Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 4

Notebooks / Math

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Amusing episode of a good show.

    This is a standout episode of the series for me, one of the few I still remember. I love the randomness of everything and I kind of wish my school worked like this one does.

    One of the things I found most amusing about this episode was in 'Notebooks'. Whenever someone brings up stealing, whether it's about 'Sweeney's Golden Notebook' or not, Ned always appears saying, 'Not steal, borrow.' and walks away again like nothing is unusual. It was incredibly weird and borderline lame, but I still found it rather amusing. Also in 'Math' when Cookie attempts to make math class more fun. Later one of the students says 'You did it, but now Zavior's even scarier'. That's another really amusing line even if it was rather lame...
  • Just a fun episode that will bring you laughs every time.

    This episode was hilarious to me.I love how it played on Mission Impossible. The episode shows a lot of the characters at their fullest. You find that Mr. Sweeney isn't entirely evil too. The pitchfork Loomer had when the mob was chasing Suzie was priceless.

    This episode also introduces the 8th grade math teacher Dr. Xavier. I was shocked when I first saw her and remembered that the actress that played her also played a character in 50 First Dates. I loved watching her character grow in future episodes with Cookie, then later Ned in season 3. Oh one last thing, Albert is also hilarious in this episode with his "'inner voice."
  • Funny

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    I though this episode of the show was very funny. Ok Ned is not doing good in science. He doesnt take really good notes at all. So Mr. Sweeny tells him about the golden notebook written by a A+ student. Ned with the help of Gordy steal the notebook. In the end Ned gets a good grade. Mr.Sweeny knew the he took the notebook.Next:Ned starts a math club with some of the smartest kids in math. Moze gets very scared because she can not understand the math they are doing in class. So she begins the ich really bad. The people in ned's math club find out about his plot and make him do math work.
  • Just Hilarious

    ANother episode that just keeps you laughing!!!!

    Notebooks: SO each of the three characters are doing their own thing, like usual. Ned wants to steal a notebook that has good notes and asks for GOrdys help. THe Mission Impossible scene was hilarious and Ned went flying into the book shelves, totally a dummy. It was great. THe room was totally destroyed. I was a bit annoyed that the teacher tricked Ned into taking the book. I was like, "what?" but it was a nice twist and Ned was dooped. Moze finds a book with rumors,totally Mean Girls but it was done nicely in the show. THe rumors were hilarious and I like how everyone slowly got involved with reading it. THey were all just captivated by the rumors. THey all think Suzie did it but no. I did enjoy watching her get chased around like she was Frankenstein. TUrns out the book was written over a decade ago. Cookie decided to tape all of his classes but he never actually watched them,lol. THat was best part. He had like the greatest reaction when he realized he never watched them.

    MAth: OMG I totally loved that Math teacher. SHe was great. SHe was mean but it was such a funny mean. ANd she put her face into the projector, I was cracking up. Cookie wants to make math fun, good luck with that. EVen the thought of food makes math still go by slowly, I tried it. Ned makes a amth study group where he doesnt do any of thr work. THat kid who hears things had me laughing so hard. Crazy people are funny. THey eventually call him on his lack of work. I cant believe that kid got a real tattoo,lol. Moze gets hives from pre-algebra, hilarious. ALgebra is a scary thing but it does get it easy after a while. SHe looked gross in full breakout mode.

    A great half hour. Keeps you laughing throughout the entire thing.
  • A new teacher, character developement, and hilarious acting. What else could you ask for?

    Notebooks was excellent, with Ned's Mission: Impossible spoof being the highlight of the spoofs and gags. I'm also glad that we got to see Mr. Sweeney's kinder, less insane side. His plan was perfect, and Ned is obviously left confused with seeing this side of Mr. Sweeney. Speaking of teachers, there's a new German accented one at school! I forgot her name, but she sticks with us, and is a great secondary character. We see more of the Chinese teacher is Moze's class and he seems like a good character with a lot of potential, so I hope we see more of him. The tips in season 2 seem to be getting more actually useful, and the jokes seem to be getting even funnier(!) This is a great intro to season Two!