Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 2

Pep Rallies / Lunch

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • perfect

    pep rallies- ned becomes the school mascot, wolfie, so he can skip class, cookie tries to come up with a stunt he can do, and moze tries to give a good speech.

    lunch- moze wonders why susie will not sit with her at lunch, cookie's beans predict "doom", and ned tries to stop a terror known as "One Bite."

    Good episodes, lunch was kind of weak in some parts but not enough to lower my grade in any way. Overall, both were great, pep rallies was better though, but both were funny and had good plots, they both get an A+
  • Overall, I like this episode. WOO!

    In PEP RALLIES, Ned is the school mascot, Wolfy, and he gets tired, but doesn't have to go to class. He is always getting beat up. Meanwhile, Moze wants to give the best speech ever and she keeps rhyming. "You're gonna like it, when we spike it!" Lame...I know. She eventually realizes the magic three-letter word: WOO! She uses "WOO" once in her speech and the crowd goes crazy. It's nice she mentioned the math team and chess team because they need recognition. In LUNCH, one-bite (whom I do not like) trys to eat everyones lunch. What a meany...and a fatty!
  • Funny.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    Wasnt such a big fan of the pepralley one. Where they tried so many different things to amke the pep rally fun for everyone. Next:we find the protagonist{main characters}s at lunch. Were they meet a new foe. One bite. Who will take just one bite out of your lunch. But eat more 80% of it. Ned enlists the help of gordey to help. In the end it works.
  • This is my pilot episode that I have seen well this was my first episode for Season 2 sorry!

    This is my pilot episode that I have seen well this was my first episode for Season 2 sorry! Well it was really a great episode I felt a little catch up although there was an annoying part for me where there was some senti and then later on they had a I got it part well overall this episode was a great episode!
  • 95/5

    the pep rallies episode was boring but lunch that was fun. the one bite thing was perfectly written and awesome. i especially liked the tips they really helped him including me theres not much to say and i liked the huge compartment of chillies "theres every spice known to man includind some only known to dolphins? funny but true like this fruit only known to cats and me. and this giant amounf of blueberrys known only to parrots and tucans and my friends that pretty much it but i haven't gotten 100 words so I'll just hey 100 words yay
  • Pep Rally: Ned, Cookie, and Moze has school spirit and wanna make it this big event. Lunch: a kid who hogs food and a Moze wonders why Suzie won't eat lunch with her.

    Pep Rally involved school spirit and Ned, Moze, Cookie has it, but see that others don't enjoyed Pep Rallies becasue their boring or leave them out! So true.
    Anyways, OUR fantastic trio comes up with a plan to make everyone feel some school spirit! Funny!

    Lunch: We see a kid name, One-Bite because he tends to eat people food in..ONE BITE! Ned decides to do something about it! Also, there a "special" scene where Moze talks to Suzie about being on the school lunch program. I thought Moze heart-to-heart to Suzie was wonderful!

    Another good episode!
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