Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 19

Health / Jealousy

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 12, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • An Unhealthy Dose of Jealousy

    Unfortunately, Ned's Declassified was at its all time best at the very end of the series. This episode is one of the all time best in the series, and I would nominate the half-episode - Jealousy- for the funniest 15 minutes of Ned's ever.

    The first half "Health" is a very solid half episode with all three leads being afflicted with common puberty problems. This part relies primarily on Cookie's belief that Moze and Ned killed Fayman for its laughs, and it takes a breather from the Moze/Ned/Fayman triangle for a moment.

    The 2nd half - Jealousy - is almost non-stop hilarity and spends serious traction on moving the impending Ned/Moze coupling forward. I especially enjoy any episodes with Missy and Evelyn, and they both are serious parts of the action here. Seth is also hilarious and gets some play too. Seth challenges Fayman, hilariously, over Moze's honor, and the two duel throughout the show until they are even more comically joined by Billy. All seem oblivious to the fact that Ned and Moze are pretending to date so that Ned can rid himself of an insanely jealous Missy, who is afraid of Moze. Missy won't easily buy that Ned and Moze are dating, which forces them to get a little closer than they were planning, and of course, making it obvious to everyone else that they SHOULD date. Ultimately, when Missy tries to reclaim Ned, Moze becomes jealous for the first time and takes Ned back, ending Missy and Ned for good. Too bad that Moze's other suitors finally noticed Ned and Moze together. Hahaha...

    In a second and equally hilarious plot thread, Cookie creates a fake girlfriend in an attempt to make Lisa jealous. He is unaware that his behavior is making Evelyn jealous at the same time. Thru circumstance, Cookie chooses to claim Evelyn is his girlfriend rather than admit to Lisa that he made the whole thing up. This of course prompts a classic response from both Lisa and Evelyn.

    "We're going out? Kiss me, you fool!!"

    AWESOME. I've watched many times and it doesn't get old.
  • Perfect

    Jealousy- Ned is tired of Missy, so he pretends him and Moze are dating to get her to leave him alone. Will this plan work?

    Health- Ned has an embarrassing itch he cannot get rid of, Moze does not want to kiss the CPR dummy and accidentally chucks it out a window, and Cookie is having mood swings, and thinks Moze thre Faymen out a window (not the dummy, but Faymen).

    Good episodes, both were really funny and had entertaining plots. I liked Health more though, but Jealousy was of course, also very good, both episodes get an A+ in my books
  • A great episode that is a great way to lead up to the series finale.

    This was a generally good episode. Nickelodeon found a way to cover the topic of health without using any 'innapropriate' words. I thought Cookie's mood swings were hilarious. His expression was priceless and I have to give a special thumbs up to Daniel Curtis Lee for this great display of acting. I thought the fact that Moze keeps getting hit with the dislodged food was moderately funny, but the all time best part of this episode was Cookie's mood swings and him thinking that Moze and Ned threw Faymen out the window.

    Jealousy- Other than the finale, this was one of the best episodes. I loved the part when Ned tells Missy that he's going out with Moze. Even when Missy had already left, Moze kept holding onto Ned until he told her that she could let go. This was the perfect episode to lead up to the finale, because you see by far the biggest expression of having feelings for each other from Ned and Moze. Moze actually forgot who Faymen was for a few seconds when Ned asked her about him. This episode was the frosting under the icing of the cake.
  • a good episode

    In Jealousy Ned and Moze pretend to date to get a jealous Missy out of Ned's hair. Moze has Faymon, Lumor, and Seth fighting over her. Cookie pretends he has a girlfriend to make Lisa jealous. Lisa isnt jealous of Cookie she is happy for him. Cookies who had an imaginary girlfriend just happened to have a real girlfriend who is Evelyn. In Health Ned gets an itch he can't scratch, Moze steals the gross CPR doll so she can clean it up. Cookie has mood swings because he didnt eat breakfest Ned uses talcom powder to get rid of his itch. Moze, Gordy, and the Mr. Monroe decide to burrier the CPR doll so they can get a new doll. Cookie thinks that Moze threw Faymon out the window but it was actually the CPR doll.
  • The episode was so awesome!

    Health: It's was great. It's funny when Cookie thought Moze threw Faymen out a window. But it was actually Larry CPR. Ned has problem itch so he can't scratch.

    Jealousy: Missy is so Jealousy because she doesn't want Ned with other girl. Wow, Missy is not jealousy when Ned is always with Moze. Oh, it's because Missy know that Ned and Moze are best friends that's all. So, Ned ask Moze to be pretend be girlfriend/boyfriend. Missy want proof that if Ned and Moze can kiss each other. Finally, they kissed already and Missy getting jealousy. Missy admits that Ned and Moze is boyfriend/girlfriend. Later Moze and Ned want break up but they looks so sad when they are break up. Then Missy takes Ned and Moze getting jealous. Moze push Missy and takes Ned stay away from Missy. Finally, Missy is getting over Ned!
  • The best of the best!

    In "Health", Ned recieves an emarrasing itch he can't scratch in public, Moze steals Mr. Monroe's CPR doll to make it over, and Cookie's mood swings give him the idea that Moze threw Feymen out a window!

    In "Jealousy", one of my alltime favorites, Ned and Moze pretend to date to cease Missy of her huge obsession over Ned. This working, Moze realizes her true feelings for Ned, and in the meantime, Cookie tries to make Lisa jealous with his "fake girlfriend", who in the end, turns out to be Evelyn!

    "Jealousy" showed all three of my favorite things in "Neds' Declassified"! It showed Missy with her over-rated obsession, the growth of Ned and Moze's relationship, and the comedy of Cookie and Evelyn once more. You just can't beat that. It deserves a 10 out of 10.
  • This episode was soooo awesome!!!

    Health: I was laugh so hard because Cookie think Moze threw Faymen out a window. And Cookie thinks know why because Moze hate Faymen and had no spark on lips. Cookie was bad in mood.

    Jealousy: I love this episode!!!! I'm glad that Ned ask Moze for pretend to be girlfriend and boyfriend. Ned and Moze trying make Missy jealous. Finally Ned and Moze kissed again! Ned still has feeling for Moze! It's because they had a spark!
  • One of the funniest and Deepest Episodes!

    This was one of my favorite episodes. It was just so funny. Cookies mood swings were priceless! It also brings you closer to the Ned/Moze relationship that will come in th finale. You get to see that Ned and Moze really have feeling for each other as Moze didn't want to stop "fake" going out with Ned, and really wanted to kiss him. You see that Ned rather enjoyed the kiss and actually showed some affection for Moze. This episode officially closed off the crush Missy had on Ned, but was only just starting to scratch on what would happen in the next Episode, Tests/When You Like Someone Who is Going Out With Someone else.
  • Love this episode.

    I like this episode cause it had Cookie thinking Moze killed Faymen and Ned and Moze pretended to go out. I also loved it when Faymen, Seth, and Loomer were fighting for Moze and when they saw Ned hugging Moze they started to chase him. Of course Jealousy is a Noze episode so it was great and I loved it when Moze tackled Missy. Missy deserved it. I loved it when they dressed up the CPR guy in Faymen's clothes and it fell out the window while Cookie was looking out the window so Cookie thinks Moze killed Faymen.
    Overall funny episode
  • Building me up for the finale!

    This episode was really good viewing! First of all was health: ok. It was a funny eppy, especially when Cookie thought Moze killed Faymen and Gordy and Mr.Monroe helped bury him, but it turned out just to be the health doll. Ned's itch problem was funi, but this was obviously a filler ep. Jealousy was one of my fav mini-sodes of the season. All the Ned/Moze stuff was really good and funny. I kept laughing when Missy left after Ned and moze said they were going out, and Moze was still hugging Ned. This shows Moze is liking the idea of them being together. Plus, of course, the kiss! obviously setting them up for the last episode. Cookie's plot was funny aswell, especially when Gordy showed him the doll. Evelyn tackilng the doll saying "Stay away from MY man sister" was hilarious! Then the end with moze saying "stay away from MY man sister" too was funny. but the ending was rushed a bit, no one gives up THAT easy! but overall, a really good episode and i cant wait for "field trips"!!
  • The Health part was mostly standard work, but the Jealousy part was easily the best episode I have seen.

    A lot of times it can be frustrating to an audience to see a good show be 'sanitized' to prevent anyone from even possibly being offended. It happens most often in cartoons, but the majority of Nickelodeon shows go through this process. It can sometimes be a good thing, mostly because a kid-friendly comedy means it is kid-friendly. There could be so many ways the car wash episode could have gone wrong if it ignored that principle.
    Some previous episodes lost a little of the believability factor just to make sure that the kissing was not too passionate or that the hugs were not too close. The dialogue has not been much of an issue, mostly because this show would not be on Nickelodeon if these kids talk like actual middle-schoolers do.
    With all that said, this episode doesn't attempt to skirt the line as far as what is appropriate, but it does what is needed to make it believable. In 'Health,' Ned has an embarrassing itch; it doesn't show him actually itching the location, but you can definately guess what it is. This allows for the instructional aspect of the episode to do its thing while not being offensive.
    'Jealousy' has so many sight gags and entertaining performances that it has become my favorite episode. From Faymen, Seth and Loomer battling it out for Mose's heart, to Ned's and Mose's semi-faked courtship, I was laughing the entire time. Cookie's story was typical Cookie, genius with computers but at a loss when anticipating peoples reactions. He didn't figure that Lisa would be above jealousy and that Evelyn wouldn't be.
    The best aspect of this episode is that Devon and Lindsay are clearly comfortable with each other, and it shines. Their cuddling and kissing is much more intense then anything shown before, and that allows us to believe in what we are seeing.
  • The Ned's group learns about hormones, and other puberty related issues in the health episode. And the 2nd installement is about the green eyed monster of jealousy invading JK Polk Middle School and the Ned's crew.

    The ned's crew attacks the topic of puberty and the green eyed monster of jealousy.

    Health was a somewhat weird and hilarious at the same time. Especially since it involved the awkward topic of puberty. Ned's constant, embarassing itch was hilarious and helped him save Sweeney's life, while Moze getting rid Larry was randomly funny and things constantly getting hit by stuff in the face was...unecessary but again, all part of the randomness that is Ned's Declassified, and Cookie's mood swings were odd as well, and almost girly...but funny as well. Jealousy was a definite must for the Ned/Moze fans. It definitely shed some light on what will/should happen by the end of the season, by showing the 2 enjoy "pretending" to be together, while Faymen, Seth and Loomer fought for Moze. And Cookie trying to make Lisa jealous and ending with Evelyn at the end was classic Cookie's plans flopping, too funny. Overall, this episode was full of laughs and things going wrong and it was great.
  • Another average one.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    The Kids take Health class. And have to help the test dummy named Larry , who makes a cameo in the other one, Moze doesnt wont to breeze into it so she steals it to clean it. Her plain to her back fires but turns good when Mr Munro {mind spelling finds the over sized doll.To get the school to buy a new one the plain to hide it were no one can find. Also Ned gets a scratch he cant scratch and we all guess where it is.Cookie gets mood swings.Next this episode really did not have to be here. Because they already did it but within other episodes. But Ned doesnt want Missy likeing him so he gets Moze to pretned to be his girl friend.Moze likes being his girl friend.During this episode Faymen Seth and Loomer fight for Moze. Other.Cookie wants to make Lisa jealis he makes up he has a girl friend.Which backfires when he finds out Lisa isnt the jealis type and he now has Evilin thinking he is her girlfriend.