Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 1

New Grade / Dodgeball

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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New Grade: Ned accidentally becomes the new class bully, while Moze deals with a not-so-friendly new English Teacher. Cookie tries to get to know the new no-braces, non-sniffling Lisa Zemo.

Dodgeball: Ned must battle the dark side, Loomer and his ‘secret weapon’ in a dodgeball game, and he must do it without Moze, the best player in school!moreless

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    I hadn't seen Ned's Declassified in years, and today, I happen to have caught a rerun of it, and man, did it make me nostalgic. I've always loved this show, but I still laugh at everything that's said years later.

    Scott Fellows is just a hilarious writer, and we just got so many funny gestures from the cast. I do think people were disappointed by the premiere though due to the crazy finale prior to this, but it was just a well-done episode.

    You wouldn't think tips on dodge ball would be interesting, but they definitely made it work here. Favorite part would have to be when Moze told Ned the story on why she decided not to play dodge ball. I literally could not stop laughing. Hats off to one of Nickelodeon's most underrated shows.moreless
  • Ned, Cookie and Moze are back, and they have 8th grade to face.Ned accidentaly becomes a bully and Moze returns to dodgeball, after a sudden retirement because of an injury she thought she caused.moreless

    You might have noticed that I rated this high for something that is (for all intents and purposes) a filler episode. Well I enjoyed it, but it seemed to just not really tie into last season's shocker of a finale. Ned and Moze seem back to buisness as usual.. But we do finally see some advancement in Cookie/Lisa, which is a loose end from the previous season. This episode showed what I expected, the first day and all that, but I was hoping for something more than that in the second episode. Dodgeball was better than the one before it, because it seemed reminicent of the first episode.. Overall this was good, there was nothing particulary good about it.moreless
  • There back and school and something about Dodgeballs

    Dang it the first day of school episode once more. Now Ned tries to be more tougher and beats up Loomer and I like the part when Ned beat up everyone outside.Cookie thinks he's gorgeous but he nerdly gorgeous that's what every one i know said. Moze tries to be nicer. Then Loomer beats up Ned but it was Moze then Suzie likes Ned better and Gordy downloads movies from the internet. The Loomer and his team want to destroy everyone in a game of dodgeball Man I love playing Dodgeball and Cookie turns to the dark side and has a Darth Vader voice what the heck is up with at LOL and Moze use the Force with is the name of a powerfull dodgeball LOL !moreless
  • Ned, Moze, and Cookie are now in the 8th grade and Ned accidentally becomes the new school bully. Ned is the captain of the dodgeball team and must beat Loomer without Moze.moreless

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: Guide to New Grade and Dodgeball are two really well done episodes! They're are both hilarious and very informative, like most episodes! In New Grade, Ned, Moze, Cookie, Suzy, Lisa, and everyone else is now in the 8th grade and Ned accidentally becomes the new school bully. Moze tries to be nicer. Lisa doesn't waer glasses anymore and isn't allergic and Cookie tries to make his move. lol! In Dodgeball, Ned becomes the team captain of the dodgeball team and he tries to beat Loomer's team, which includes Cookie. Moze says she never wants to play dodgeball again (she's the best player in the school) but then she helps Ned beat Loomer's team.moreless
  • New Grade:the gang in know in the 8th grade. Ned becomes a bully. Moze has an evil english teacher. Cookie likes the new Lisa Zemo. Dodgeball:Ned is the dodgeball captain and has to beat Loomer in dodgeball without Moze, the best player in school.moreless

    This episode wasn't the best opener for the season but it wasn't the worst. I liked the beginning how Ned and Moze's new grade resolutions were not to scare as easily and Moze's was not to be so agressive. In this episode Gordy had some really good lines like "you guys have grown a lot in just one weekend." then he says "wow! that was some party." Also another good line was "... I can't answer that due to the fact that I'm 40." I liked the episode dodgeball better then new grade. I enjoyed how it was like a take off on Star Wars. That was funny like when Coach Dirga said "use the force Moze," and Moze and Ned were very confused because they didn't know were that voice cam from, but then Dirga comes out with the volleyball that says force on it. The ending was the best part though because when the people picked up Moze she ducked under the door but Ned on the other hand didn't so he banged his head and then they all fell over. That was very funny. So overall the episode wasn't horrible but not amazing.moreless
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