Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 16

Making New Friends / Money

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Making New Friends: Ned tries to be friends with Faymen, Moze wants a friend to go shopping with and Cookie befriends the Weasel.
Money: Ned, Cookie, and Moze all want to go to a concert, but they need 50 dollars a ticket. Moze works hard to earn the money, but Ned and Cookie try crazy schemes to get the money without working hard.moreless

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  • It was great.

    In Making New Friends Ned tries to make friends with Famen, Moze wants to make a new friend to go to a spa with and Cookie makes friend with the weasel. I found it funny that Ned and Famen both lie a lot. In the next part Ned, Cookie, and Moze want to go see a concert but it's fifty dollars for one ticket. While Ned and Cookie have thier own ways(that aren't very succesful) Moze works for the money. In the end Moze uses her money to pay off Ned and Cookie's debt. It was a great episode alltogether.moreless
  • Not my favorite.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,

    In this episode Moze forces Ned and Faymen to hang out together to they can become friends. In the end they sort of do. Cookie befriends the wesal the defriends him.Moze can find a friend to go to the solan with her so Ned and Cookie dress up as girls and go with her.Next:In a desprit need of some cash M.N.C find after school jobs. Ned and Cokkie become lazy looking for easy jobs while Moze does all the hard work. In the end though i belive they dont go.moreless
  • Making New Friends:Ned tries to be friends with Faymen while Cookie becomes friends with the weasel and Moze tries to find a friend to go to the mall with. Money:Ned Moze and Cookie try to raise $50 each to go to a concert.moreless

    This episode will definitly be in my top 10 from season 3. Making New Friends was extremly hysterical. I liked how Ned got jealous of Faymen and Moze so he tried to show Moze that Faymen isn't perfect by leaving a ten dollar bill on the ground and showing that Faymen steals but that didn't work and then he tried to show that Faymen can't dance but Faymen really can dance. Poor Moze she still can't find a friend that is a GIRL so she ended up making Ned and Cookie dress up as girls so she could use the gift certifiate to a nails salon. Even Cookie dressed up in Simone's outfit again which was cool. Also how in the end Faymen and Ned do find something in common which is they both lie a lot. Money was also good how they make Ned, Moze and Cookie inc. I loved how Moze was stuck doing all of the jobs because Ned decided to borrow the money from Missy and Cookie tries to be an escape artist. I loved how after Moze comes to school the next day after she was baby sitting and she has a black eye and then Ned says "at least I didn't get punched in the eye.' And then Moze says "for your information I was kicked." That made me laugh. Then how at the end Cookie an Ned had to get loans from Missy and they are both pulling her in a carriage because Ned couldn't pay back the loan and Cookie's plan on getting money failed and then Moze being the so nice decides to pay off their loans but Ned and Cookie end up having to babysit the horrible kids while they are tied up.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Moze is talking about how she can't find a girl to go to the nail salon, they show Ned & Cookie (who are across from Moze) and behind them is a blonde boy in a blue polo. Then, they show Moze and the same boy is behind her.

    • Band parody names combined to the actual names: Food Fighters (Foo Fighters) Sneezer (Weezer) Wink 181 (Blink 182) Lightbox 20 (Matchbox 20) Cold Place (Coldplay) Bad Charalotta (Good Charalotte) Fall Down Boy (Fall Out Boy) U-3 (U2) Led Zephyr (Led Zeppelin) All-Democratic Rejects (All-American Rejects) The Windows (The Doors) Pink Stripes (The White Stripes) Dimeback (Nickelback) Light Red Floyd (Pink Floyd) Smooch (Kiss).

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    • This is the way the episodes originally aired as part of a special TEENICK. However, the proper pairing of these episodes is Money/Parties and Positives & Negatives/Making New Friends.