segments where this is an hour long show that has to accomplish a lot more.

    A great thing is that they kept the same formula- Ned, Moze and Cookie all have separate plot threads that frequently intwine and then totally come together at the end. A conflicted Ned wants a romantic interlude with Suzie, Moze wants to see a famous painting while being pursued hilariously by Loomer, and Cookie thinks being a superhero will win him a date with Lisa.

    Other than Moze showing some jealousy, the Ned-Moze connection that this season has been working towards is put on the back burner throughout most the first half of the show, which is a little unfortunate. I mean, Ned still thinking he wants to date Suzie? Forget that. The episode might have spent a little too much time on Cookie's subplot as well. That all being said, the last 20 minutes are great, highlighted by the flashback montage that takes us through the entire series and many great memories between Ned and Moze, and then of course, the ending we all wanted.

    The saddest thing about this series was that it was its best at the very end, and then it ended. Bummer.

    Love the show though and GREAT FINALE.
  • Best Episode!!!

    They need to make more episodes:( I LOVE this show!!!!!!!!!<3
  • "And We All Lived Happily Ever After."

    ned, cookie, and moze are excited about the 8th grade field trip, but due to a mishap are forbidden to go. But they sneak anyways, and while there, Ned tries to spend time with Susie (who has moved back), Moze needs to know her feelings for ned, and Cookie pretends to be a superhero so Lisa will finally like him and they go out. Even more astounding, they need to save a famous painting from being stolen. Will they save the day?

    Good episode, I am not a fan of shows where the main characters start dating in the final episode, because it always makes me wonder how long they date... but it was handled well here, the episode gets an A+
  • What? It's over! Already?

    Yes, that's right folks. This is the final episode to Ned's Declassified and what a great finale it was! All questions are answered, all wishes come true, and best of all, Ned and Moze are finally a couple! After waiting 3 seasons, everything the characters wanted happened. Cookie is going on a date with Lisa, Gordy finally catches the weasel, and Ned has chosen which girl he loves. I loved this episode and is probably one of the best series finale to a show ever! I laughed when Gordy attacked Crubs and he was all like, "Hey! You're not space aliens!" Oh, that cracked me up! I also liked it when Ned held Suzie's hand when they arrived. That was kinda funny. And then, when they started to get attacked by the guards, that was funny too. I also loved it when Ned was asking for clothes because he was naked. And when he explained to Suzie why he had to wear the skirt, that was funny too. This was a great way to end the series. Ned and Moze kissed, for real, at last and they became a couple! I can't believe the weasel turned out to be a girl. There's a shock. The baby weasels were cute too. But Gordy was hillarious in this episode. But when the final words came, "And we all lived happily ever after" it brought tears to my eyes that this series has actually ended. But I loved this series finale!

    Here's the Score:

    Plot: 10.0
    Comedy: 10.0
    Writing: 10.0.
  • I'm sad it's over, but this was a great way to end it!

    Ned and everyone at school go on a field trip. Moze really wants to see the Wild Boy. Ned has to try to decide between Suzie and Moze. Cookie becomes the Steel Eagle to try to stop the art thieves. Gordy stays at school and decides to catch the weasel once and for all. Ned, Moze, and Cookie all did something to get in trouble and are trying not to get caught. I loved it when Ned didn't have any clothes and he called Moze. I thought it was funny when he was wearing the Wild Boy outfit. He said sarcastically I have to meet Suzie for lunch what am I supposed to tell her I saw the Wild Boy skort and just had to have it. Then they showed him telling Suzie then I saw the Wild Boy skort and just had to have it. That was my favorite part of the whole movie. It still makes me laugh. Then at the end I was really happy that Ned and Moze got together, but I really wanted like a season of them dating or something. Oh well.
  • Ned and the gang go on a field trip.

    My favorite quote was conflicting on the whole show, I really enjoyed this movie:

    Ned: (hiding) Ahem. (Moze turns around to see him) You said you wanted to see the Wild Boy, right?
    Moze: It didn't happen.
    (Ned comes out and wears nothing but that grass skirt. Moze sees him and laughs, but then covers her mouth.)
    Ned: I don't think things are working out for me and Suzie.
    Moze: And Loomer's not my type. (Ned moves closer to Moze)
    Ned: Well, what is your type?
    Moze: You know me... I like the wild boys.
    Ned: (moves closer) So maybe, we should go out. You know, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, more than friends. (walks closer so that facing he)
    Moze: Hand holding, talking all night, heart-shaped candy on Valentine's Day? (Holds on to Ned's hands) Ned: I'm ready if you are.
    Moze: Bring it on. (Both lean in, and kiss)
    (After coming apart)
    Both: Best field trip ever.
  • Finally Ned and Moze are together.

    Its an exciting day that everyone is excited about.Which is feild trip! However Cookie forgot to get his premission.So Ned and Moze has to help Cookie to get his chance to go on the field trip.However this leads to the 3 in detetention.Ned is determined to go on the field trip so he and Suzy could go to the Rose Garden! This gets pretty funny.Cookie decided to be the silver hawk to impress Lisa and get her to go out with him.Loomer decided that he is going to show Jenifer "Moze" his true feelings for her.Meanwhile at school,Gordy,and the teachers are after the weasel who is causing trouble.Ned begin to relized his feelings for Moze,and start to relized that he really did liked her.So now Ned and Moze are going out together.

    This means Suzy and Loomer are going out now too.This was awsome!
  • One of the funniest episodes.

    This movie was so funny! Cookie running around in that bird costume was kind of freaky, but it was still hilarious. It's funny how he paid those bullies just so he could beat them up to try to impress Lisa. Ned and Suzie are cute together, but I'd rather have Ned and Moze go out. I'm glad it worked out that way in the end. The kissing scene was cute. It was funny seeing Moze run from the parking lot to the rose garden when Ned asked her to meet him there. Poor Cookie. Since he forgot to have his mom sign his permission slip, Ned tried to persuade Moze to call Crubbs and pretend she was his mom. Too bad they got caught. It was funny seeing Moze yell at Ned because she didn't want to help. It was also funny seeing Loomer follow Moze around everywhere trying to make it look as if fate wanted them to be together. He really had his two friends call him and tell him what Moze was doing and where he could find her. Everytime he caught up with her, he would offer her that platter of cheese. Gordy's plan of getting the kids on the bus was funny. I was shocked when Crubb's fired him for it though. It was also funny seeing Ned talking to the person in the seat next to him. He thought it was Suzie, but when the person turned around, Ned saw it was a guy with really long hair. It was funny how Suzie and Ned held hands even though they were on different sides of the shrubs. It was funny how Suzie tried to pull him through them when her group was leaving. I couldn't stop laughing when Ned kept running into Crubbs! He would see Crubbs, and then Crubbs would see him, so Ned would take off running in the opposite direction. It was hilarious how Ned made Coconut Head put on his clothes so Crubbs would think he was Ned. Coconut Head got caught by security and was taken away, so Ned was left in the electrical closet with no clothes. He called Moze to get him so clothes, and she brought back a Wild Boy shirt and a grass skirt. His reaction when he put them on was hilarious! Especially when he tried to tell Suzie why he was wearing them. It was funny how Crubbs was chasing Ned, security guards were chasing Moze, and the samurai warriors were chasing Cookie. Moze's attempts to warn Suzie about Ned was funny. Suzie really believed her too. The teachers destroying the school in order to catch the weasel was funny. What a creative way to destroy the Ned's Declassified set. It's cute how the weasel had babies. They were so adorable! Now Gordy will be able to chase 5 or 6 of them instead of just 1, lol. It's funny how Sweeney says Ned will be remembered as one of his worst students, but also one of his favorites. If Ned is one of his favorite students, shouldn't he have helped him out of the tree when he was hiding from Crubbs? Overall, this episode is probably one of the best in the series.
  • If you're wondering why this is painful to watch, just read my interview.

    SUZIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! How could Ned betray Suzie and take Moze instead? Huh? Suzie is the hottest star on Ned's Disclassified School Survival Guide, and Ned takes MOZE???
    He should of just taken Lisa instead of Moze. I mean, MOZE??? I know a lot of people are Ned/Moze fans but I'm one of those hard to find Ned/Suzie fans, and he just put his relationship with Suzie in big big Doo-doo here. I mean. He wouldn't of been 'Wild Boy' or whatever his name is if Cookie would of just got his permission slip signed. Cookie didn't get his permission slip signed, Ned got into it, got in trouble with Moze, all of them got banned from the field trip, Ned barely got on the bus, but the wrong one, being worried about Krubbs catching him ruined the whole field trip and trip to the rose garden with Suzie. Then when he and coconut head met in the utility closet or whatever, they just should of switched clothes, instead of Ned taking all of his clothes off and coconut Head putting them over his clothes. Then Ned was almost naked, and had to but on those Wild Boy shirt and shorts . . . and that ruined it all. Usually, I would give a Ned's episode a perfect rating, but since Ned was kind of wrong in all places this episode, I just had to give this one a B.
  • This Movie was awesome! I watch it everytime it comes on.

    First it starts out Cookie not having his permission slip and Ned fake sighning it and Moze calling Crubbs acting like Cookie's mom made Ned, Moze, and Cookie not allowed to go but they sneak on When Gordy falls on Crubbs and the Security guards. . Ned and the gang get on when they get there Ned is with Susie and Crubbs sees him and chases him. The movie was like a big chase scene that was funny. The best part is when Ned and Moze Finally kiss for real and start dating. Cookie in the bird costume was funny. I liked the noise Cookie made lisa asked him to get Pizza.
  • The movie was soooo awesome! The movie was Moze/ned whole things!Cuz Moze getting really jealous and huge fight with Ned!

    At begin When Ned saw Moze come to him then he was neverous but Moze walked away from him. Suzie come to Ned and she give kisses on his cheeck. Ned felt happy and he say there was sign that Suzie still like me!

    I was worried that Ned still like Suzie.

    But lucky, when Suzie talked to Ned about rose garden and kiss each other Then Ned's mind dream and he walk to flowers garden then he touch and turn with girl's shoulder ahhh it was moze! Ned's face kinda shock!

    Later almost end

    Ned wears grass skirt with no shirt.

    Then he looks at sign it said Moze or Suzie.

    Ned said moze, suzie , moze, suzie

    (Moze trying call Ned)
    ( Cuz Moze wanted know if Ned are okay.)

    Ned's cell phone was ring ring ring and his face was like oh no

    The guard heard that too. Ned was ran through the guard then Ned run aways from them. Then Ned hit his head by tree then rolling on floor with flowers.

    Ned looks tree its said NB heart JM then looks at sign it said Brown-Eyed Mozaleas then look up at the sky and it said MOZE Then Ned thinks about Moze with flashback.
    Finally, Ned call Moze wanna come to Rose Garden with me?
    Then Moze was hurried up and go to Rose Garden.

    Moze arrived at Garden then ned show up.

    Ned said Suzie and I are not work out things.
    Ned come to Moze really close and he said maybe we should go out like boyfriend/girlfriend thing.
    Ned come to Moze closer now.
    They hold hands each other.
    Ned said " im ready when you are"
    Moze said " bring it on!"
    Finally, They kiss for a long time.....

    Finally, they admit each other...

    I'M glad that cookie and Lisa getting together!
    Ned choose is Moze over Suzie!!!
    Woot! Ned and Moze getting together!
    I love at end.
    It was fit end and pecfert!
    I will never forgot this show for forever!
    oh my god its end.....and series final!!!
    Goodbye this show!
  • A perfect end to one of Nick's biggest shows

    Though there were some parts I missed, I did manage to grasp the plot (with the help of my brother). Things certainly got silly in this episode, with Ned trying to decide between Suzie and Moze, Cookie being chased around in his Steel Falcon costume, and Gordie and the teachers chasing the weasel all over the school. Things get crazy when the security team starts to apprehend anyone they mistake for Ned and his friends. As if that weren't enough, there was a plot to steal a famous painting. In the end, things work out great. The trio save the painting, Ned and Moze get together, Cookie finally wins Lisa's heart, and Gordie stops chasing the weasel (who turns out to be a mother). It is sad that the series is over, but if it had to end, at least it went out in a big way.
  • Could this be the end of neds? Great show, lots of funny moments and lots of love

    I gotta say that I'm going into my junior year of college i am 19 years old and i find this show hilarious. I was very happy to see ned and moze finally together. The whole eppisode as a whole was very nedish, lots of crazy things going on at once and a nice ending. Now this ending makes me wonder if we are going to get more neds.....
  • this was the best one yet.

    this was the best one yet. i didnt like it when cookie forgot to have is mom sign the permission slip. ned helped cookie by signing it. that didnt work. next they had moze call and pretend to be cookie's mother. that didnt work either. so all three of them couldnt go. but they manage to get on the bus in time. moze was mad that susie (ned's girlfriend) has back. ned gave his clothes to coconut head so he could be ned. so now ned didnt have any clothes. he asked moze to get him some. she got him a wildboy skirt and shirt. at the end ned choice moze over susie and susie got billy again. and they all lived happily ever after!