Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 1

New Semester / Electives

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Aother season and Ned tries to kiss Suzie and something about easy A

    It's a new semester at the school and Ned tries to do better and kiss Suzie ,Moze tries to be friends with Suzie but she dating a anit-Loomer (dress nicer and no bulling) and Cookie turs into P.Cookie(which is like P.diddy) Ned some how got to kiss Suzie but they could of gone out if Loomer was still his dorky ways but he change back to his bully ways.
    Then Ned wants cooking as elective so he could get a easy A so they tried it and itn't work hey I got a easy A in cooking class so Ned and Cookie go back to life science.
  • Ned finally gets his "first" kiss from Suzie. Ned and Cookie end up in Life Sciences again.


    Ned, Moze, and Cookie both have to-do lists for the next semester. Ned wants to do better in science, actually read all reading assignments, and kiss Suzie Crabgrass. Moze's list is to hang with Suzie, get a date with Seth, and spend less time with Ned and Cookie (Ned doesn't take this well). Moze asks to read Ned's list, and reminds Ned of a slight problem: Suzie is going out with Loomer.

    Cookie, now P. Cookie, arrives in gangsta garb, and a to-do list of his own: act cool, talk cool, dress cool, get respect, and date cool ladies. The bullies also have a list, but Suzie, who is moving into Loomer's locker, declares Loomer's bullying days over. His former entourage, now leaderless, wander off with lost expressions on their faces. We see a shot of Lisa, who is not pleased.

    Ned tells Moze how he always told himself his first kiss would be with Suzie, and Moze is surprised that Ned had never been kissed before. Ned does mention Moze kissing him at his fifth birthday party, but Moze is quick to mention that her mom made her so it doesn't count. On cue, Nurse Hunsucker slips in front of Ned, Ned catches her, and the nurse kisses him for saving her tailbone. That's kiss that doesn't count #2.

    The lost bullies are still looking for a new leader, when they run into P. Cookie. Impressed by Cookie's imposing presence, they start following him instead. Again, we are shown a disappointed Lisa.

    Ned is a bit too eager to check off "Do better in Science", which he does as soon as he learns the symbol for hydrogen (one element more than last semester). Moze complains that she can't even get near Suzie because of Loomer, which gives Ned a plan: get rid of Loomer and both of them will have access to Suzie. Moze refuses to be part of the plan, but Ned insists.

    Ned is at lunch staring at Suzie, who is staring at Loomer, who is staring at Moze! Moze is freaked out over this love-fest and decides to help Ned with his plan. Lisa walks by and complains about the new P. Cookie, but Ned assures her that it's just a phase and Cookie will go back to his regular self soon. Right then, P. Cookie arrives at the cafeteria, more obnoxious than ever. Ned tells Lisa she can start worrying.

    Loomer is still going out with Suzie, but Ned tells Moze that Loomer still likes her. So his plan for him and Moze to pretend to go out, but it doesn't work as they find it too awkward. Ned opens his locker and gets kissed by... the Weasel! That's kiss that doesn't count #3, although Moze insists otherwise. Meanwhile Lisa finally confronts P. Cookie and tells him he thinks he's cool but he's not.

    Ned is checking off his second to-do item, leaving only "Kiss Suzie Crabgrass", when the Huge Crew arrives to deliver kiss that doesn't count #4. Moze thinks their plan to break up Suzie and Loomer isn't working, but Loomer suddenly comes running to Ned for help. Suzie is suffocating him, but he doesn't want to break up with her. Moze suggests that they consult Gordy because that's what Ned usually does anyway.

    Gordy suggests two options: either become a total wimp which Suzie might hate, or become a bully again which Suzie also might hate. They flip a coin to decide which option to try, but instead of showing the result of the coin flip, we are shown Lisa.

    Lisa has become the new bully at Polk and is shaking the lunch money out of some poor kid. Cookie is shocked and asks Lisa what she's doing, and she replies that she wanted to be cool like P. Cookie. Cookie finally learns his lesson and gives up his gansta persona, leaving the two bullies without a leader again.

    Ned tells Suzie Loomer wants to talk to her, but she wants to talk to Loomer too. Suzie tells Ned that she finds Loomer too wimpy, and right on cue, Loomer arrives. Loomer has become a bully again, and Ned and Gordy's plan is ruined. However, Suzie is still in charge of Loomer, and orders him to put her books away for her. This impresses the two lost bullies, which start following Suzie. Ned laments that he'll never get to kiss Suzie, but Suzie shoves him into a wall and kisses him. However, Suzie is going out with Loomer, so that's it for now regarding any Ned/Suzie development.

    The segment ends with Ned and Cookie running from Loomer, who is eager to catch up on his bullying.



    Ned, Moze, and Cookie want to share an elective together, but all want something different. Moze wants Woodshop, Ned wants Cooking (and an easy A), and Cookie wants Life Science. Ironically, Cooking was Moze's first choice in Season 1 before Ned and Cookie messed up her schedule. None of them refuse to budge. Cookie reveals that he kept the fake baby from last semester, which promptly gets stolen by Loomer.

    At Woodshop, Cookie is busy trying to save the baby from being sawn in half. Mr. Chopsaw tells the class Woodshop is no easy A, and while Ned and Cookie try to leave, but Moze makes them stay. Eventually, Ned sands Mr. Chopsaw's back and is kicked out.

    In Art Class, Cookie is still trying to recover the doll, and Ned and Moze are painting their shared incompetence in art, quite literally. This is followed by a montage of Ned trying to lure Moze and Cookie into the Cooking Class, but it doesn't work. Eventually, they try Choir. They hate it, but they find out that Coconut Head has a great opera voice. Unfortunately, this results in embarrassment for him, and he runs off.

    At lunch, the three are still bickering over which elective to take. Mr. Monroe suggests Life Science Extreme, but still hasn't come up with the extreme part yet. Ned admits he and Cookie got a B last semester, and would have gotten an A if they hadn't strapped the baby to a rocket, but he refuses to take it again.

    Seeing that the Cooking Class teacher is the lunch lady, who has never taught before, Ned finally convinces Moze and Cookie to try the class, but it turns out to be a disaster. The lunch lady tells the class there is no such thing as an easy A.

    Finally, Moze ends up taking Woodshop by herself, Coconut Head takes Choir, and Ned, Cookie, and the bullies take Life Science Extreme. The extreme part? Strapping the babies to rockets like Ned and Cookie did last year.
  • Ned gets a kiss and has to take a new elective.

    In New Semester Ned seeks his first kiss from Suzie Crabgrass which is on his "new semester list", but first he enlists Moze's help to break up Suzie and Loomer. By breaking them up Ned would have Suzie and Moze could then talk to her and become friends. Loomer doesnt want to go out with Suzie anymore and asks advice from Ned and Goordy. Meanwhile, Cookie starts the new semester with a new super cool look and becomes a bully. Lisa finally get through to Cookie and converts him back to his oldself. In Electives Ned, Moze and Cookie try out different electives so they can finally get a class together and score an easy "A". They try out woodshop, art, choir, and cooking. Moze decides to take woodshop while Ned and Cookie take life science.
  • The perfect mix of funny and fun that led us into Ned's best season!

    A perfect season opener! It had me laughing for hours. Especially when they introduce P-Cookie. There's so much information in this episode, like you find that Moze kissed Ned at his 5th birthday party, and you see that Suzie likes Ned. Hence the kiss and her saying, "Our love can never be, for now anyways." Electives was also a fun episode. It can hep anyone that is is having trouble trying to pick an elective in school. It gives great tips for that. Overall this episode is just fun and exciting, watching it for the first time really brought you into the mood of season 2, the best overall season of Ned's.
  • YEA! Ned finally gets a kiss from Suzie!

    When I saw the last part of the episode, New Semester, when Suzie grabbed Ned, held him on the wall, and kissed him, I thought I was dreaming. It looked so unrealistic but it looked so beautiful! Ned finally gets a kiss from my, I mean, his life-long crush (well, since the fourth grade) Suzie Crabgrass. Also, the first time I watched this episode, when I saw that girl with the dark black hair, I'm like, "Who is she?" And then I had to remind myself to remember Suzie Crabgrass, and them I'm like, "Gosh, she has changed a whole lot - in a very GOOD way!" Well, about the ellectives episode, well, Cookie was very stupid in this episode. Ned and Cookie get stuck in another year of life science, which to me, would be very embarassing raising a baby doll a whole semester. But anyway, the episode was fabulous. Two thumbs up.
  • Back to school time

    Its another year in middle school.Only Ned wants Loomer and Suzy,to break up.Cookie becomes the new school bully tempory.Altough it seemed with no luck all.But Ned doesn't give up.

    Its class elective,Ned,Moze,Cookie decided to find an elective that they could do together.Ned wants to do I forgot what he wanted to do which was cooking.

    Well this episode was alright.The only funny part was when Loomer and his friends mock Cocanuthead for his talent in singing at chorus class.
  • A above average episode.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    In this episode a new season starts. In this season the begin their second semester. Ned wants to do better in school and kiss Suzie in the end he does. Cookie sort of becomes a bully. Next.Ned Moze and Cookie all want to be in the same elcetive. Yet they all cant agree on which one to take. Each one one picks the other are not good at it. In the end Moze picks wood shop. And Ned and Cookie choose Life science.
  • Ned seeks his first kiss from Suzie, and asks Moze to help him, and Cookie turns into a cool, bully; Ned, Moze and Cookie all agree on a different elective.

    I watched this episode and knew the second season was off to a great start. Mostly because I know Ned and Suzie make a perfect couple, and Suzie finally kissed him in this episode! But to bad it wasn't starting any kind of relationship or anything. And what did Suzie see in Loomer anyway? Loomer is a back-stabbing, unfriendly bully. Kinda' weird how Suzie chose Loomer, the mean bully, over Ned, the nice and smart one! WOW! The episode 'Electives', was good too. It's amusing how every one of them - Moze, Ned and Cookie - choose a different elective, and each one of the electives they try turn out to be a big mess. And heck, when I first saw this episode the night it aired, I even got my mother to watch it!
  • This episode is about a new semester and electives. In the new semester they have to do lists that they have to complete. In the electives they get to try different electives to see which one they like and can get an a in.

    This episode was a very different and odd episode. This episode was also funny with "P Cookie". HE was the one who mad ethis episode funny. Cookie and his new coo self dont care about any thing execpt being cool by wearing bling bling. I enjoyed this episode because of the way they ploted it and this episode had no boring parts in it. Even one boring part can make the viewer change the channel because they already now waht is going to happen at the end. But this episode also kept you guessing if ned was going to get the kiss.
  • I haven't seen this episode but what does that mean that moze has bangs

    this episode sounds good i think i will like it because i want to see what the characters look like in the new series i really want to see this episode because i like moze\'s new look i have seen the clips from the new episodes and they look good
  • Good episode.

    Loni Love cracked me up in this episode. I have thought she was hilarious since I saw her on Star Search. I haven't seen very much of this show, but it seems pretty good for a Nick show, to be honest. The episode is worth watching, if only for Loni Love's hilarious cameo.
  • The Funniest Episode I Have Ever Seen

    This episode is the funniest I have seen in the show so far. It is so funny! Those bullies aren't that scary. They are stupid!! Suzie Crabgrass is now dating that one guy and so his friends are now friends with Cookie and Cookie is trying to act cooler. I liked that, but I think he should keep his glasses. I would love to access the internet like that. And then they kept picking on those babies in that Home Ec Class. Those kids are exploding the babies and T H E S A M E K I D S are all trying to take the same class so T H E S A M E T H I N G happens again and again and again and again!!!!!! They are so mean to the babies and the teacher is trying to make it more interesting and all the people are kissing Ned that he doesn't want to. It is so funny and that girl was beating that one guy up and those guys are still goofy. They really aren't scary.

    This episode showed me that from its last season, it went from second-rate, rubber-stamp show, to very creative and hillarious! I most certainly believe that this show will definitley convince the reviewers and other critics, and even its viewers that this show took off so much! I am excited to see the next episodes! A++++++++++!!