Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 11

Hallways / Friends Moving

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Hahaha, funny.

    This episode was funny, and sad, which is pretty hard to do on most shows.

    Hallways: This episode, out of the two, was the best. Ned becoming hall monitor was a great idea, so congratz to the writers. I also liked how everyone actually respected Ned, even Loomer and his gang. "Oh, sorry, didn't know you were hall monitor."
    Even though that happens alot on shows, I think the writers did a great job on this one.

    Friends Moving: The ending was sad, with Suzie moving away, and the next episode was Ned all depressed. Great episode.

    These episodes were klassic, 10 out of 10.
  • Is this the end of Ned and Suzie?

    In Hallway Ned becomes Hall Monitor but doesnt do a good job and the halls become a disaster. Ned than has to clean the hallways. Moze tries to spend time with Faymen but cant because the hallways are all congested. Moze convinces Cookie to report a fake traffic report in order to see Fayman. Cookie creates a Hallway Traffic Report so students can get from one place to another quickly and safely. In Friends Moving Ned and Moze find out Faymen is moving back to Brazil. Faymon has a meeting with Crubbs because he is failing all his classes and has no friends. Crubbs tells Faymons parents that he is in love and they decide to let him stay. Cookie lies to everyone that he's moving away so he doesnt have to date Evelyn and can spend the whole day with Lisa. Suzie tells Ned that she is moving.
  • Hallways: Ned becomes hall monitor instead of Mr. Sweeney, Moze needs to find a route to Faymen, and Cookie starts a higway traffic report Moving: Susie is moving, Faymen is moving, and Cokkie pretends to be moving

    I thought this episode was exciting. It was funny how Ned kept on getting hurt ion the hallway and how Gordy dressed up as Vice Principal Krubbs. It was sad when Ned found out that Susie was moving out of state. I liked how Evelyn had a box, gave it to Cookie, said, "Give it Back!!" and then pretended like he gave it to her. I also thought it was funny when Cookie said he was moving to Hawaii because his dad got a job at a coconut factory. I liked seeing Fayamen's parents and it was funny how Ned had the pillow. This was a good episode!
  • This was the first episode I saw, and it was very good!

    Guide to: Hallways & Friends Moving was the first episode I saw of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. I thought this episode was great! I misjudged this show a lot! Guide to Hallways is about Ned becoming hall monitor, Moze tries to spend time with Faymen, and Cookie creates a Hallway Traffic Report. Guide to Friends Moving is about Ned and Moze find out Faymen is moving away to Brazil and help him stay and Cookie lies to everyone that he's moving away to Hawaii. This episode was great! I liked it a lot! I misjudged this show! This episode rocks!
  • Hallways:Ned becomes hall monitor. Moze tries to spend time with Faymen in the hallways. Cookie starts a traffic report for the hallways. Friends Moving:Faymen's moving. Suzie needs to tell Ned something important but has a hard time telling him.

    I loved this episode it gets a perfect 10. In hallways I enjoyed when My. Sweeny says he can't be hall monitor because he needs to work on a very important "science project." Even though it ended up he just wanted to watch DVDs and go shopping. I loved how Seth gave Ned a huge ham and Ned was so happy. The part I really enjoyeed was how when Moze finaly got to Faymen the bell would ring and then he would say goodbye. I was laughing a lot at that, but the best part was how Cookie kept getting run over by everyone since he was trying to go the way they were coming from and when the people got by him it showed a smushed Cookie. Freinds Moving was also a really good episode on how Cookie was telling everyone how he is moving so he won't have to date Evelyn. I also felt so bad for Moze because Faymen was moving back to Brazil and how she made Ned help her get him to stay at Polk.(Even though I am so for Ned and Moze) The best part was the very begining when it was like a soap opera with the "previously on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide." I loved the cushion pretector!! I think everyone should carry one around with them in school because it really did help Ned. So overall I really loved this episode and I hope there are plenty more like this one in the future.
  • Someone's moving but who????????

    Ned becomes the school hallway moniter.Altough he had an hard time being one.Cookie became the hallway traffic report to help Moze,to find an way to meet with Fayman in the hallway without getting stuck in the crowd.Also many things,begin to happened in the school.Cookie claims that he is moving.Just to avoid Evilyan(sp?) as he started hang out with Lisa more and more of course.This left everyone thinking that he is moving.As Moze and Ned begin to help Fayman not to move from the school.With an sucess,he is not moving away from the school.But in the end of the episode.It turns out that Suzy is moving away.Which shocked Ned of course.
  • Very Exciting.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    In this episode we find Moze trying to find ways around the school to meet Faymen. Cookie becomes a sort of reporter on the traffic in the school. Ned becomes and fails at hallmontering. Next: Faymen is moving back to Brazil Ned and Moze try to stop him. Cookie lies and says he is moving. Just to say if anybody didn't see this episode. Suzie moves and Ned faints.
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