Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 9

Revenge / School Records

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Revenge Ned helps students get revenge and learns maybe its not a good thing. School Recors Ned wants is nervous about his permanent record, Cookie tries to keep his perfect attendance record, and Moze tries to break a new record.

    Revenge is the perfect example of character development.

    Cookie and Evelyn is quite possibly my NEW fave couple. Evelyn who been shown to be just as competitive as Cookie, also displays a soft side to Cookie. Cookie is confused about Evelyn treatment of him and tries to get revenge UNTIL she once again show her soft side. While its too late and they are back to square one with her dislike of Cookie. They'll make a cute couple I believe.

    Look for an appearance of Corbin Bleu who Claire( remember her?) our resident attorney likes and Backpackboy gets revenge with the result of Corbin looking "very pretty". LOL

    School Record had some good scenes particularly Moze and Cookie. Moze who a very good athelete wants to break the most prestigious school wrestling. She proceeds in taking down the guys one-by-one but in the end, loses. However through all her feats she set a new record for achievement for girls. This was a great inspiring arc for Moze's fans and young girls. Cookie as we know is crazy about keeping his perfect attendance record since S1 of Ned Declassifies. Nothing has stopped Cookie from attending school, whether he sick or miss the bus. However, due to his headphones, he misses the roll call and pronounce absent. This makes Cookie frantic and he tries to tell Mr. Sweeney, along with his friends that he was present, but to no avail. Cookie devises a con that I can link to the ole' rainmaker scheme, except this is a time machine. You actually believe Cookie was gonna make a time machine until u see where his plans start taking shape. Although, Sweeney is first con, he begin to realize its all fake, but due to Cookie friends, they convince him Cookie was not absent from school.

    Both mini-eps gave development to characters as early from the first season to the latter. We learnt in the past about Cookie obsession with his attendance and we know about the recent events of Cookie/Evelyn. The writers deserves all the credit for knowledge of continunity of the charactes.

    If I didn't say so the, the mini-eps were funny and good. You knew u were watching Ned Declassified!