Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 17

Positives & Negatives / Parties

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Positives & Negatives / Parties

Guide To Positives and Negatives: Faymen's kisses lack a spark for Moze, who gets help setting up the perfect romantic setting.

Guide To: Parties: Ned takes Missy to a party but tries to get rid of her once Suzie arrives.

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  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is only a review for Parties

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    This is a classic episode of Ned's Declassified School Survivial Guide. It shows how much Ned and Moze care about each other, and how much Missy cares about Ned. I mean, she got an AXE. She was a perfect Huge Crew replacement! I personally did not really like the Huge Crew, but Missy is great! Along with Evelyn Knowng, Cookie's new rival (unrelated I know). Ned and Moze kiss once more in this episode after some intense spin-the-bottling. Then Simone (Simon Nelson Cook( ie) sets the house on fire. While Ned and Moze kiss, they feel smoke, as there were images of fireworks. Moze replies with an "Is it hot in here?". Though it is really because of Simon Nelson Cook (ie) who set Seth Powers's house on fire, leading me to our B-Plot.

    The B-Plot was cute, silly though. Cookie was banned from Seth's parties because of an 'incident' with a certain 'Party Animal' song. He bumped a lamp and set the house on fire. So he disguises himself as a girl, who Seth lets in without invitations, if they are good looking enough, so he gets dressed up very girl-like and wears sunglasses to cover his eyes. But as he gets in, he sees Lisa Zemo hanging with Seth Powers and they are getting awfully chummy. He takes advantage of his girl disguise and slaps Seth a few times with some "How dare you"-s and "You don't remember me?!"-s. He takes Lisa Zemo on the dance floor and dances with her. But the "Party Animal" song is requested and Cookie can not help but get his groove on! He dances, and bumps that darn lamp once more. He sets the house on fire, by knocking off his Simone wig, it lands on the lamp. The Simone wig catches fire from the heat of the Party Animal Lamp. So the lamp is not destroyed this time, but Cookie's identity as a girl is ruined. Seth is angered and he makes Cookie leave, though everyone has to leave, the entire basement of Seth's house is on fire, again... by Simon Nelson Cook, who he thought was Simone Nelson Cook.

    This episode was very important to the series. I loved it, it was funny, and I did not even feel the need to review Positives & Negatives, I felt Parties was more important. I am now reaching over four hundred words on this 15 minute episode, that is amazing. TEN!moreless
  • Moze's kisses with Faymen have no spark. Instead, the one guy she does feel a spark with is someone she never expected to.

    ~~~Positives and Negatives~~~

    Mr. Sweeny teaches the class about static electricity, which Loomer and his bullies use to shock Cookie repeatedly. Ned then proceeds to talk about the benefits of positive thinking. Unfortunately, Ned's math class has a new student, Mark Downer, who is extremely depressing to be with. Mark's negative power is enough to make flowers wilt!

    Ned and Cookie are both feeling down about their new predicaments, but Moze is feeling peppy. She explains that she has a big date with Faymen after school, and they might finally kiss. Ned and Cookie laugh at the fact Moze and Faymen have not kissed yet.

    Moze claims that sparks will fly, but when the actual kiss occurs, Moze feels nothing. Ned and Cookie find out about the lack of a spark the next day, but Moze says the next kiss will be magical. However, their conversation is cut short when Mark approaches and Ned flees. However, Ned soon finds he can't avoid Mark.

    Cookie rubs himself with balloons in order to acquire a negative charge to shock Loomer with, but shocks himself when he tries to open his locker. Cookie says maybe he should have used a positive charge, which gives Ned an idea: he will try to cheer Mark up with some of his positive energy. Ned tells Moze he's tired of hiding from Mark and instead of running from his problem, he's going to run right at them. This gives Moze the idea to run at Faymen when kissing him, but Moze and Faymen end up hurting themselves.

    Ned tries to cheer Mark up, but ends up falling to depression himself, to the point where Cookie has to slap him out of it. Ned decides to try cheering Mark up again, but this time he enlists the help of Martin Qwerly, the most positive kid in school.

    Moze turns to Dr. Xavier for help, but soon has to snap Xavier out out her own romantic thoughts. Dr. Xavier says she will set up the perfect romantic setting for Moze to kiss Faymen, just like in the romance novels, with the help of the AV squad, the Garden Club, Crony (the expert stitcher), the choir, and a weird kid who is covered with doves. Moze claims that this will be the greatest kiss ever.

    Ned sends Martin in to cheer up Mark, but he fails just like Ned. Ned is on the verge of giving up, but Xavier, who passes by while setting up the gym for the big kiss, tells him to try a different approach. Instead of adopting the theology of "Opposites attract" from physics, he should try "A negative times a negative is a positive" from mathematics. Ned thus sets off to find Sarah, a equally negative girl.

    Ned leads Sarah to the library where Mark is sitting at a table. They are instantly attracted to each other and are about to kiss. However, Cookie and Gordy tell Ned that the heavy duty dehumidifiers in the library have turned it into a electrostatic time bomb. Ned tries to stop the kiss, but it is too late. Sparks fly literally when Mark and Sarah kiss, and Ned is caught in the blast zone himself.

    Xavier and the class set up the perfect romantic setting, and while Faymen passes out when he and Moze kiss, Moze still feels nothing. On the bright side, Ned's plan worked and Mark is no longer "The Downer", and Cookie gets himself a rubber suit, making him immune to Loomer's shock pranks. Instead, he grabs Loomer and Crony, making them shock each other instead.



    Ned, Moze, and Cookie are outside Seth's house getting ready for a party. Cookie has brought a magnetized bottle and paper clip, ready to play a rigged version of Spin the Bottle. He intends to use the bottle to kiss Lisa Zemo.

    As soon as Ned arrives downstairs, he gets immediately hugged by Missy, who pretty much forced Ned to ask her to the party. Ned doesn't make too much of it and says the party was all about moving on anyway, but then he and Moze discover that Suzie Crabgrass has arrived at the party. Ned freaks out at first, considering that Suzie dumped him after a series of awry phone conversations, but when Suzie waves at him, decides to try and win her back.

    However, Missy catches Ned looking at Suzie and gets mad. She tells Ned she is telling Missy he's at the party with her, but Ned persuades Missy to let him do it instead. However, when Ned says hi to Suzie, he tells her he's there without a date. Meanwhile, Moze runs into Faymen, who tells her he has to go look for his dog, but he'll be back. Before he leaves, he gives Moze a kiss, but again Moze feels nothing.

    Cookie pretends to randomly run into Lisa, but Lisa is let in and Cookie is not, due to his antics last year which caused a fire. It turns out that Cookie goes crazy upon hearing the song "Party Animal". Cookie is worried that Lisa may fall for Seth. However, he sees some girls get in without passes on account of their hotness, which gives him an idea.

    Inside, Moze is talking to the camera. She tells us that Faymen is a great person, but she simply feels nothing. In fact, the only time she ever felt a spark was when she kissed Ned. NED?! More analytical viewers might have seen this coming ever since "The Last Day", but for many this may come as a surprise. Anyway, Moze decides to kiss Ned again so she can better compare Faymen and Ned's kisses.

    Ned pretends to accidentally squirt lemon juice in Suzie's eye, then tells Missy he told Suzie about her, pointing to Suzie crying. Meanwhile, Cookie manages to get into the party as Simone, his female alter ego. Simone immediately runs into Moze, who asks him to give her the rigged bottle and paper clip so she can kiss Ned. Simone/Cookie freaks out a bit, but Moze assures him it's just for a simple kiss comparison test and nothing more. Simone gives her the goods and sets off to keep Seth from Lisa. Moze starts a game of Spin the Bottle.

    Missy leads Ned to a closet so that they can make out, but Ned pretends to lock himself in. He comes up with a plan to get Missy thrown out. He pretends to be running out of air, and Missy runs off to get help. Ned takes advantage of this to sneak out and find Suzie, but runs into Moze instead. Moze slips the paper clip into position, but Ned breaks free and Moze ends up having to kiss Coconut Head instead.

    Ned finds Suzie, and about the same time, Simone finds Seth and Lisa and begins slapping Seth around. Simone warns Lisa to stay away from Seth, and she/he and Lisa start dancing together. Suzie starts suspecting that Ned came to the party with Missy, but Ned laughs it off and suggests that Missy probably got thrown out by now. Right then, Missy returns to the closet with a sledgehammer and knocks down the closet door, only to find that Ned isn't there anymore. She gets thrown out just like Ned said.

    Ned bribes the DJ to put on a slow song, but Seth asks Lisa to dance with her, which angers Cookie. However, before Cookie can do anything, Simone finds herself/himself in the arms of Coconut Head, who asks her/him to dance. Moze pulls Ned away from Suzie in order to carry out her kissing test, but Suzie pulls him away again and Moze ends up kissing Faymen's dog, who had followed Faymen to the party.

    Ned and Suzie are about to kiss when Ned notices Missy outside knocking on the glass door. Ned feels bad for Missy and admits to Suzie he came to the dance with her and that he has to let her back in. Suzie tells Ned and Missy she understands, and gives Ned a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving for the long drive home. Ned smiles, but catches himself when he sees Missy's disapproval.

    Simone is still freaking out over Seth dancing with Lisa when she/he has an idea. He bribes the DJ to put on a fast song. However, the song happens to be "Party Animal", and Simone is soon out of control. Simone/Cookie accidentally throws off his wig, which lands on the DJ's turntable and stops the music. Cookie runs off before Lisa can identify him.

    In Cookie's rush to leave the party, he knocks Ned over, who lands next to Moze, knocking Faymen out of the way. Right then, the bottle stops pointing to Ned. When Ned and Moze kiss, fireworks go off, and they start feeling really hot. However, some of that heat is real, as Cookie's wig has caused the turntable to catch fire. While everyone else flees, Ned and Moze remain staring at each other in shock.

    This appears to be the point in the Ned timeline where Moze realizes she likes Ned, and in the next few episodes, she becomes torn between Ned and Faymen. Ned has already fallen for Moze ("Girls"), but it takes until almost the end for him to admit it. The remainder of the series focuses on how these newfound crushes work out.moreless
  • Two great episodes!

    In "Positives and Negatives", Ned tries to get the unhappiest kid in school a lift to rid the class of their sudden downess. Meanwhile, Moze tries to find sparks and fireworks while she kisses Feymen, with the help of that crazy Dr. Ravier.

    In "Parties", Ned and Moze go to Seth's party, while Cookie tries to sneak in (as he was banned) to once again, try to win Lisa's heart. But as Moze kisses Feymen once more, she realizes that the only time she felt sparks and fireworks was when she kissed Ned, so, tries to re-enact that of happening again.

    Two great episodes. I ove episodes that show the growing of Ned and Moze's future relationship, and "Parties" surely shows that. Personally, I'd prefer episodes that involve Cookie and Evelyn, but these are just as great. I give it a 9.7 out of 10.moreless
  • Ned and Missy

    THat is why i watch this series. go missy and ned. i really think missy and ned is the best couple of all on this tv show. they are the two funniest characters and go great together just becuz there personalities go perfectly together. missy is better then suzie and moze. this show needs some new episodes tho. they haven't done much in a while with this show that is interesting in the last few episodes. but they really haven't come out with that many episodes in the last few weeks but hopefully soon they will have some new ideas. GO NEDmoreless
  • This is probably one of the best episodes of all of the seasons so far!!

    This was an extremely great episode. I loved it all whole lot. I felt bad for Moze since all of the times she kissed Faymen she didn't feel any sparks or she got hurt. HAHA Also how Cookie kept getting shocked by Loomer and his henchmen, Crony and Buzz. Cookie's glasses went all blurry and he would fall over after he got shocked. I loved Marc Downer and how anytime he was near flowers they would wilt. I especially liked the ending how Moze used "plan Xavier" to try to get really sparky kiss, that was good. Also I loved Ned's face after the library got electrocuted then he fell over after Gordy patted him on the back for a job well done. Oh, I also forgot when Martin was trying to cheer Marc up his smiley face turned into a frowny face and when Ned decided to try and cheer him up he also becomes depressed and then Moze says "worse then that now when I kiss Faymen I get hurt." I loved that. So I really enjoyed that episode. Still my favorite was Parties. I absolutely LOVE Simone and the whole Lisa and Seth problem, that was great. Also when Cookie tried to get rid of Seth so he/she walked up to him and said “how dare you” *slaps his face* “what did I do?” “how dare you not remember what you did” *slaps his face again* “who are you?” “how dare you not remember who I am” *slaps him for the last time and he falls on the floor.* Then Lisa gives Cookie/Simone a weird look and then Cookie/Simone says “stay away from him. Come on lets go and shake it like the girls do when bad boys are around.” Missy, Missy, Missy you hate her and love her. I thought that when Moze asks Ned how did she get Ned to ask her to the party was pretty funny. How he goes into a flashback and at first he is in the library and she asks “Ned do you want to ask me to Seth’s party on Saturday?” So he bolts away. Then she has an jet write it in the sky. THEN gets her “Missy buddies” to force him to take her. Anyways, PARTY ANIMAL I loved how Cookie got banned because he almost burned down Seth’s house last year by dancing and knocking a lamp over. So now we get to the Moze problem which just made this episode really really great. It took them almost an entire season for them to finally talk about the kiss Ned and Moze shared on the back of the school bus last season. And she also admitted to the DJ that she DID indeed feel a spark. Then she decides to kiss Ned again and compare the 2 kisses. Even though I really don’t like Ned and Suzie I did feel a little bad for her when she told Missy to never let go of Ned or move away because you will regret it badly. I was saddened for a few seconds until Cookie had to stop the slow song and so the DJ put on the song that made Cookie destroy their house. So he starts to dance wildly and then he throws off his wig making it land on a fog machine thing. Lisa then realizes that it’s Cookie so he bolts away. Before a spoil the best part let me just say that Moze was having a very big problem getting Ned to come over so she could use Cookie’s spin the bottle to kiss him. First she had to kiss Coconut Head then Jasper, Faymen’s dog that ran away. So back to the ending. When Cookie runs away he crashes into Ned causing him to fall onto the sofa and landing right where the bottle stops. So Moze and Ned finally kiss and then fireworks go off and a fire starts because of Cookie. Then at the end they are just sitting on the couch starting at each other in disbelief. So, I think this was the best episode Ever.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Simone uses Seth's ball to drive Seth away to dance with Lisa. Previously in "Dances" Seth leaves his dancing partner Suzie to chases after his basketball.

    • This marks the 4th time Ned and Moze have kissed. The first time being when they were younger, when Moze's mom told her to kiss him (as recalled by Ned), the second and third times were seen in "Double Dating/Last Day."

    • Moze has to kiss Coconut Head, Faymen's dog, and Ned in this episode.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Seth: ...and that's when I scored the winning goal, again.
      Simone (Cookie): How dare you! (slaps Seth)
      Seth: What did I do?
      Simone (Cookie): How dare you not remember what you did! (slaps Seth again)
      Seth: Who are you?!
      Simone (Cookie): How dare you not remember who I am! (slaps Seth so hard he falls out of his chair)
      Simone (Cookie): (to Lisa) Stay away from him. C'mon. Let's dance like girls do when bad boys are around.

    • Moze: (After kissing Ned) Is it me or is it hot in here?

    • Missy: Don't worry Ned I'll save you(breaks down door)
      Seth: Hey! That's my parent's favorite door. (guards throw Missy out)

    • Lisa: Simon is that you?
      Symone(Cookie): Uh no. See Ya!

  • NOTES (5)

    • This is the way the episodes originally aired as part of a special TEENICK. However, the proper pairing of these episodes is Money/Parties and Positives & Negatives/Making New Friends.

    • Pretty Girl #3, who laughs when Moze has to kiss Ned, is played by Vanessa Werkheiser, Devon's real-life older sister.

    • This marks the sixth time where the school isn't seen, but the first time in an entire episode. This also marks one of the few episodes where none of the teachers are involved, mainly because none of them makes an appearance. This episode takes place in Seth's House.

    • When Ned pairs up Downer with Martin, Martin sits down with a big, bright, happy face button on his shirt. When Martin begins suffering from the overwhelming 'Downer' effects, Both Ned and Martin's buttons has suddenly changed into a frowning face.

    • This is the 2nd time Cookie uses his alias "Simone". The first was in "Guide To: Girls".