Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 10

Notes / Best Friends

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Hilarious

    Everyone gets caught passing notes. and of cousre there is a twist. Mean little Missy got them all into trouble. So of course Ned thinks up some plan that doesn't usually work, but this time it does. His idea is to have everyone put sticky notes all over missy and have her have to write a 1,000 word essay just like they had too.

    In the seconed short they talk about how best friends are always there for each other. In the begining they have Lumer bonk Ned and Cookie's heads, but they put on helmats. The B's try to get Cookie to join them. Mozly is handing out a best frined survy dione of the B's says "you and what army" Moz snaps here fingers and then the girls show up (the ones thta like Nedsgised a a year book survey. She thinks that that girl that likes Ned (sorry I am bad with names). So Moz goes and hangs out with her and her "clib" The B's want to try and get Cookie to change their Math grades for them in return for giving him the jacket. He decieds not to and they try to force him when Ned comes in and tells them not to. Then Moz comes in and one of the B's says "you and what army." Moz snaps her fingers and then the girld show up (the ones that like Ned.) The the B's run away. Funny episode you have to see it.