Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 19

Health / Jealousy

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 12, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In Health, Moze says that the school can replace Larry the CPR dummy if it gets stolen or misplaced, and she and Mr. Monroe go to hide it. But in "Vice Principals", Lisa states that the school policy allows school equipment to be replaced if the item is inoperable. Technically, since Moze had already short-circuited Larry with mouth wash, the school would have it replaced anyway.

    • In Health, the teacher said that the class would be doing CPR yet the one kid that came up to perform CPR only gave one breath, which is only part of CPR.

    • In Jealousy, when Missy comes to sit nearby Ned, Moze is holding her hot dog when you are looking at her. When you are looking at Missy her hot dog is down and when you look at her again she is holding it.

    • Ned and Moze share their fourth on-screen kiss. They shared one in the bloopers and another when they were in the 5th grade.

    • Loomer mentions his feelings for Moze for the first time in a while.

  • Quotes

    • Ned: Wait a minute, your a girl!
      Moze: Thanks for noticing.

    • Moze: Guys can be such IDIOTS!
      Cookie: Tell me about it.
      Moze: Who gave you all that stuff?
      Cookie: My new fake, hot, imaginary, girlfriend.

    • Seth: Jennifer's MY girl bucko, and I challenge you to a battle of honor, for her hand. (Slaps Faymen with glove)
      Faymen: Very well then my friend, but I must warn you, I AM the jealous type.
      (Slap fight between Faymen and Seth with gloves)
      Moze: Guys, guys, guys, guys. Don't be jealous over me, and where are you getting the white gloves?

    • Moze: Just tell Missy the truth: you're not interested in her.
      Ned: Because the truth doesn't work on crazy people! I'm doomed to live in this no-flirting zone forever! (to Moze) Wait a minute. You're a girl.
      Moze: (sarcastically) Thanks for noticing.
      Ned: And you're standing right in the middle of the zone!
      Moze: Yeah, because Missy knows you and I are friends, and she's afraid of me.

    • Cookie: Moze! I need you to be my fake girlfriend and make Lisa jealous at lunch today!!
      Moze: Sorry, I'm already fake going out with Ned.

    • Missy: Stay AWAY from MY man, sister!

    • Lisa: I'm not the jealous type, if you are happy, then I'm happy.

    • (after sharing a kiss to get rid of Missy)
      Ned: Wow. That's, uh, pretty convincing.
      Moze: Anything for a pal.
      Ned: (awkwardly) So how are you and Faymen doing? Just, just asking.
      Moze: Who? Oh, right. Uh. (looks over at Faymen and Seth sumo wrestling) He's fighting for my honor or something.

  • Notes

    • Jealousy tips:
      Be confident, be grateful, not jealous.
      Control jealousy; don't let it control you.
      Don't be to jealous with someone else.

    • Health tips:
      More than a class, health is a lifesaver so pay attention.
      Take care of mood swings by eating breakfast.
      Take care of an embarrassing itch by taking shower regularly.
      When someone is choking, press your fist below the person's ribs then cover it with your other hand then thrust upwards until it's dislodged.
      DON'T Worry! Just look around your class, and remember...This will eventually happen to all of your classmmates!

    • Lisa is not the jealous type. Fayman, Seth, Evelyn, and Loomer are all the jealous types.

    • Ned and Missy break up in this episode.

    • Health Problems

      Ned: Embarrassing itch & body odor
      Moze: Doesn't wanna put lips on Larry
      Cookie: Mood swings

    • Moze has 3 guys confess that they like her and fight over her throughout the episode while she is 'going out' with Ned.

    • Alan Alby--Longtime student extra played by Jesse Heiman is identified.

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