Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 2

Reading / Principals

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Reading: Ned tries ways to avoid his reading assignments, and Moze starts a girls-only book club that Cookie desperately wants to be in it.

Principals: Principal Pal is retiring. It's up to Ned, Moze and Cookie to find a new replacement, or VP Crubbs will get the job.


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  • a good episode

    In Reading Ned tries to avoid his reading assignments and in doing so gossips about some students in class, and Moze starts a girls-only book club that Cookie desperately wants to be in it ut all they do is gossip about other students. Iteacher helps Moze get a book club together. Cookie enters the club because all the other book vlub did was gossip and not talk about the book they were susposed to read. Ned also joins the club so that he can finally get his reading assignment done and repay iteacher for the not giving him a bad grade. In Principals, Principal Pal is retiring. It's up to Ned, Moze and Cookie to find a new replacement, or VP Crubbs will get the job. Some of the canidates they get are Mr Lowe, iteacher, Mr Sweeney and Dr Wright. Dr Wright agerees with going for the principal spot when Crubbs makes fun of him. Superintendant Brown reviles that Mr Wright will be the next principal.moreless
  • Funny.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    In this episode Ned trys not to read but fails. In the end he gets chased by half the student body for what he said. In the next epsisode The pricaple is retirning and vice prin crubbs want the duty but the kids try and stop his plans.
  • This episode tells how reading can be very important and to always become friends with the boss. Excellent episodes!!

    The 'Reading' part of the episode was good because it teaches you that reading makes you more intelligent and it is a very important part of school. (You can probably tell I like to read already) But, as always, Ned either forgets, or refuses to read a book. And when he had all that time to read during school, he instead used it all up trying to find an easier way out of it without reading the book. Kinda stubborn. Then, in Principals, I'm glad Mr. Crubbs didn't win. He's a mean, greedy, vice principal. And, he has enough power already. On the other hand how Principal Pal kept calling Ned a girl and Moze a boy. So classic!! Then, how he whacked Crubbs at the end with I think a broom, or something. I'm glad Mr. Wright got the job. I think he deserved it.moreless
  • Ned avoids his reading assignments, Moze starts a book club, Cookie wants to join said club. The Principal is retiring, and it's up to the trio to find someone before Crubbs gets the job.moreless

    This episode was decent, but not the best one ever made. It brings back the fun from the first two seasons and does not have the filler feeling that the previous episode(New Grade/Dodge ball) had. As in the previous episode, It neatly ignores the fact of what happened previously, but it's done in a less glaring light. The situations were absurd, like Cookie climbing up the side of the building for a book club, but were funny, with Moze falling on Ned after chasing after Loomer. Somehow, Principals was funnier to me, with the different candidates being sent away in various ways and sent into an enclosed areamoreless
  • The episode was about Ned Bigby trying to skip his reading assingments, but the I-teacher keeps catching him. In the sub-plot, Moze starts her own girls only club which cookie tries to join.moreless

    This episode has been the best one so far from season 3. The plot was funny, and so was the acting. I love the part where Bully Loomer and his friends wanted to beat up Cookie for no reason. I was cracking up throughout the episode. Well overall the Episode was hilarious.The following episode, guide to Principles was also really entertaining. The way they portrayed the school just so the principal could stay, would make you think the people in the school are crazy. its just a fiasco where their is parties, food fights, and even pigs roaming around in the school. You could draw a picture in your mind and that picture would make you see this episode over and over again.moreless
Fred Stoller

Fred Stoller

Mr. Lowe

Guest Star

M. Darnell Suttles

M. Darnell Suttles

Superintendant Brown

Guest Star

Hamilton Mitchell

Hamilton Mitchell

Vice Principal Crubbs

Recurring Role

Mo Collins

Mo Collins


Recurring Role

Don Creech

Don Creech

Mr. Sweeney

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Goof: Vice Principle Crubbs is trapped in the room and thus misses his interview. But in "Lost & Found" it is revealed he has a door in that room, that connect to his secret lair that connects to his office. Why doesn't he use that entrance, to try to make it to his interview?

    • Goof: No outside teachers can get the job, because they are all trapped in a room that locks automatically when it closes. From the inside. It never occurs to Ned and Cookie that they could let out the applicants so they could get the job interview. In fact, once they even open the door, to let Sweeney in, but they don't even think about opening it to let the teachers out.

    • When Ned is first talking about Green Eggs and Ham, you can see that Missy has Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on her desk, even though she hadn't been to book club and hadn't heard of the book.

    • Goof: When Principal Pal falls from the stair with roller skates, you can see that behind is him is a set of blue lockers, with a wooden locker (which can be Moze's). At the next scene, the lockers behind him are green.

    • We see the principal for the first time. In the first season the Principal was Mr. Fairfax, and was only heard on the P.A. He was portrayed by Daran Norris using his TImmy Turner's Dad voice.i

    • Gordy has a computer and a TV in his office hidden.

    • It is revealed that Gordy has written a book that has sold a total of five copies worldwide, Janitor by Day, International Art Thief By Night. And we can see his name is Gordan Rockefeller.

    • The book club is not really a Book Club.

    • Ned makes a face when he forgets to read.

    • Goof: Vice Principal Crubbs threatened the teachers to fire the teachers if they go against him. According to US Law, teachers with tenure are almost impossible to be fired.

    • This is the superintendant's second live appearance. He did appear in "New Grade & Dodgeball," but only as a paper cutout.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Moze: (About Principal Pal on rollerskates) You sure that's a good idea?
      Gordy: Oh yeah! Pal's gonna break his neck on those things, and then he'll forget all about his little trip and stay right here!
      Ned: Yeah except if he breaks his neck he'll be in the hospital, not the principal's office!
      Cookie: Not one of your best plans.
      Gordy: Yeah, it's even worse when you realize we're on the second floor.

    • Ned: Hello, new principal. Dr. Lowe: Where is he? Where's Crubbs? Why can't I see him?
      Cookie: We're talking about you. Dr.
      : No, No way. Crubbs made it clear. No one interviews or- you're fired!

    • Moze: See your students at their happiest!
      Principle Pal: Is it dismissal?

    • Gordy: (Stunned; reading 'Green eggs and Ham') Huh! Who doesn't like ham!?

    • Ned: No talking now, reading about magic pants.

    • Ned: I read a book called Green Eggs and Ham. It's about a guy named Sam who doesn't like ham. Who doesn't like ham?

    • Principal Pal: (while guarding Crubbs in his underwear with Gordy) Eyes front, soldier.

    • Crubbs: Things are going to be different when I'm principal, if I get the job, and I will!

    • Principal Pal: We have to be more careful, boys.
      Moze: My name is Jennifer, and I am a girl.
      Principal Pal: Oh, don´t be so hard with yourself.

    • Moze: No book club for Cookie

    • Moze: (Slaps Ned to "unfroze" him) You got one period to read a book.
      Ned: Right... (Moze slaps him again) I wasn't frozen I was just thinking!

    • Moze: Look at everybody reading. Isn't it great!
      Ned: If you like reading which I do not!
      Seth: (spinning books on his hand) But reading is so important! It's like meat... for your brain!
      Ned: But there's too much! You have to read (as he names the books, he gives them to Seth) science books, social studies books, health books, spanish books, math books...
      (Seth falls over from the weight)
      Ned: See!? And why is everyone so obsessed with reading today?
      Moze: Because today, in iTeacher's class, we're all giving oral reports on the books we were supposed to read, remember?
      Ned: Ohhhhh...
      (he freezes in place; Moze waves a hand in front of his eyes; Cookie walks up.)
      Cookie: He forgot to read, didn't he?
      Moze: Big time.

    • Cookie: But I love girly books.
      Moze: You love girly girls!

  • NOTES (13)


    • Allusion: The Little Engine that Could

      Ned found Gordy reading the Little Engine That Could. The Little Engine That Could is a childrens' book by Watty Piper.

    • Missy: (talking about the book) Something about these pants that can fly or something The book that Missy was talking about (and the book that was assigned to read) is called "The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants" which involves the lives of four girls who acquire a pair of "magical" pants that fits all of them, even though they're different sizes and shapes. You can see the portrait of the book in some scenes.

    • Principal Pal talking into a skate:
      Principal Pal talking into a skate is what Papa Nichols did in the "Drake and Josh" episode "The Demonator" except Papa Nichols used a slipper. It could also be an allusion to "Get Smart" where the protagonist, Maxwell Smart can communicate through a shoe phone.

    • Green Eggs and Ham: Dr. Seuss
      Ned and Gordy read "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss.

    • The part in the episode where Crubbs was having the "Quarantine" Sign he talks about his plan and then he realizes that Ned, Moze, and Cookie were behind him seemed similar to the "behind the back" joke on Bob and George.

    • One of the posters on the wall says Rhapsody in Black which is a reference to a famous song and movie"Rhapsody in Blue.".

    • One of the Book Club members says, "First rule of book club, never talk about what happens in book club." This line is an allusion to one of rules from the 1999 movie Fight Club starring Brad Pitt.