Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 1

New Grade / Dodgeball

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2006 on Nickelodeon



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  • Quotes

    • Gordy: (to Moze and Cookie) Wow, look how much you guys have grown in just one weekend.
      Moze: Gordy, we were gone a whole summer!
      Gordy: (to himself) Wow, that was some party.

    • Loomer: (about Ned and Moze, during the dodgeball game) Big deal! Only two people left and one of them's a girl!
      Crony: Yeah, and the other one's Mosely! (Moze gives Crony a dirty look)

    • Ned: (anxious, looking at Loomer) They're coming! Punch me now!
      Loomer: (nods "no")
      Moze: Oh, for crying out loud... (knocks Ned out, adjusts Loomer's bandages, and raises Loomer's fists)

    • Ned: My new grade resolution is to be tougher.Have you ever noticed I scare easily? (flashback to 7th grade; Ned bumps into Loomer; Ned screams; other scene when Ned bumps into Mr.Sweeny; Ned screams; last scene with Susie talking to Ned)
      Susie: Hi, Ned.
      Ned : (screams; flashback is over and goes back to regular scene)But we're in the 8th grade now which means there's no Sweeny, Susie will be mine, and this is going to be the greatest year ever! (Ned flails arms out and accidentally hits Loomer)
      Moze: Huh. Look at that. You are tougher. (Ned runs away and screams.)

    • Cookie: Do you think Lisa Zemo is hot?
      Gordy: Uh, I can't answer that due to the fact that I'm 40.

    • Cookie: I was handsome before, but now, with my braces off, I'm gorgeous.
      (shows an arrow pointing to his teeth with "No Braces" written beside it. A totally different looking Lisa Zemo walks up.)
      Lisa: I got my braces off too, and new allergy medication, and contacts.
      (arrows point to Lisa's eyes, nose, teeth, and clothes, with captions saying, "No Glasses," "No Sniffles," " No Braces," and, "New Clothes," respectively; Cookie gawks at her)

    • Loomer: (After falling in a puddle) Mommy... unicorns.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode: Dodgeball

      The coach says "I love the smell of dodgeball in the morning". This is an allusion to Apocalypse Now "I love the smell of napalm in the morning"

    • The box they were eating popcorn out of in ''New Grade'' are exactly the same to the ones in Drake And Josh.

    • Cookie: I can't breathe in this thing!

      In the Star Wars parody "Spaceballs", Dark Helmet (Darth Vader) says the same line.

    • Episode Ideas: Star Wars
      Much of the episode "Dodgeball" is based on the original trilogy of Star Wars. Two of the most recognized quotes were "Use the force" said by Coach Dirga, a parody of Ben Kenobi telling Luke to use the force, and "The power of the dark side is strong" said by Cookie, a parody of Darth Vader telling this to Luke.

    • Episode: Dodgeball

      The episode, Dodgeball, is a parody of the movie, Dodgeball starring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller.
      Some elements that are the same: Loomer's team is dressed just like the Globo Gym team, Loomer reflects White Goodman(Ben Stiller), and Moze coming back to play dodgeball ala Peter La Fleur (Vince Vaughn).

    • In Dodgeball, the song playing when Loomer's team comes out is similar to the Star Wars theme that plays when Darth Vader comes out.

    • Crubbs: Crubbs out!

      A reference to an American Idol qoute, "Seacrest out!"