Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 3

Popularity / Stress

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Popularity: Someone has made a list of the most popular kids at school. Ned tries to talk to Susie, even though he is not in the top ten. Cookie hunts down the list's maker to convince him to make Cookie popular. Lastly, Moze finds out she's one of Polk's top ten most popular kids, but still wants to hang out with her old friends.

Stress: Ned is stressed because he thinks Suzie has a new boyfriend and wants to break up with him. Cookie is stressed because his arch rival, Evelyn beat him on a test, and Moze is stressed about becoming her English teacher when she grows up.


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  • Popularity and Stress

    Popularity- Ned wants to be more popular because he thinks this is the only way Suzie will like/date him. Cookie discovers who makes the popular kids' list and asks to make himself more popular.

    Stress- Moze has to many extracurricular activities, Cookie has nothing except high grades, and Ned thinks that Suzie is going to break up with him.

    Both good episodes, I like Stress more but both were fine and had some funny scenes and good plots. They seem weak though the more I see them, but overall, nice plots, my grades are both A's, but Stress was better, methinksmoreless
  • Ned & Suzie start dating; Ned fears Suzie will break up with him.

    Popularity: I found this episode just freaking hilarious. I laughed through the whole thing. I loved the running gag, Moze getting sucked in to the popularity thing, I love that song in the background, and also when being popular isn't what it's all cracked out to be when everyone is laughing, but no one makes a joke. While Cookie & the creator of the list try & raise each other higher, another dry Cookie plot, finally Ned tries to impress Suzie, I love the part when Missy is like "Because you helped me once" Then all Ned does is pick up her pencil, funniest part of the episode, finally Ned & Suzie start dating! Applause!

    Stress: This part wasn't as good as the first but still had some very helpful tips about stress. I liked Moze's part the best, how she was acting stoned through the whole episode. Chill! While Ned fears Suzie will break up with him after she seems distant, I loved the flashback, How Ned is embarrassing, hurting, talked with his mouth full then he denies it. Wow that was funny, turns out Suzie was actually upset about her dad. And Cookie's plot, he tries to beat Evelyn, that was funny too, Evelyn freak outs are hilarious, finally Lisa asks out Cookie but he turns her down, he is such an idiot & now we see Lisa is a slut! All those guys she ended up dating. The scene at the end when Moze, Ned & Cookie all look like their teachers, pretty funny. Overall an amazing episode!moreless
  • Ned and Suzie begins



    - A good episode, the music got annoying. I like how Ned was hypnotized by Missy - that was pretty great. Cookie was annoying in this episode, did he not see how much Moze hated being in the Top Ten? And Albert Wermheimer, did we have to see more of the nose picker? But it was good, Ned and Suzie start to date, that brought the score down a little. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Stress


    Cool one, Ned gets stressed out and thinks he sees Suzie with another guy. It is not very important to the series, but is still interesting - - we get to meet Evelyn Knowng for the first time, she is a strange character. The stress meter thing bugged you after awhile though. Moze was funny, I liked this episode better then Popularity.moreless
  • Ned starts dating Suzie, but soon thinks his relationship with her is in danger.


    Someone has posted a popularity list on the school website. Coconut Head runs off to celebrate being the 73rd most popular kid in school, but Moze is completely disinterested. Ned pretends not to care, but soon caves and yanks the list out of Cookie's hand. Ned panics when he discovers that Suzie is in the Top Ten while he is 42nd (a small Douglas Adams reference, perhaps). Moze tells Ned just Suzie is not untouchable just because of her social status, but Albert Wormenheimer soon proves her wrong by literally bouncing off the Top Ten's invisible force field. Ned realizes that Moze is in the Top Ten and can therefore pull Suzie out of the force field so he can talk to her, but Moze ends up being sucked in instead.

    Missy, for some inexplicable reason, offers to help Ned, but she's really trying to make Ned look like an idiot. She starts by writing "You Stink" across his face. Suzie is naturally repulsed, but Ned hasn't any idea what is going on yet. Missy tells Ned popular kids don't look in the mirror.

    Meanwhile, Moze is trying hard to avoid the suction power of the Top Ten. Cookie is trying to discover the person behind the list, and eventually links the list to Albert. Albert admits he made the list, but makes Cookie promise not to tell, as he doesn't want everybody begging him to move them up.

    Ned still has "You Stink" written across his face, and Missy introduces the next phase of her "make Ned look like a weirdo" plan. She tells Ned that body jewelery is, like, totally hip, and that Suzie loves it. Ned accepts Missy's makeover.

    The Top Ten are at lunch, laughing at random things, when Suzie asks Moze what's going on with Ned. Apparently they are the only two in the Top Ten capable of meaningful conversation. Moze doesn't believe her, but Ned shows up himself, still with Missy, and with his face pierced all over. Suzie gets up to leave, but her hair gets stuck in Ned's nose ring. One of the Top Ten members says that Ned is gross, and they all leave. Finally, Ned grabs a mirror and realizes Missy was setting him up. Later, Suzie confronts Missy, who tells her that Ned is into her now, and that Suzie already had many chances to date Ned.

    Cookie finally convinces Albert to change the list. He elevates Cookie and himself into the Top 10, and kicks Missy out. Meanwhile, Moze has had enough with the Top 10 and returns to her old friends. This time, however, there is no magical force pulling her back.

    Ned finally confronts Missy, who admits she was setting him up, and kisses him. Ned tells Suzie that looks and the list aren't everything, and that to him, Suzie is the coolest and prettiest girl in school. Suzie happens to overhear this. It is revealed that Suzie took up Ned's weirdo style because she thought Ned was into it. Ned explains it was all Missy's doing. Missy claims Ned will be hers and storms off. Ned and Suzie start going out.

    The next week, a new list is published. Missy drops to 73rd, Moze also falls out of the Top 10, and Albert and Cookie discovered the Top 10 isn't everything it's hyped up to be.


    ~~~Stressin' Out~~~

    A list of top students is posted, and Evelyn Kwong beats Cookie by a tenth of a percentage point, which freaks Cookie out. Moze finds herself overscheduled and is also freaking out. Finally, Suzie walks by Ned without saying hi, freaking out the last member of the trio. It is in this opening sequence that we are introduced to the Stressometer.

    Ned turns to Gordy, who asks Ned if he did anything to upset her, hurt her, or whether he ever ate with his mouth open. We then see a montage of Ned, well, not being the best boyfriend. Ned, however, thinks that Suzie is seeing someone else. Gordy tells Ned to relax, but when it is obvious he can't, sets out with Ned to fix everything.

    iTeacher is talking to Moze about stress and how she had to handle scores of extracurricular activities when she was a student, but Moze thinks iTeacher is talking about her. iTeacher comments on how Moze and her are much alike, which causes Moze to freak out again.

    Meanwhile, Cookie and Evelyn stage academic warfare. Cookie even rejects a date with Lisa to study. He swears to beat Evelyn on the upcoming English test. He gets extra inspiration from Mr. Wright, who tells Cookie Polk's English scores are below rival school Jefferson's.

    Ned and Gordy spot Suzie outside by the vending machines. Gordy tells Ned to talk to her, and shoves Ned into her, but Suzie has to take a call and disappears inside the school. Ned imagines that Suzie is talking to her other boyfriend, but Gordy reassures him it's only his imagination and shoves him back inside. They find Moze, who is also suffering from "stress vision", and is imagining herself as iTeacher. Gordy tells them both to chill, but Moze takes his advice too seriously. Ned tries, but soon freaks out again. Meanwhile, Cookie ignores Lisa yet again due to his obsession with beating Evelyn.

    Ned tries to talk to Moze about his problem, but Moze is too chilled to care. Ned thinks Suzie is going to dump him, so he starts avoiding her on the rationale Suzie will have to catch him to do so. Later, Cookie ends up beating Evelyn at the English test, and Moze fails. iTeacher reminds Moze that a while too much stress is bad, too little can also be bad, pointing to Gordy as an example.

    Ned is disguised as Gordy, still hiding from Suzie. However, Suzie spots two Gordys, and realizes one of them is actually Ned, who runs away. With the test over, Cookie is ready for a date with Lisa, but he finds out that Lisa already asked someone else. Cookie runs into Mr. Wright, who tells Cookie that while grades are important, but not at the expense of life.

    Ned runs into a bush, only to find Gordy sleeping in it. Ned finally decides to talk to Suzie, and reveals that he thinks Suzie is seeing someone else, but Suzie tells him that the guy she was talking to on the phone earlier was her dad. Ned realizes he was stressing out over nothing, and Gordy shoves him again, this time right into Suzie's arms.

    The episode ends with the trio walking toward each other, each with their grown-up counterpart. The six of them realize how similar they look compared to their respective counterpart and start freaking out, leaving the issue covered by this segment's tips unresolved.

    This segment is important because it sets up Suzie moving away in "Friends Moving" and coming back in "When You...". This is important because it facilitates the start of another crush for Ned, one that triggers the events in the series finale.moreless
  • an episode worth watching

    In Popularity someone has made a list of the most popular kids at school. Ned tries to talk to Susie, even though he is not in the top ten. Missy sabotages Ned so that she can go out with him. Cookie hunts down the list's maker to convince him to make himself more popular. When he becomes one of the top ten he realizes that its not all he thought it was. Moze finds out she's one of the top ten most popular kids, but still wants to hang out with her friends not the popular kids. In Stressin' Out Ned is stressed because he thinks Suzie has a new boyfriend and wants to break up with him. Cookie is stressed because his arch rival, Evelyn, beat him on a test, and Moze is stressed about becoming her English teacher when she grows up. At the end Cookie is like Mr. Wright, Moze is like iteacher, and Ned is like Gordy.moreless
Bridget Edmiston

Bridget Edmiston


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Ulysses Estrada

Ulysses Estrada


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Stephen Markarian

Stephen Markarian

Albert Wormenheimer

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Mo Collins

Mo Collins


Recurring Role

Meshach Taylor

Meshach Taylor

Principal Wright

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Ned: (To Moze and Cookie) You're right, it's not like the top 10 have an invisible force field around them! (Albert Wormenheimer walks up to the top ten and is bounced back as if by an invisible force field)

    • Moze: I'm a little freaked out.

    • Mose: (seated and very desinterested)
      Teacher: Mrs. Moseley. (gives her the test)
      Moseley: (she got an F) Ha! Frowny face.

    • Ned: You're setting me up aren't you?
      Missy: Yes, for this(kisses Ned)
      Ned: Oww!! What are you doing? You know I like Suzie.
      : What does she have that i don't? I'm the most popular girl in school and way better looking.
      Ned: Looks aren't everything and in my pierces eyes Suzie is the coolest and prettiest girl in school.
      Suzie: Really Ned!?(Suzie has YOU STINK 2 and rings all over her face)Well it's not really my but, if your into it so I'm I.
      Ned: I'm not into it, Missy said you were, I was just letting Missy help me so I can be popular and go out with you.
      Missy: This was not according to my plan.
      Suzie: I'd date you popular or not, and I told Missy yesterday I hate body jewelry.
      : You will be mine Ned Bigby, ughh. (walks away)

    • Suzie: I want to know whats going on between you and Ned.
      : I don't know what your talking about. Oh, wait I do. Ned doesn't like you anymore and he's totally into me and body jewelry.
      : But you know I like Ned.
      Missy: You had your chance to date Ned, in fact you had a hundred chances, and you blew all of them. So, Bye. (Suzie not leaving) Fine I'll leave.

    • Suzie: Hey, whats with Ned he's spending a lot of time with Missy and he's different.
      Moze: What, No way!(seeing Ned with rings and YOU STINK on his face)
      Well, that's a new one.
      Ned:(Ned talking funny because the rings in his mouth) Hello, guys, What do you think? (talking about his face with rings and YOU STINK)
      Suzie: I think I gotta go.
      Ned: Suzie.

    • Missy: Ok if you want to be popular we need to work on your looks, something bold that says notice me.
      Ned: Umm make-up is for girls.(referring to the eyeliner Missy is holding)
      Missy: And rockstars and guys who are so in touch with their manlyness, there not afraid to wear it. (Ned shrugs Missy starts putting make up on his face)

    • Moze: (to the top 10) Okay stop! When are we gonna do something interesting? And everyone is laughing but nobody made a joke!
      : You know she's got a point... But we're still great looking, right? (the top 10 starts laughing again)

    • Seth: Hey, I saw a TV-Show last night!(the top 10 are looking at him excited)... And it was good... (the top 10 starts laughing)

    • Ned: I know what's been going on. I sorta overheard you on the phone.
      : It's just that he's so far away and I love him.
      : I'm sure that he is a great guy if that's the way you feel about him.
      : He's the best but I only get to see him by the weekend so I still have time for you during the week.
      Ned: Wait... You want two boyfriends?!
      Suzie: Boyfriend? Ned, I'm talking about my dad!
      Ned: Say what?!

    • Cookie: So, what's it like to be in the top ten, it must rock! Like a non-stop party package with inflatible people!
      Moze: Well, they laugh a lot and they're all good looking.
      Cookie: That's why I should be in the top ten I mean, I'm gorgeous!

    • Moze: You guys, it's just a stupid list. Who cares how popular you are?
      Cookie: You're number eight...
      Moze: Get out! I'm popular?!

    • Ned: What number is Suzie?
      Cookie: Seven.
      Ned: Oh, this is bad!
      : Because?
      Ned: Because, popular people only date popular people!
      Cookie: It's a tragic factor in middle-school romance.
      Moze: And yet you call yourself men!

    • Moze: Popularity ranking? That's ridiculous!
      Ned: Totally! (takes the list from Cookie) What number am I?!

    • Ned: Why would you help me?
      Missy: Because you helped me once, remeber?
      (Missy drops pencil)
      Ned: Hey Missy, you dropped your pencil.
      Missy: Oh, thanks.

    • Ned: Well that couldn't have not worked any better!

    • Albert: Ok! You figured it out! I'm A. Wormintator!
      Cookie: You are? I mean, ah ha!

    • Moze: Yeah! Awesome! I failed! Why am I cheering about that?

  • NOTES (20)


    • James K. Polk Middle School is named for the 9th U.S. President, James K. Polk. When Mr. Wright is happy that their test scores are higher then Jefferson's, he leads us to believe that Jefferson is named for the 3rd U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson.