Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 5

Halloween / Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Zombies

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Halloween: Ned and the gang create a Haunted House for Halloween and scare Principal pal to death while he is still in charge of the school. They must figure out a way to hide his death from the other students, or else.

Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, and Zombies: The gang have become their costumes. Ned needs to avoid summer school by turning into a bat, Moze needs to find another Ghost friend, and Cookie needs to avoid Franken-Loomer.moreless

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  • Halloween Review #17

    Halloween: Ned and the gang create a Haunted House for Halloween and scare Principal pal to death while he is still in charge of the school. They must figure out a way to hide his death from the other students, or else. This is the best Halloween episode of the two and better than "Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, and Zombies" in my opinion. At maybe a part or two, it was a little weak but I can let it slide easily. I really enjoyed the storyline and a lot of parts were very funny. Everyone should have a fun time watching this Halloween episode. Overall, an excellent Halloween episode of "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide". 10/10 Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, and Zombies: The gang have become their costumes. Ned needs to avoid summer school by turning into a bat, Moze needs to find another Ghost friend, and Cookie needs to avoid Franken-Loomer. This episode wasn't as good as the first pairing "Halloween" but it was still enjoyable. The storyline was kinda meh and I didn't like the very end which lowered my score a little. There were some funny parts but really not a whole lot. Overall, a superb Halloween episode of "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" but I strongly recommend watching the first pairing "Halloween" instead. 9/10moreless
  • The kids are forced to host the Halloween party for the school...

    The first part of this episode was excellent! Principal Pal forces Ned, Moze, and Cookie to host a scary Halloween party for the school. They freak out, and ask Gordy and Crubbs to help them. They end up creating the scariest haunted mansion using all the funds for art class, but scare Principal Pal to death...or so they think. They try to get rid of his body so nobody realizes he's dead. Gordy and Crubbs are assigned with that task, but they drop the body, and the body lands in Sweeney's room right behind the kids' desk. They freak out and try to remove it, but everyone sees and they freak out. Pal was never dead though. It was only a trick he wanted to pull on the kids, Gordy, and Crubbs. The second part of the episode was terrible! The kids all turned into their Halloween costumes. Moze was a green ghost, Loomer was Frankenstein, Cookie was a werewolf, etc. Ned had to turn into a bat for Sweeney's BATs testing. Cookie was chased by Loomer becasue Loomer needed his social studies notebook. At the end, Gordy used lots and lots of dynamite to try to destroy the vampire weasel, but he ended up killing everyone in the school and turning them into ghosts like Moze. At the very end of the episode, we find out that it was all part of Ned's dream because he fell asleep after eating lots of candy.moreless
  • Not that good.

    What kind of episode gives tips to bats, ghosts, zombies, and other creatures? I didn't see the meaning of the episode. One like "Guide to: Halloween" would be good but "Guide to: Vampires, Ghosts, Monsters, Zomwbies" whatever is just plain dumb. Boring!!

    This was probably the worse Ned's episode ever. I mean, "try to at least make sense!" There were probably 5 million+ kids around the world making confused and puzzled faces after watching this episode. This was so pathetic.

    They really need a better Halloween episode. This one was bad. Very bad. So bad that it'll be a hot day in Alaska when its good. That is how bad it is and I didn't use vice versa 'cause that'd be too rude. Tee hee hee. :Dmoreless
  • The Ned's Gang celebrate Halloween by making a Halloween Hallway, with odd side effects, like the "death" of Principal Pal. They seem to have become their costumes in the other half of the episode.moreless

    This was probably the worst episode of Ned's that I've seen. The plot to the first one had a completely outlandish plot in which they think that they killed Principal Pal. The acting was terrible (and it takes a lot for me to say that) The plot was transparent, and the ending predictable. It seemed to be over simplified and aimed for the younger set. The second half to this episode had slightly gross jokes (Ned mooning Cookie was a funny point in the episode) It's short comings were the HUH? Moments. Why was the whole school monsterfied? Suzie and Moze are already friends, why would Moze have to kill her to be friends? The ending was a cop-out, but fit the utter lameness of the episode.moreless
  • Not the best episode yet . . . but still pretty good, I guess.

    Really, I thought the episode would be better, but I guess not. One thing that disppointed me was that, Suzie didn't appear once in this episode. I thought maybe Ned would make up to Suzie or something, but I guess that probably won't be until the next episode. On the other hand, the 'Halloween' episode was good. But when Principal Pal was faking that he was dead, and VP Krubbs and Gordy dropped him down the stairs and he slid across the hallway, he looked like a rubber dummy. His face looked more like a mask, and the sunglasses really made it look like a mass. Anyway, the next episode wasn't as good. It was giving tips for vampires, ghosts and zombies, like how to make ghost friends, or when your friend needs help, MOON somebody, or something like that. But anyway, it was just a tad less as good as I expected.moreless
Don Creech

Don Creech

Mr. Sweeney

Recurring Role

Hamilton Mitchell

Hamilton Mitchell

Vice Principal Crubbs

Recurring Role

John Bliss

John Bliss

Principal Pal

Recurring Role

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    • It seems odd that Ned, Moze, Cookie, Crubbs, and Gordy are spending so much time trying to convince people Pal is alive, and neglected to call the paramedics right away.

    • You can clearly see that when Pal's body is rolling on the stretcher and slides into the classroom, that his body is a dummy.

    • Crubbs say they used the school's entire art budget for the haunted hallway. This could be the reason that Art is being cancelled in the episode "Art Class."

    • Mr Crubbs and Gordy worked together in this episode.

    • Second "Dream" Sequence. The first was in "Daydreaming" from season one.

    • James K. Polk throws a great Halloween party, including the "Scary Hallway" which was enough to scare Loomy and his cronies to death, and almost literally so for Principal Pal.

    • The second half of this episode was Ned's nightmare, from eating too much candy. In it, Frankenlumer chased Cookie the warewolf, Moze attempted to kill Suzie so she could have another ghost friend, and Ned practices changing into a bat and flying fot he B.A.Ts.

    • Costumes


    • When Principal Pal told Ned, Moze and Cookie that they were in-charge of the Halloween party, they held their hands to their cheeks and screamed, which was exactly like the Macaulay Culkin's character Kevin McCallister in Home Alone.

    • Cookie's map of the good places to trick or treat is an allusion to Danny Phantom, where Tucker Foley has the same thing (although his is on his PDA) They also get the same reactions from their friends, regarding trick or treating (They've got other things to do).

    • In the second episode, references to earlier episodes are made. Like Gordy trying to catch the "vampireweasel" is a spoof of how Gordy is always trying to catch the weasel in the school. Moze wanting a "ghost friend" is a spoof of her mission in the first episode to make more girl friends, and Ned trying to avoid failing Sweeney's test is a spoof of just about every episode involving Sweeney.

    • The B.A.T. is an allusion of The S.A.T.