Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 9

Revenge / School Records

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • good episode

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  • its very funny!

    that ned wants to get revenge on loomer. but once the other kids see him doing it the need help to. this one girl playing on the volleyball team wants to destroy them but it is really obvisous as to her that she is wearing a wig. then she takes off her wig and shows who she really is. the other team tries to attack her. at the end of it all ned was the one who get hit in the face by karma. for the other episode i didnt see it but it seemed good so over all i give this episode a 2 thumbs up.
  • Revenge Ned helps students get revenge and learns maybe its not a good thing. School Recors Ned wants is nervous about his permanent record, Cookie tries to keep his perfect attendance record, and Moze tries to break a new record.

    Revenge is the perfect example of character development.

    Cookie and Evelyn is quite possibly my NEW fave couple. Evelyn who been shown to be just as competitive as Cookie, also displays a soft side to Cookie. Cookie is confused about Evelyn treatment of him and tries to get revenge UNTIL she once again show her soft side. While its too late and they are back to square one with her dislike of Cookie. They'll make a cute couple I believe.

    Look for an appearance of Corbin Bleu who Claire( remember her?) our resident attorney likes and Backpackboy gets revenge with the result of Corbin looking "very pretty". LOL

    School Record had some good scenes particularly Moze and Cookie. Moze who a very good athelete wants to break the most prestigious school wrestling. She proceeds in taking down the guys one-by-one but in the end, loses. However through all her feats she set a new record for achievement for girls. This was a great inspiring arc for Moze's fans and young girls. Cookie as we know is crazy about keeping his perfect attendance record since S1 of Ned Declassifies. Nothing has stopped Cookie from attending school, whether he sick or miss the bus. However, due to his headphones, he misses the roll call and pronounce absent. This makes Cookie frantic and he tries to tell Mr. Sweeney, along with his friends that he was present, but to no avail. Cookie devises a con that I can link to the ole' rainmaker scheme, except this is a time machine. You actually believe Cookie was gonna make a time machine until u see where his plans start taking shape. Although, Sweeney is first con, he begin to realize its all fake, but due to Cookie friends, they convince him Cookie was not absent from school.

    Both mini-eps gave development to characters as early from the first season to the latter. We learnt in the past about Cookie obsession with his attendance and we know about the recent events of Cookie/Evelyn. The writers deserves all the credit for knowledge of continunity of the charactes.

    If I didn't say so the, the mini-eps were funny and good. You knew u were watching Ned Declassified!
  • Revenge:Ned wants revenge on Loomer then everyone else asks him get revenge on people. A girl wants revenge on Moze and Polk's team. Cookie wants revenge on Evelyn. Schoolrecords:Ned tries to be good student. Moze tries to break the most sports.

    Well, I really enjoyed this episode because it had a good amount of humor in it. I really enjoyed the part in the begining of Revenge when it had like the anouncer type voice saying "Cookie being chased? Mystery Girl? Ned hanging upside down?" Then Ned says "I'll tell you a little story about revenge." I thought that part was so funny, I was laughing really hard. Another part I really enjoyed about this episode was how that girl who wanted revenge on Moze and the rest of the volley ball team, so she then kept on hitting Moze in the back of the head with a volley ball and she just kept on saying "Oops sorry," but she said it with a evil grin on her face. I also liked the part where Evelyn gets hit with the water ballons and Cookie makes the best face! I thought that was awesome! The episode School Records was also great. I loved how Ned's permenent record was huge and overflowing with papers. Also when V.P Crubbs is saying some stuff that Ned has done and it is like a flash back. I think the best part was the part when Cookie was listening to music with his headphones and drops his pencil so he gets out of his seat and Mr. Sweeny marks him absent. So Martin, Lisa, and some others help him make a time machine that will make Mr. Sweeny go back in time to see that Cookie was really there. Then how at the end he finally admits that he is wrong and changes it, but he finally got some students to like him which made him very happy. Moze's part was so funny, how she was going to wreasel that huge guy so she could get the new records in most sports played. So to wrap it all up I really enjoyed this entire episode and I think it was a good episode to start off the new year.
  • So Ned becomes "The Revenger" (A Cheap And Lame Imitation Of Neo From The Matrix) And Cookie Tries To Like Throw Water Baloons While Moze Battles With Some Lame Chick Who Shows Up Outta Nowhere

    I'm Sorry But This Was Just Disgraceful...

    That Whole "He Ate My Cookie" Joke just Shows That This Is A Dorky Nerd Infested Show That Belongs In The Garbage


    "The Revenger" Idea Was Not Even Funny, Whoever Came Up With Ned Looking Like A Comic Book Hero Should Die Immediatey. It Was Dull, And A Disgrace To Shows Everywhere.

    What The Heck Is This thing?

    "School Records" was Horrible Too, Since Moze Is So Annoying How She Can Break all Of The Sports Records! I hate This Show so much.

    Everyone Who Watches This Show, I Will Give You A HUGE Wedgie And Then Beat You Up You Nerds!!!!!!!
  • A good episode.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    Ned learns about revenge. He get carried away with revenge he will do anything. Only in the end to get tied up by a rope. I didn't like how they kept reapting the opening over and over again. The other one the vice princple makes/ trys to make ned a better person.
  • This was way better than I was expecting.

    [Mild spoilers are contained in this review]

    I had guessed the whole time that this would be a filler episode. I wasn't surprised that you couldn't even tell Ned and Suzie were together, since the next three episodes are going to be very important to the story line. They need to have one last goofy episode before the next three.

    And this really lived up to that.

    In Revenge, I loved the little beginning sequence with the comic book style. Ned's plot was actually incredibly good, and I loved the use of supporting characters. [The kid who bites his nails (I don't know his name) who said "He turned my world upside-down." Priceless.]

    And the return of Lance Widget! Although, I was disappointed he didn't say, "It's pronounced WIDG-EH, moron!"

    I also liked that Spencer returned, but he's really starting to annoy me with his Shakespeare accent.

    Moze's plot was the worst, although it was still funny. It was so predictable; I knew right away that the girl in the blonde wig was from the other team.

    For Cookie's plot, I actually really enjoyed Evelyn. [By the way, this is the only plot that wasn't necessarily filler; they mention the kisses and other stuff that happened before] She seemed to be better, but only up to when she apologized. After that, she wasn't as good, and was almost painful to watch. I was very impressed, though, because for once, the show actually acknowledged when Cookie and Evelyn kissed in a previous episode, which was GREAT because they didn't do that for some OTHER people [cough-NedMoze-cough].

    School Records; Crubbs was great in this, and I LOVED Cookie's subplot with all the supporting characters! Lisa, Martin, and Coconut Head, some of my favourites. And I was seriously wondering how they changed his tie? Haha.

    Ned's was a small plot, which was good because it was a little boring. Moze's was also pretty good (although, I swear, Ned and Moze's subplots seemed shorter than Cookie's.)

    I was so disappointed they stopped showing the outtakes at the end. I loved them.

    All in all, this was one of my favourite filler episodes. Wonderfully written and acted. The best plot in this (out of Cookie's, Ned's, and Moze's) had to be Cookie's. The use of side-characters and the mentionings of previous episodes was great.

    Watch this episode!
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